PG EPISODE ZERO / WEEK 13 _ sonnets 135-144 [of 154] _ 10 sonnets
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episode ZERO (wk 13)

The Week Before Next

rhetorical verse in
Shakespearean sonnet form
(a 10-sonnet sequence)

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PGZ { wk 13 / 14 }

{PGZ/13_135_01.01} A PUDDING GRRRL IN JERSEY writes a note

{PGZ/13_135_01.02} to her bad boyfriend who did not reply.

{PGZ/13_135_01.03} That stupid bastard will not get her vote

{PGZ/13_135_01.04} if he should run for president. Oh why, ...

{PGZ/13_135_01.05} ... oh why, do we allow ourselves to risk

{PGZ/13_135_01.06} our own identity and confidence

{PGZ/13_135_01.07} to mesh souls with a guy-shaped obelisk.

{PGZ/13_135_01.08} The toads we kiss so rarely turn to prince.

{PGZ/13_135_01.09} You'd think all womankind would fin'lly learn

{PGZ/13_135_01.10} to clone ourselves, and leave those guys alone.

{PGZ/13_135_01.11} Take all guy-wasted energy and turn

{PGZ/13_135_01.12} our full attention to a new end zone: ...

{PGZ/13_135_01.13} A goal of world transcendence, not "true love."

{PGZ/13_135_01.14} With pudding rules to help us "rise above."


{PGZ/13_136_02.01} Sagesse was ready when the email came.

{PGZ/13_136_02.02} Another stupid guy had failed to be

{PGZ/13_136_02.03} a worthy soulmate for this perfect dame.

{PGZ/13_136_02.04} Yes, she is perfect. All the parts we see. ...

{PGZ/13_136_02.05} And all the parts we don't. Well, get a clue!

{PGZ/13_136_02.06} She is our heroine. She's been designed

{PGZ/13_136_02.07} to represent perfection through and through.

{PGZ/13_136_02.08} The kind of wife the writer'd have in mind ...

{PGZ/13_136_02.09} ... if he was not too busy clenching fists

{PGZ/13_136_02.10} in anger at the stupid president

{PGZ/13_136_02.11} of Bushland who is busy making lists

{PGZ/13_136_02.12} of stupid things to say, and then repent.

{PGZ/13_136_02.13} Dub fumbled 'round for months before "disarm"

{PGZ/13_136_02.14} fell from his lips. INELOQUENCE does harm.


{PGZ/13_137_03.01} Osama's made Americans applaud

{PGZ/13_137_03.02} the rank incompetence with which Dub wields

{PGZ/13_137_03.03} the power of the U.S.A. Abroad, ...

{PGZ/13_137_03.04} big (stupid) bully phrasing daily yields ...

{PGZ/13_137_03.05} ... contempt and hatred ... when we might be cheered.

{PGZ/13_137_03.06} When power must be used, words must be right.

{PGZ/13_137_03.07} Or we won't be respected ... only feared

{PGZ/13_137_03.08} enough to amplify what we must fight.

{PGZ/13_137_03.09} THE FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING, we've all heard,

{PGZ/13_137_03.10} is number one ... in lists of fears, when polled.

{PGZ/13_137_03.11} WE FEAR humiliation. The wrong word

{PGZ/13_137_03.12} and we will be thought STUPID. So we hold ...

{PGZ/13_137_03.13} ... our tongues for fear of what the world will think.

{PGZ/13_137_03.14} When presidents speak "BAD" ... then we all STINK.



{PGZ/13_138_04.02} broadcasting random digits with a sign.

{PGZ/13_138_04.03} She's granted FAME ... as long as she won't SPEAK

{PGZ/13_138_04.04} the way THE WRITER thinks. There is a line ...

{PGZ/13_138_04.05} ... between the pale and what's beyond. THE TRUTH

{PGZ/13_138_04.06} must be where it's expected, not outside.

{PGZ/13_138_04.07} You don't find that Will Shakespeare wrote: "Forsooth,

{PGZ/13_138_04.08} Elizabeth, our Queen, is Satan's bride."

{PGZ/13_138_04.09} A poet might call Dub the Antichrist,

{PGZ/13_138_04.10} but advertising sponsors would desert

{PGZ/13_138_04.11} Sagesse within a heartbeat. Her FAME iced

{PGZ/13_138_04.12} (if not herself) if she should now divert ...

{PGZ/13_138_04.13} ... the eyeballs that the media allow

{PGZ/13_138_04.14} to follow her to what they'd disavow.


{PGZ/13_139_05.01} THE CHORUS COMES TO LIFE: "What's up with this?"

{PGZ/13_139_05.02} THEY RAP IN UNISON ... "Hey, dog, what gives?"

{PGZ/13_139_05.03} THEIR HOT BREATH FOGS THE SCREENS: "That Judas kiss?"

{PGZ/13_139_05.04} A HIP HOP RHYTHM TRACK: "Though God forgives ...

{PGZ/13_139_05.05} ... most anything, THE PEOPLE want a pound

{PGZ/13_139_05.06} of flesh ... in violence ... or sex ... Please tell

{PGZ/13_139_05.07} THE WRITER there's NO STORY to be found

{PGZ/13_139_05.08} within this pudding tale he's try'n' to SELL."

{PGZ/13_139_05.09} THE POWER PLAYER HOLOGRAMS just nod.

{PGZ/13_139_05.10} THEN ONE jots down "NO STORY" in the air.

{PGZ/13_139_05.11} THE WORDS FLOAT 'round the room ... then land on "God." {smile}

{PGZ/13_139_05.12} (OK, a silly "God" with bright red hair ...

{PGZ/13_139_05.13} ... OK, he's just THE WRITER, but you know

{PGZ/13_139_05.14} that's how they feel when they design a show.)


{PGZ/13_140_06.01} A PRADA-WEARING FACE pipes up: "Your pants?"

{PGZ/13_140_06.02} "They're on, and will stay on," THE WRITER smiles.

{PGZ/13_140_06.03} Too bad," a FEMALE PRADA FACE says. "Dance."

{PGZ/13_140_06.04} And so he does, explaining PoMo styles ...

{PGZ/13_140_06.05} And how this "pilot episode" is NOT

{PGZ/13_140_06.06} the shooting script... BUT pure discovery

{PGZ/13_140_06.07} of how we might progress without a plot.

{PGZ/13_140_06.08} MORE CLEARLY, it's the show's philosophy.

{PGZ/13_140_06.09} All series have a "BIBLE." This one's VERSE.

{PGZ/13_140_06.10} But why release it to 'OUTSIDER' folks?

{PGZ/13_140_06.11} Though you've no finished tale, still you immerse

{PGZ/13_140_06.12} the audience in thoughts and inside jokes.

{PGZ/13_140_06.13} Perhaps a waste of time, but I have hope

{PGZ/13_140_06.14} their joining in would stretch the envelope.


{PGZ/13_141_07.01} THE PRADA HEADS just roll their eyes and smirk:

{PGZ/13_141_07.02} "Creative' folk are few and far between.

{PGZ/13_141_07.03} A series 'runner' must be Captain Kirk --

{PGZ/13_141_07.04} in full command ... encoding scene by scene ...

{PGZ/13_141_07.05} ... what can be copyrighted for all time.

{PGZ/13_141_07.06} If you let EVERYONE collaborate

{PGZ/13_141_07.07} in your creative project, it's a crime

{PGZ/13_141_07.08} against 'the system.' Yes we know you hate ...

{PGZ/13_141_07.09} ... the way we PROCESS stories... But it works."

{PGZ/13_141_07.10} "Oh does it now?" BOKE grins and PICKS HIS NOSE...

{PGZ/13_141_07.11} "And so does THIS. I know you like your perks,

{PGZ/13_141_07.12} but TV judgement's not like buying clothes."

{PGZ/13_141_07.13} THE CHORUS RAPS: "Yes, tell us how to play.

{PGZ/13_141_07.14} But tell us how the story ends, OK?"


{PGZ/13_142_08.01} THE CHORUS is too old. Set in their ways. {g}

{PGZ/13_142_08.02} We need some five-year-olds ... BEFORE they're spoiled

{PGZ/13_142_08.03} by SCHOOLING... Too much running through the maze.

{PGZ/13_142_08.04} The culture's grooves too set, and too well oiled.

{PGZ/13_142_08.05} ON "COURAGE...DOG" (CARTOON): Dad's fungus'd FOOT

{PGZ/13_142_08.06} ENGULFS the man -- TRANSFORMS to Mafia.

{PGZ/13_142_08.07} The WISE-GUY FUNGUS TOES (you'd norm'lly put

{PGZ/13_142_08.08} in clean white socks instead) STEAL FLORIDA ...

{PGZ/13_142_08.09} ... OR would have, if scared COURAGE DOG had failed

{PGZ/13_142_08.10} to save the day, again... Computer skill

{PGZ/13_142_08.11} and big-tongued doggy licks ... this time prevailed.

{PGZ/13_142_08.12} If you don't understand, your children will. {smile}

{PGZ/13_142_08.13} All children are CREATIVE, 'till that's killed:

{PGZ/13_142_08.14} By standardized-mind processing they're milled.


{PGZ/13_143_09.01} THE PRADA HEADS EXPLODE... they lose their cool.

{PGZ/13_143_09.02} "He's lost his mind. This show's too hot for teens,

{PGZ/13_143_09.03} and now THE CRAZY WRITER says PRE-SCHOOL!"

{PGZ/13_143_09.04} They all grab post-it notes .... start marking scenes ...

{PGZ/13_143_09.05} ... of what has to be cut... AS WE CUT TO:

{PGZ/13_143_09.06} A PARIS JAIL. A mix-up. Here's SAGESSE

{PGZ/13_143_09.07} and sev'ral PROSTITUTES. A law that's new

{PGZ/13_143_09.08} has yanked them off the street. A trans'ent mess ...

{PGZ/13_143_09.09} ... that won't constrain SAGESSE more than one day ...

{PGZ/13_143_09.10} UNLESS fate takes an early dip. OUTSIDE ...

{PGZ/13_143_09.11} ... THE CITY, on the edge, a LOOPED HIGHWAY.

{PGZ/13_143_09.12} THE BLACK PRINCE takes his CYCLE for a ride ...

{PGZ/13_143_09.13} AN INTERLUDE of MOTION to unleash

{PGZ/13_143_09.14} our soul from thought. Add HARLEY to pastiche.


{PGZ/13_144_10.01} At speeds beyond the limits you'd believe ...

{PGZ/13_144_10.02} He passes now A VAN ... It's just a blur

{PGZ/13_144_10.03} WITH BOMB INSIDE. WE SEE the Black Prince weave

{PGZ/13_144_10.04} into the distance. THIS DARK FACT we stir ...

{PGZ/13_144_10.05} ... into the stew pot of this episode.

{PGZ/13_144_10.06} Oh well, he's going to blow her up. Old hat.

{PGZ/13_144_10.07} So easy, when you know the TV code.

{PGZ/13_144_10.08} THE WRITER's just a PoMo copycat ...

{PGZ/13_144_10.09} ... if this is how he's going to let her die.

{PGZ/13_144_10.10} A terrorist car bomb to end the pain

{PGZ/13_144_10.11} of weekly composition. Then goodbye

{PGZ/13_144_10.12} to these one fifty four ... Tomorrow's rain ...

{PGZ/13_144_10.13} ... may keep me off the freeway. Yes, I-10

{PGZ/13_144_10.14} may be slip-slide insanity. A-MEN.

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