PGZ EPISODE ZERO / WEEK 11 _ sonnets 115-120 [of 154] _ 6 sonnets
TeaTimeSunday / SONNETS
episode ZERO (wk 11)

Lost in LouLou Land
(End of Act II)

rhetorical verse in
Shakespearean sonnet form
(a 6-sonnet sequence)

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PGZ { wk 11 / 14 }

{PGZ/11_115_01.01} THE MOULIN ROUGE ... and LOULOU's breasts command

{PGZ/11_115_01.02} attention insufficient to achieve

{PGZ/11_115_01.03} the kind of FAME that she had vaguely planned

{PGZ/11_115_01.04} before Sagesse made Loulou reconceive ...

{PGZ/11_115_01.05} ... the possibilities of perky tits

{PGZ/11_115_01.06} without the years of training Loulou spent

{PGZ/11_115_01.07} preparing for her DANCER's role that knits

{PGZ/11_115_01.08} her, too well-knotted, where she's not content: ...

{PGZ/11_115_01.09} ... A tourist trap with history, Le Rouge

{PGZ/11_115_01.10} has just enough cachet to be a launch-

{PGZ/11_115_01.11} pad for her dreams ... if she can somehow kludge

{PGZ/11_115_01.12} a PACKAGE of herself... The high-class raunch...

{PGZ/11_115_01.13} ... of Moulin Rouge gives her NAME local clout.

{PGZ/11_115_01.14} And her high kicks and naked breasts sure shout ...


{PGZ/11_116_02.01} ... out loud enough to lure a journalist

{PGZ/11_116_02.02} or music industry professional.

{PGZ/11_116_02.03} A MOULIN STAR can eas'ly build a list

{PGZ/11_116_02.04} of useful names not picked up at ècole.

{PGZ/11_116_02.05} That team that cranks out "Britney-hits" stops in

{PGZ/11_116_02.06} from time to time, and promise, for her smile,

{PGZ/11_116_02.07} to write a "Loulou-hit." Quite useful men

{PGZ/11_116_02.08} to have already programmed for speed-dial.

{PGZ/11_116_02.09} MADONNA was too short to get the job

{PGZ/11_116_02.10} that Loulou's legs wrapped up so easily --

{PGZ/11_116_02.11} but limitations can provide a knob

{PGZ/11_116_02.12} to unseen doors of opportunity.

{PGZ/11_116_02.13} INSIDE HER HEAD she hums the Dixie Chicks

{PGZ/11_116_02.14} who somewhere bluegrass channels STEVIE NICKS ...


{PGZ/11_117_03.01} ... repeating in the present, verses found

{PGZ/11_117_03.02} a QUARTER CENT'RY BACK when love was trapped

{PGZ/11_117_03.03} in ASPEN SNOW... Her love had run aground.

{PGZ/11_117_03.04} Her father's Greyhound-Bus pass useless, sapped ...

{PGZ/11_117_03.05} ... of power by untimely workers' strike.

{PGZ/11_117_03.06} BAD BOYFRIEND took the car and left HER there

{PGZ/11_117_03.07} to stew alone ... or maybe take a hike

{PGZ/11_117_03.08} into an avalanche ... for all he'd care.

{PGZ/11_117_03.09} INSTEAD, Ms. Nicks sat down and wrote a song

{PGZ/11_117_03.10} that's vague enough to fit the way you feel,

{PGZ/11_117_03.11} no matter who you are -- done right, or wrong.

{PGZ/11_117_03.12} And so each REPETITION has appeal ...

{PGZ/11_117_03.13} ... to ev'ry generation with a heart.

{PGZ/11_117_03.14} The Dixie Chicks RE-SING it 'cause they're smart. ...


{PGZ/11_118_04.01} Their version rolls around in Loulou's head

{PGZ/11_118_04.02} encoded in a twang not very French.

{PGZ/11_118_04.03} "That Dixie Chick's too short and too well fed,"

{PGZ/11_118_04.04} thinks Loulou -- who's a tall and slender wench, ...

{PGZ/11_118_04.05} ... or was, before she SWITCHED to play Sagesse.

{PGZ/11_118_04.06} THE NEW LOULOU has NOT BEEN CAST as yet,

{PGZ/11_118_04.07} but she'll be just as tall -- well, more or less.

{PGZ/11_118_04.08} That BLACK-HAIRED GIRL on "Birds of Prey".... Let's get ...

{PGZ/11_118_04.09} ... her in to read for this, if that show fails.

{PGZ/11_118_04.10} (And if it doesn't, clone her... Let's REPEAT

{PGZ/11_118_04.11} that D.N.A. again ... for all the males

{PGZ/11_118_04.12} who want a girl like Elvis -- not too sweet ...

{PGZ/11_118_04.13} ... but leather-clad ... and wears a pretty sneer

{PGZ/11_118_04.14} that's cool-ly welcoming, more than sincere.)


{PGZ/11_119_05.01} "WELL, I'VE BEEN, 'FRAID OF, CHANGIN' ..." goes the tune

{PGZ/11_119_05.02} that's rolling 'round the head of WHO GETS CAST.

{PGZ/11_119_05.03} Of Ashley Scott ... or clone -- OR some CARTOON

{PGZ/11_119_05.04} Perhaps it might be best to choose the last, ...

{PGZ/11_119_05.05} ... considering the "costume" that's required.

{PGZ/11_119_05.06} Contractual agreement might be hard.

{PGZ/11_119_05.07} Would actresses agree to be attired

{PGZ/11_119_05.08} in nothing more than lipstick -- their petard ...

{PGZ/11_119_05.09} ... displayed in all its glory? ... FOR ONE WEEK

{PGZ/11_119_05.10} OF PUDDING STARDOM ... 'till they are REPLACED?

{PGZ/11_119_05.11} Negotiating challenge -- cheek by cheek,

{PGZ/11_119_05.12} persuading ev'ry star of our good taste ...

{PGZ/11_119_05.13} ... in what will be revealed in ev'ry shot --

{PGZ/11_119_05.14} without a push-up bra they'll still look hot.



{PGZ/11_120_06.02} INTO THIS SCENE from HEAVEN ... where he's been

{PGZ/11_120_06.03} observing this.... Throws up his hands... He stops

{PGZ/11_120_06.04} THE WRITER with one PUNCH.... His deep chagrin ...

{PGZ/11_120_06.05} ... is evident: "What's wrong with you, 'my son'?

{PGZ/11_120_06.06} Why foist upon the world such pointless verse?

{PGZ/11_120_06.07} If you would waste some lines ... at least have fun.

{PGZ/11_120_06.08} Just stop right now, before you make it worse."

{PGZ/11_120_06.09} THE WRITER nods OK, but does not smile --

{PGZ/11_120_06.10} though hearing Shakespeare's voice (again) should please

{PGZ/11_120_06.11} him very much, ... it would take much more guile

{PGZ/11_120_06.12} than he can muster ... (Pure) Hypocrisies ...

{PGZ/11_120_06.13} ... would have to flow to justify more speech.

{PGZ/11_120_06.14} The LESSONS learned this week ... aren't ripe to teach.



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