PGZ EPISODE ZERO / WEEK 08 _ sonnets 081-090 [of 154] _ 10 sonnets
TeaTimeSunday / SONNETS
episode ZERO (wk 8)

rhetorical verse in
Shakespearean sonnet form
(a 10-sonnet sequence)

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PGZ { wk 8 / 14 }


{PGZ/08_081_01.02} I'd rather dream Sagesse was in my bed,

{PGZ/08_081_01.03} than writing out her own philosophy

{PGZ/08_081_01.04} that all this week has commandeered my head.

{PGZ/08_081_01.05} While scientists seek theories of all things --

{PGZ/08_081_01.06} where string in ten dimensions oscillates --

{PGZ/08_081_01.07} Sagesse's theory, which supplies her wings

{PGZ/08_081_01.08} with lifting energy, illuminates ...

{PGZ/08_081_01.09} ... the single point on which ALL THINGS are hinged.

{PGZ/08_081_01.10} A QUESTION from which ev'ry action flows.

{PGZ/08_081_01.11} A JUDGEMENT: Is it "smart" ... OR have you cringed

{PGZ/08_081_01.12} as all your beauty-senses take the blows ...

{PGZ/08_081_01.13} ... from one more case of pure stupidity.

{PGZ/08_081_01.14} The central feature of humanity.


{PGZ/08_082_02.01} "THE VILLAIN" that demands Sagesse must die

{PGZ/08_082_02.02} may not be evil-doer ... but our own

{PGZ/08_082_02.03} embedded tendency to not ask why.

{PGZ/08_082_02.04} Suspend our chat -- LET'S: FADE IN ON JEROME ...

{PGZ/08_082_02.05} ... IN TOKYO ... Where last we saw him walk

{PGZ/08_082_02.06} with SCHOOL-GIRL CALL-GIRL ... researching a book.

{PGZ/08_082_02.07} Sagesse's brother -- he's a French news hawk

{PGZ/08_082_02.08} whose talent is to fly straight for the hook ...

{PGZ/08_082_02.09} ... of common int'rest ... patterned in the noise

{PGZ/08_082_02.10} of EVERYTHING that clatters on the globe.

{PGZ/08_082_02.11} He's Sorbonne-educated ... with the poise

{PGZ/08_082_02.12} that will not falter should that girl's earlobe ...

{PGZ/08_082_02.13} ... end up between his teeth ... for just a taste.

{PGZ/08_082_02.14} He's French, in Tokyo. No, not disgraced ...


{PGZ/08_083_03.01} ... like he would be in TEXAS ... WHERE SAGESSE

{PGZ/08_083_03.02} IS (NOT) a high school teacher who begins

{PGZ/08_083_03.03} each class with a Miranda spiel to bless

{PGZ/08_083_03.04} their silence, if they choose. Each one still wins ...

{PGZ/08_083_03.05} ... her absolute approval: Yes, an "A" ...

{PGZ/08_083_03.06} until she can convince them to forget

{PGZ/08_083_03.07} the STUPID need for one ... until they play

{PGZ/08_083_03.08} within their-own drawn lines, their-own stretched net ...

{PGZ/08_083_03.09} ... on courts of their own choosing, or in fields

{PGZ/08_083_03.10} marked off in patterns suited to the gift

{PGZ/08_083_03.11} endowed by God's sweet randomness each wields

{PGZ/08_083_03.12} with his or her own styling, slow or swift ...

{PGZ/08_083_03.13} ... for their own goal ... in games of their design.

{PGZ/08_083_03.14} It won't be long before she must resign.


{PGZ/08_084_04.01} WHY RAISE THIS MADE-UP PART AGAIN, this week?

{PGZ/08_084_04.02} SAGESSE is not in Texas. Heaven knows.

{PGZ/08_084_04.03} I MUST CONFESS: some network honcho-geek

{PGZ/08_084_04.04} says "Austin High School French Teach" curls his toes.

{PGZ/08_084_04.05} "SAGESSE'S TEXAS" is the name I'd pick,

{PGZ/08_084_04.06} BUT she would never take that job, I know.

{PGZ/08_084_04.07} She'd have to be the Governor... And quick!

{PGZ/08_084_04.08} Like Dubya Bush -- an instant leader. WHOA! ...

{PGZ/08_084_04.09} ... I LIKE this very much. It's quite insane. {smile}.

{PGZ/08_084_04.10} She'd speak in French ... and Texans would not care.

{PGZ/08_084_04.11} Well, not the men, because her whole campaign

{PGZ/08_084_04.12} would be conducted in the nude. Her bare- ...

{PGZ/08_084_04.13} ...faced honesty ... would win their hearts and minds --

{PGZ/08_084_04.14} inspiring voters' dreams of many kinds.


{PGZ/08_085_05.01} BUT BACK IN TOKYO JEROME's contained

{PGZ/08_085_05.02} his youthful lusts (and lust for youths) and WRITES

{PGZ/08_085_05.03} HIS COLUMN for La Monde... in which he's feigned

{PGZ/08_085_05.04} some clarity of vision on the fights ...

{PGZ/08_085_05.05} ... his sister's waged against "the way things are."

{PGZ/08_085_05.06} He's never understood what's "wrong" with her --

{PGZ/08_085_05.07} but somehow, "by some fluke," she is a star.

{PGZ/08_085_05.08} His column is hard-edged, but still a blur.

{PGZ/08_085_05.09} WHAT WOULD HE THINK if he saw her enthroned

{PGZ/08_085_05.10} as governor of Texas -- Sorry folks...

{PGZ/08_085_05.11} This made-up part is surely not condoned

{PGZ/08_085_05.12} by poop-head modernists... But Texas jokes ...

{PGZ/08_085_05.13} ... may make a better tale than our real one.

{PGZ/08_085_05.14} (MAKE UP THIS LINE yourself... Just end with "FUN") {smile}.


{PGZ/08_086_06.01} I hear you thinking, she's a Democrat.

{PGZ/08_086_06.02} But no, Sagesse would never join that bunch.

{PGZ/08_086_06.03} Not any bunch, of course, they're all "old hat."

{PGZ/08_086_06.04} SAGESSE'S ACTRESS FAXES: "Let's do lunch ...

{PGZ/08_086_06.05} ... and tell me why I've got no dialogue.

{PGZ/08_086_06.06} I do not understand how this will work.

{PGZ/08_086_06.07} You told me late one night... but it's a fog.

{PGZ/08_086_06.08} Our clothes were off, and you played Captain Kirk ...

{PGZ/08_086_06.09} ... to my Uhura -- breaking boundaries....

{PGZ/08_086_06.10} And as I was transported, you explained

{PGZ/08_086_06.11} postmodernism's forest and the trees.

{PGZ/08_086_06.12} But there were many six-packs we had drained ...

{PGZ/08_086_06.13} .... So, yes, please let's do lunch, and help me find

{PGZ/08_086_06.14} my character, or I will lose my mind.


{PGZ/08_087_07.01} I email her "OK." BACK TO SAGESSE

{PGZ/08_087_07.02} who for her run for governor conceived

{PGZ/08_087_07.03} a new-named party that you'll never guess ...

{PGZ/08_087_07.04} and I can't tell you ... 'cause it can't be weaved ...

{PGZ/08_087_07.05} ... into iambic rhythm. What'd you say?

{PGZ/08_087_07.06} My "secretary" says it's not much bent

{PGZ/08_087_07.07} to let the second syllable ... No way!

{PGZ/08_087_07.08} "Yes way," she says. OK. Dumb argument.

{PGZ/08_087_07.09} Moot point. You can't make "Party" change its beat.

{PGZ/08_087_07.10} "You're right," she says. (Why did she waste my time?)

{PGZ/08_087_07.11} In any case, I've caused my own defeat.

{PGZ/08_087_07.12} The only way to make her "Party" chime ...

{PGZ/08_087_07.13} ... is using its initials: A.S.P.

{PGZ/08_087_07.14} Her party's name? Anti-Stupidity


{PGZ/08_088_08.01} The purist says, you got the accent wrong.

{PGZ/08_088_08.02} "STUPIDITY," I'm sure you're thinking now.

{PGZ/08_088_08.03} Amen to that ... it's time to hit the gong.

{PGZ/08_088_08.04} Then later you can let your lights endow ...

{PGZ/08_088_08.05} ... some meaning to the foolishness of feet

{PGZ/08_088_08.06} of formal verse -- of where the accents fall.

{PGZ/08_088_08.07} One way you can distinguish "the elite"

{PGZ/08_088_08.08} -- our priv'leged class .. is they don't miss at all ...

{PGZ/08_088_08.09} ... each trivial mistake .... a "rube" might make.

{PGZ/08_088_08.10} One "mispronunciation" will condemn

{PGZ/08_088_08.11} them to the class of "other." They can't fake

{PGZ/08_088_08.12} perfection ... High class parents. Not a sim.

{PGZ/08_088_08.13} SAGESSE, of course, has license most do not.

{PGZ/08_088_08.14} If she gets accents wrong, folks think it's hot.



{PGZ/08_089_09.02} some private notes to keep the border clear

{PGZ/08_089_09.03} between the point and pointlessness. THE NOUN

{PGZ/08_089_09.04} STUPIDITY. She counters. Her Career.

{PGZ/08_089_09.05} Not random dots, but patterns. What repeats.

{PGZ/08_089_09.06} Though REPETITION does not equal dumb --

{PGZ/08_089_09.07} ASSUME it does. ASK "WHY?" WHAT REASON heats

{PGZ/08_089_09.08} the ever cycling engine that we hum ...

{PGZ/08_089_09.09} ... along with -- even when the backfires bark

{PGZ/08_089_09.10} on ev'ry stroke -- yet, still, we ride along

{PGZ/08_089_09.11} and hold the hammer down... and drown the spark

{PGZ/08_089_09.12} of our imagination. BANG THAT GONG ...

{PGZ/08_089_09.13} ... AGAIN... IN TOKYO JEROME transmits

{PGZ/08_089_09.14} his column back to Paris ... where she sits.


{PGZ/08_090_10.01} PHILOSOPHY IS GOOD ... but not too much.

{PGZ/08_090_10.02} This is enough to ponder for tonight.

{PGZ/08_090_10.03} Although 500 pages might not touch

{PGZ/08_090_10.04} all aspects of STUPIDITY -- her fight ...

{PGZ/08_090_10.05} ... needs actionable lines in simple form

{PGZ/08_090_10.06} that's short enough to hold within one span

{PGZ/08_090_10.07} of reas'nable reflection -- keep you warm

{PGZ/08_090_10.08} instead of cold -- when calculating "man."

{PGZ/08_090_10.09} The pudding-girl baton's 100 rules

{PGZ/08_090_10.10} could be condensed to "NO STUPIDITY."

{PGZ/08_090_10.11} But clarifying what that means in "duels"

{PGZ/08_090_10.12} of rhetoric with agents who don't see ...

{PGZ/08_090_10.13} ... themselves as foolish .. needs some further sense

{PGZ/08_090_10.14} of "HOW." ... Her notes are "WHY." ... These are the hints.

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