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episode ZERO (wk 7)

rhetorical verse in
Shakespearean sonnet form
(a 14-sonnet sequence)

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PGZ { wk 7 / 14 }


{PGZ/07_067_01.02} HER BLOG'd perspective on her tale so far

{PGZ/07_067_01.03} with sonnets on a legal pad ... unite

{PGZ/07_067_01.04} the wayward threads of our postmodern star.

{PGZ/07_067_01.05} Six hours ... maybe seven ... there's fourteen

{PGZ/07_067_01.06} Shakespearean-form chunks ... she'll then encode

{PGZ/07_067_01.07} non-standardly in colors on the screen

{PGZ/07_067_01.08} of Apple Powerbooks she's comped to load ...

{PGZ/07_067_01.09} ... with product-placement nods within her lines

{PGZ/07_067_01.10} of rhetoric constrained to "highest" ART.

{PGZ/07_067_01.11} Hand-crafted H-T-M-L with no signs

{PGZ/07_067_01.12} of mass-code generating program's part ...

{PGZ/07_067_01.13} ... or Microsoft conformity beyond

{PGZ/07_067_01.14} EXPLORER tests -- because the web has donned ...


{PGZ/07_068_02.01} ... a Bill-Gates one-size fits-all prison garb

{PGZ/07_068_02.02} that 97 of 100 wear.

{PGZ/07_068_02.03} (Monopoly, found guilty, so this barb

{PGZ/07_068_02.04} stuck in these lines, for sure, is surely fair.)

{PGZ/07_068_02.05} As one loud guy once said, Gates has "no taste."

{PGZ/07_068_02.06} Though he is always hungry for more bites

{PGZ/07_068_02.07} of everything... Why, it would be a waste

{PGZ/07_068_02.08} of Microsoft cells ... if he lacked THE RIGHTS ...

{PGZ/07_068_02.09} ... to anything that might get in the way

{PGZ/07_068_02.10} of TAXING everyone who will CONNECT

{PGZ/07_068_02.11} forever.... Guaranteeing we will pay

{PGZ/07_068_02.12} "a fig" / a cut / percentage -- he'll dissect ...

{PGZ/07_068_02.13} ... all global wealth into what parts are his.

{PGZ/07_068_02.14} (Much surer profits than on-line Show-biz.)


{PGZ/07_069_03.01} SHE TURNS THE TV ON TO S.N.L.

{PGZ/07_069_03.02} Osama's linked to Batman (they have caves).

{PGZ/07_069_03.03} We now can joke about bin Laden's hell

{PGZ/07_069_03.04} in hiding -- THOUGH WE'RE ALL ROCKED by the waves ...

{PGZ/07_069_03.05} ... he set in motion and may never stop

{PGZ/07_069_03.06} until all FREEDOM's damped to guarantee

{PGZ/07_069_03.07} our safety -- lose all rights, except to shop.

{PGZ/07_069_03.08} We pledge allegiance to brand liberty.

{PGZ/07_069_03.09} SAGESSE strides into battle in bare skin

{PGZ/07_069_03.10} as COUNTERFORCE to power-to-relieve

{PGZ/07_069_03.11} us of IMAGINATION ... with the din

{PGZ/07_069_03.12} of Dubya-Bushy language to deceive ...

{PGZ/07_069_03.13} ... us, Ashcroft-wise, and backwards into WAR.

{PGZ/07_069_03.14} I HEAR THEM WISHING ... "Please write more 'hard core' ...


{PGZ/07_070_04.01} ... so we can brand you as a DEVIANT.

{PGZ/07_070_04.02} And block you from computers in our schools

{PGZ/07_070_04.03} where we teach children never to affront

{PGZ/07_070_04.04} what everybody understands but fools. ...

{PGZ/07_070_04.05} We catalogued that SEX TALK... You are sick --

{PGZ/07_070_04.06} a sick, sick person -- Maybe we should bring

{PGZ/07_070_04.07} you in for observation... You're too slick...

{PGZ/07_070_04.08} Your writing 'sonnets' only PROVES one thing:

{PGZ/07_070_04.09} You are NOT NORMAL... Grandiosity

{PGZ/07_070_04.10} is ONLY for the priv'leged who define

{PGZ/07_070_04.11} the pigeon holes... You curse 'authority'

{PGZ/07_070_04.12} because it does not fit in your design...

{PGZ/07_070_04.13} ... SHUT UP and WATCH the TV.... Play along!

{PGZ/07_070_04.14} If you behave, you'll fin'lly learn our song. ...


{PGZ/07_071_05.01} God has ordained that Ivy graduates

{PGZ/07_071_05.02} will choose the stories we will tell ourselves.

{PGZ/07_071_05.03} (Unless they're all in jail for fraud.) NO BUTS ...

{PGZ/07_071_05.04} ... ALLOWED from 'trailer trash' or other elves ...

{PGZ/07_071_05.05} ... we do not see ... EXCEPT the WORK they do:

{PGZ/07_071_05.06} Good fairies who HOLD JOBS and HOLD THEIR TONGUES.

{PGZ/07_071_05.07} (Except for those extr'ordinary few

{PGZ/07_071_05.08} who climb the ladder ... though we've hid the rungs.)

{PGZ/07_071_05.09} WHERE IS SAGESSE in this? In all this noise?

{PGZ/07_071_05.10} SHE'S WRITING down her thoughts AT 3 A.M.

{PGZ/07_071_05.11} on paper -- though her sponsor's high-tech toys

{PGZ/07_071_05.12} (in tool-shaped form) await her use of them ...

{PGZ/07_071_05.13} ... to TRANSMIT ev'ry word when she gets 'round

{PGZ/07_071_05.14} to coding them ... in color (someday, sound).


{PGZ/07_072_06.01} "ALL THAT'S" the world that holds Sagesse's brain.

{PGZ/07_072_06.02} Through HER EYES ... as SHE sees it ... clear or not.

{PGZ/07_072_06.03} Perhaps she's CRAZY. Maybe you're INSANE ...

{PGZ/07_072_06.04} ... TO READ archaic verse form gone to rot ...

{PGZ/07_072_06.05} ... except for worship of one fifty four

{PGZ/07_072_06.06} that Shakespeare wrote ... which HE wrote to seduce

{PGZ/07_072_06.07} his PATRON to cough up a little more

{PGZ/07_072_06.08} of what ALL ARTISTS NEED when "on the loose" ...

{PGZ/07_072_06.09} ... from cries of "get a job, you lazy bum!"

{PGZ/07_072_06.10} THE BARD IS UP IN HEAVEN smiling now,

{PGZ/07_072_06.11} but worries that I might have stuck my thumb

{PGZ/07_072_06.12} out for a ride ... with "Fuck You" on my brow.

{PGZ/07_072_06.13} SAGESSE's numbered cheeks are less "obtuse" --

{PGZ/07_072_06.14} and framed by naked breasts ... can be "of use."


{PGZ/07_073_07.01} SAGESSE'S BLOG holds NONE OF THAT, of course.

{PGZ/07_073_07.02} It's WHAT THE WRITER THINKS as he designs

{PGZ/07_073_07.03} her rhetoric. ... This is Godiva's source

{PGZ/07_073_07.04} of "moral" energy -- not angry whines ...

{PGZ/07_073_07.05} ... of impotence -- but what ejaculates

{PGZ/07_073_07.06} from years of friction'd "loving" of the world --

{PGZ/07_073_07.07} enough to pay the price of facing hates

{PGZ/07_073_07.08} of ev'ry kind ... when diff'rence you've unfurled ...

{PGZ/07_073_07.09} ... as your flag ... claiming that it represents

{PGZ/07_073_07.10} more common ground than "everybody thinks."

{PGZ/07_073_07.11} The world is not a Big Top -- Many tents.

{PGZ/07_073_07.12} Not one perfume, but many "pleasant" stinks.

{PGZ/07_073_07.13} (And when I overstate, just blame the rhyme --

{PGZ/07_073_07.14} We miscommunicate most all the time.)


{PGZ/07_074_08.01} OK, WE "GET" THE WRITER (way too much).

{PGZ/07_074_08.02} WHAT DOES SAGESSE, HERSELF, WRITE in HER verse?

{PGZ/07_074_08.03} She is no Rabbit-Writer in a hutch

{PGZ/07_074_08.04} escaping danger. No she lives converse ...

{PGZ/07_074_08.05} She's famous 'cause she walked into the street

{PGZ/07_074_08.06} stark naked, ev'ry morning, not just once.

{PGZ/07_074_08.07} A REPETITION of a simple feat

{PGZ/07_074_08.08} combined with boldness over many months.

{PGZ/07_074_08.09} SHE CHOSE, HERSELF, TO DO THIS -- was not hired.

{PGZ/07_074_08.10} WHAT FOOL would PAY HER to pull such a stunt?

{PGZ/07_074_08.11} WHAT CORPORATION would have ever mired

{PGZ/07_074_08.12} itself in "naked" law and faced the brunt ...

{PGZ/07_074_08.13} ... of social disapproval -- WHICH SHE DID.

{PGZ/07_074_08.14} But on that CRAZY hand ... she placed HER BID.


{PGZ/07_075_09.01} SOME "HARE APPRECIATION" folks just called {smile}

{PGZ/07_075_09.02} COMPLAINING we've DEFAMED "all rabbit-kind"

{PGZ/07_075_09.03} as cowards.... They're sufficiently appalled

{PGZ/07_075_09.04} to BOYCOTT all our SPONSORS... LET's REWIND: {grin}

{PGZ/07_075_09.05} "She is no writer hiding in a hole."

{PGZ/07_075_09.06} (Uh oh, that sounds like rabbits. Try again.)

{PGZ/07_075_09.07} "She is not blind and hiding like a mole."

{PGZ/07_075_09.08} (Mole people will complain, but Rabbits win.) {smile}


{PGZ/07_075_09.10} WE WANT TO KNOW the words SHE WROTE tonight.

{PGZ/07_075_09.11} Sagesse, not unpants'd WRITER's silliness."

{PGZ/07_075_09.12} THE WRITER SAYS: "I'm dressed! I've seen the light! ... {smile}

{PGZ/07_075_09.13} ... You want Sagesse, herself? Then I'll just shush."

{PGZ/07_075_09.14} (I wish you craved the same from Dubya Bush.) {ewg}


{PGZ/07_076_10.01} LE BLOG SAGESSE: 9 - 22 - '02

{PGZ/07_076_10.02} Mon frère Jerome just called from Tokyo

{PGZ/07_076_10.03} and said to say hello to all of you

{PGZ/07_076_10.04} and beg me one more time to let him know ...

{PGZ/07_076_10.05} ... the digit on my cheek -- or just the sign.

{PGZ/07_076_10.06} Of course, I told him, sorry, I can't tell.

{PGZ/07_076_10.07} I do not know myself -- it is not mine.

{PGZ/07_076_10.08} It comes from outer space ... or might as well.

{PGZ/07_076_10.09} Jerome says that's pure bullshit, but in French.

{PGZ/07_076_10.10} He says that all the time.... A journalist

{PGZ/07_076_10.11} is skeptical by nature... Monkey-wrench

{PGZ/07_076_10.12} to faith of any kind... Oh God, he's pissed! ...

{PGZ/07_076_10.13} ... Not God. I mean, my brother. He's so mad

{PGZ/07_076_10.14} his sister will not tell him -- says I'm bad ...

{PGZ/07_077_11.01} ... Not "bad" exactly ... He said something vile.

{PGZ/07_077_11.02} A tacky word I wish he'd never said.

{PGZ/07_077_11.03} A word aimed at his sister to defile

{PGZ/07_077_11.04} her character... And NOW I'm go'ng to spread ...

{PGZ/07_077_11.05} ... it on the Internet? How dumb am I?

{PGZ/07_077_11.06} Quite so... He called me, "slut." What do you think?

{PGZ/07_077_11.07} That's pretty bad. And do not ask me why

{PGZ/07_077_11.08} he calls me that... You ask, and I'll just wink. {ewg}

{PGZ/07_077_11.09} IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ... you know THE DEAL. {smile}

{PGZ/07_077_11.10} These words are free... SUBSCRIBE, you get THE DIRT.

{PGZ/07_077_11.11} The down and dirty -- onion layers peel.

{PGZ/07_077_11.12} The DEEPER you SUBSCRIBE ... the more I flirt ...

{PGZ/07_077_11.13} ... with dang'rous REVELATIONS that might flame

{PGZ/07_077_11.14} your "tenders." DARLING, I am not to blame ...


{PGZ/07_078_12.01} ... if "you can't handle it." ... You know Tom Cruise:

{PGZ/07_078_12.02} "A Few Good Men"-- you know the tone he used

{PGZ/07_078_12.03} when shouting at Jack Nicholson's lit fuse.

{PGZ/07_078_12.04} And Jack exploded to be so abused. ...

{PGZ/07_078_12.05} I hope you're quite confused ... by all of that.

{PGZ/07_078_12.06} You're better off to know you have no clue

{PGZ/07_078_12.07} than always knowing you have smelled a rat,

{PGZ/07_078_12.08} and "crystal" "clear" you know that rat is blue.

{PGZ/07_078_12.09} THE FACTS may point to blue. Coincidence?

{PGZ/07_078_12.10} Or like the prosecution says: THE TRUTH.

{PGZ/07_078_12.11} Guys, screw the prosecution's mad PRETENSE.

{PGZ/07_078_12.12} As we are screwed each time the VOTING BOOTH ...

{PGZ/07_078_12.13} ... is opened like a trap for wayward SHEEP.

{PGZ/07_078_12.14} ENOUGH of this... I really need my sleep. ///


{PGZ/07_079_13.01} WAS THAT SAGESSE'S VOICE? Is that her style?

{PGZ/07_079_13.02} OR SOMEONE THAT SHE HIRED to fill a void:

{PGZ/07_079_13.03} A public need that makes them turn the dial

{PGZ/07_079_13.04} in search of some distraction. HAVE I TOYED ...

{PGZ/07_079_13.05} ... ONE TIME TOO MANY ... with your patience, friends? {smile}

{PGZ/07_079_13.06} If that was not Sagesse, WILL YOU JUMP SHIP?

{PGZ/07_079_13.07} Desert this weekly voyage with strange bends.

{PGZ/07_079_13.08} Not understanding how it might equip ...

{PGZ/07_079_13.09} ... your own chart room to navigate the strange

{PGZ/07_079_13.10} preposterously silly games of life.

{PGZ/07_079_13.11} The first shot from the cannon gives the range ...

{PGZ/07_079_13.12} ... but not for moving targets ... nor a wife ...

{PGZ/07_079_13.13} ... Not shooting one, but finding how to mesh ... {g}

{PGZ/07_079_13.14} with shifting souls within a frame of flesh.


{PGZ/07_080_14.01} SAGESSE'S BLOG, TAKE 2 (Let's get it right!

{PGZ/07_080_14.02} So few lines left, and no rewriting time.

{PGZ/07_080_14.03} The space remaining's surely getting tight.

{PGZ/07_080_14.04} THE WRITER still has faith that one more rhyme ...

{PGZ/07_080_14.05} ... will yield a flash of insight ... that reveals

{PGZ/07_080_14.06} a glorious REFLECTION of the whole ...

{PGZ/07_080_14.07} Make worthy each time fragment ... each line steals

{PGZ/07_080_14.08} from your sweet, precious life -- enrich your soul ...)

{PGZ/07_080_14.09} DEAR FANS ... I walked nude one more time, today.

{PGZ/07_080_14.10} The same street... diff'rent number on my cheek.

{PGZ/07_080_14.11} That number's all I really have to say.

{PGZ/07_080_14.12} I know, my blog report's the same each week...

{PGZ/07_080_14.13} But someday that might change. So please come back

{PGZ/07_080_14.14} and read my blog ... Then mount your own attack.

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