PGZ EPISODE ZERO / WEEK 06 _ sonnets 053-066 [of 154] _ 14 sonnets
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episode ZERO (wk 6)


rhetorical verse in
Shakespearean sonnet form
(a 14-sonnet sequence)

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PGZ { wk 6 / 14 }

{PGZ/06_053_01.01} THE ACTRESS who performs SAGESSE just QUIT:

{PGZ/06_053_01.02} "I WILL NOT play the porn you wrote last week.

{PGZ/06_053_01.03} THE HOLY WRITER'S turned to 'tail and tit.'

{PGZ/06_053_01.04} I did not take this role so you could peek ...

{PGZ/06_053_01.05} ... at all my private parts to pique desire.

{PGZ/06_053_01.06} What happened to your high philosophy?

{PGZ/06_053_01.07} The social transformation you'd inspire?

{PGZ/06_053_01.08} I open up the script ... what do I see? ...

{PGZ/06_053_01.09} ... THE WRITER'S lost his pants, and all his wits.

{PGZ/06_053_01.10} A LESBIAN LOVE SCENE ... THEN!?! Talking sheep-

{PGZ/06_053_01.11} sponge drinking a in bar!?! ... I CALL IT QUITS!

{PGZ/06_053_01.12} THE WRITER can go take a flying leap!!"

{PGZ/06_053_01.13} THE ACTRESS who plays LOULOU says she's glad

{PGZ/06_053_01.14} to play SAGESSE. "I like my artists mad." {smile}


{PGZ/06_054_02.01} MY MUSES smile. They know THE WRITER's nuts.

{PGZ/06_054_02.02} THEY'RE OFF to join a nunnery. Fat chance ...

{PGZ/06_054_02.03} ... THE WRITER will again see their cute butts.

{PGZ/06_054_02.04} I call to them: "BUT what about ROMANCE?"

{PGZ/06_054_02.05} "YOU THINK with 'cock' and 'cunt' pure love encode?

{PGZ/06_054_02.06} WE'RE OFF to take our vows, but we'll return

{PGZ/06_054_02.07} to see what you've done with this episode."

{PGZ/06_054_02.08} THEY FLASH ME one last time so I will learn ...

{PGZ/06_054_02.09} ... the power they can wield with just one breast

{PGZ/06_054_02.10} exposed for just one moment in my face.

{PGZ/06_054_02.11} I SUMMON self-control, but fail the test.

{PGZ/06_054_02.12} (I did not know that sports bras came in lace.) {g}

{PGZ/06_054_02.13} NOW, THEY ARE GONE ... OK. Now I'll be pure.

{PGZ/06_054_02.14} Take off my pants. How else can I be sure? {ewg}


{PGZ/06_055_03.01} I'll let you wonder what I meant by that

{PGZ/06_055_03.02} AS WE FADE IN (this week): WE SEE A BED

{PGZ/06_055_03.03} JEROME IS SLEEPING ON -- make that A MAT,

{PGZ/06_055_03.04} TATAMI, (YES!) JAPAN: He shakes his head ...

{PGZ/06_055_03.05} ... AS HE WAKES from A DREAM about a sponge. {g}

{PGZ/06_055_03.06} He shakes his head again. "Man, that was strange.

{PGZ/06_055_03.07} Sagesse and Loulou? ... Fine, BUT THEN that plunge

{PGZ/06_055_03.08} to total weirdness. ... I must rearrange ...

{PGZ/06_055_03.09} ... my schedule, so I will not sleep when drunk

{PGZ/06_055_03.10} from Sake that my hosts cannot abide

{PGZ/06_055_03.11} me not to share with them... A social skunk

{PGZ/06_055_03.12} I'd be, abstaining from the daily tide ...

{PGZ/06_055_03.13} ... of custom in the land of Rising Sun."

{PGZ/06_055_03.14} He shakes his head."There's writing to be done!"


{PGZ/06_056_04.01} I'll interview some sal'rymen. Wait. No,

{PGZ/06_056_04.02} I've done that one... A school-girl prostitute

{PGZ/06_056_04.03} with cellphone outside Prada Tokyo.

{PGZ/06_056_04.04} Been done a thousand times, but they're so cute ...

{PGZ/06_056_04.05} ... News editors will always make some room

{PGZ/06_056_04.06} for one more lurid tale of youth and sex ...

{PGZ/06_056_04.07} A BOOK, perhaps ... a schoolgirl nom de plume:

{PGZ/06_056_04.08} A diary of practical effects ...

{PGZ/06_056_04.09} ... of popularity and brand desire.

{PGZ/06_056_04.10} FILE THAT AWAY... A public bath awaits,

{PGZ/06_056_04.11} but not before I somehow quench the fire

{PGZ/06_056_04.12} set by my naked sister and her dates ...

{PGZ/06_056_04.13} ... with my own girlfriend. THEY THINK I don't know.

{PGZ/06_056_04.14} I will not tell. I like the status quo.

{PGZ/06_057_05.01} ANOTHER FAX MACHINE we don't know where.

{PGZ/06_057_05.02} SAGESSE'S FACE again, BUT something more:

{PGZ/06_057_05.03} A NUMBER ON HER CHEEK ... we're now aware

{PGZ/06_057_05.04} has caught somebody's int'rest... But what for?


{PGZ/06_057_05.06} BESIDE THE FERRIS WHEEL (Why'd they remove!)

{PGZ/06_057_05.07} WE SEE HER OTHER CHEEK, NOW we'll be clued

{PGZ/06_057_05.08} into fax "secrets." Now we'll find the groove, ...

{PGZ/06_057_05.09} ... THE PATTERN where THAT FIRST FAX makes some sense.

{PGZ/06_057_05.10} Or maybe not ... but still HERE'S SOMETHING NEW:

{PGZ/06_057_05.11} A DIGIT ON HER CHEEK. (Feel the suspense!)

{PGZ/06_057_05.12} CUT BACK TO FAX MACHINE (What will who do?)


{PGZ/06_057_05.14} SAGESSE-CHEEK DIGITS stretching down A HALL.


{PGZ/06_058_06.01} BUT WAIT ... each DIGIT has a SIGN in front:

{PGZ/06_058_06.02} a MINUS, OR a PLUS ... and then a 5,

{PGZ/06_058_06.03} or 4, 3, 2, 1, zero ... WE CONFRONT

{PGZ/06_058_06.04} THE RANGE of possibility. WE STRIVE ...

{PGZ/06_058_06.05} ... TO SEE A PATTERN in these valued cheeks

{PGZ/06_058_06.06} SAGESSE has been TRANSMITTING on her walks

{PGZ/06_058_06.07} down Champs Elysèes, naked, all these weeks.

{PGZ/06_058_06.08} THE LATEST HIT at water-cooler talks.

{PGZ/06_058_06.09} WHAT DO THESE NUMBERS MEAN? MORE than her tits

{PGZ/06_058_06.10} and perfect ass ... to hear the passion spent

{PGZ/06_058_06.11} in arguing just how each new one fits

{PGZ/06_058_06.12} into the sequence. No one's made a dent ...

{PGZ/06_058_06.13} ... in nailing down the function. How they try!

{PGZ/06_058_06.14} "A RANDOM SEQUENCE," says some science guy ...


{PGZ/06_059_07.01} ... or other, on some channel on the dial

{PGZ/06_059_07.02} a hundred times a day, but that's OLD NEWS ...

{PGZ/06_059_07.03} or should be, yet EACH NUMBER seems to rile

{PGZ/06_059_07.04} THE MEDIA to frenzy for NEW CLUES ...

{PGZ/06_059_07.05} ... of what it all must MEAN. "It's just not right

{PGZ/06_059_07.06} for there to be no story!" they all yell,

{PGZ/06_059_07.07} and chase SAGESSE around ... and push and fight

{PGZ/06_059_07.08} to ask again. ... SAGESSE SAYS:"Go to hell."


{PGZ/06_059_07.10} SUPPOSEDLY -- expenses paid -- to ask

{PGZ/06_059_07.11} the Japanese about... But he's no fan

{PGZ/06_059_07.12} of naked sister's yanking chains to mask ...

{PGZ/06_059_07.13} ... some MYSTERY she's hiding, he can't find.

{PGZ/06_059_07.14} Yet still, he bets big bucks which way she's signed.


{PGZ/06_060_08.01} HE'S IN THE HOLE five grand or so. Big deal!

{PGZ/06_060_08.02} He'll shift his school-girl sex book budget 'round.

{PGZ/06_060_08.03} How many diff'rent ways to cop a feel

{PGZ/06_060_08.04} must you explore. Must you record each sound ...

{PGZ/06_060_08.05} ... a teasing teen unleases to relieve

{PGZ/06_060_08.06} you of designer quantities of cash.

{PGZ/06_060_08.07} Her hand-bag-loving eyes do not deceive

{PGZ/06_060_08.08} your writer's tender heart -- she'd be so rash ...

{PGZ/06_060_08.09} ... as fall in love with you, when she first spies

{PGZ/06_060_08.10} your unshaved Gaijin face come sailing by.

{PGZ/06_060_08.11} It's just research. A writer in disguise

{PGZ/06_060_08.12} as pervert masquerading as cool guy.

{PGZ/06_060_08.13} JEROME'S A JOURNALIST, he'll tell THE FACTS.

{PGZ/06_060_08.14} (But as for certain details, he'll be lax.)


{PGZ/06_061_09.01} I HEAR MY AGENT SCREAMING, "No, Boke, please!

{PGZ/06_061_09.02} Don't go there! ... Rhyme will not be an excuse.

{PGZ/06_061_09.03} What will you write now: He's got some disease?

{PGZ/06_061_09.04} Some mental illness? Is it drug abuse? ...

{PGZ/06_061_09.05} ... He's French? OK. I understand, but still {g}

{PGZ/06_061_09.06} You're in the U.S.A. and heaven knows

{PGZ/06_061_09.07} you'll have to leave or somebody will kill

{PGZ/06_061_09.08} you for so blatantly to rub our nose ...

{PGZ/06_061_09.09} ... in stuff like this. This is beyond the pale."

{PGZ/06_061_09.10} "CALM DOWN," I say, "Don't worry. This is ART."

{PGZ/06_061_09.11} "Well, leave me out of it. YOU MAKE THE SALE!"

{PGZ/06_061_09.12} He hangs up saying, "You know that's not smart."

{PGZ/06_061_09.13} Oooooo feel me shaking. Hah! That's quite OK.

{PGZ/06_061_09.14} No agent can sell sonnets anyway.


{PGZ/06_062_10.01} OK, no touch. JEROME, AN INTERVIEW

{PGZ/06_062_10.02} WITH SCHOOL-GIRL CALL-GIRL as they walk the street

{PGZ/06_062_10.03} past NUDE SAGESSE on BILLBOARDS. (Yes, there, too.)

{PGZ/06_062_10.04} AN ADVERTISING ICON -- quite a feat ...

{PGZ/06_062_10.05} ... for someone sent TO JAIL for nakedness

{PGZ/06_062_10.06} in public ... NOW SHE'S PAID TO DO THE SAME

{PGZ/06_062_10.07} AROUND THE WORLD ... while people try to guess

{PGZ/06_062_10.08} the meaning of her numbers. Shout her name:

{PGZ/06_062_10.09} "SAGESSE!" That's French for "wisdom," don't forget.

{PGZ/06_062_10.10} PERHAPS THAT MAKES MORE SENSE now that cash flows

{PGZ/06_062_10.11} from HER BOLD PROVOCATIONS that reset ...

{PGZ/06_062_10.12} ... the CONTENT of "what everybody knows."

{PGZ/06_062_10.13} REFRAMING what SOCIETY can bear.

{PGZ/06_062_10.14} (Or "bare" ... each fits, so either one. Don't care..) {g}

{PGZ/06_063_11.01} JEROME AND SCHOOL-GIRL CALL-GIRL walk and point

{PGZ/06_063_11.02} at features of her city to explain

{PGZ/06_063_11.03} not common in the West. He will ANOINT

{PGZ/06_063_11.04} a few "newsworthy." One's: "Home for Insane ...

{PGZ/06_063_11.05} ... and Children Who Refuse To Go To School."

{PGZ/06_063_11.06} Two categories seen as one, quite clear.

{PGZ/06_063_11.07} As "everybody knows" (except "a fool")

{PGZ/06_063_11.08} you're nuts if you won't go. Japan strikes fear ...

{PGZ/06_063_11.09} ... in would-be truants with asylum threats.

{PGZ/06_063_11.10} The SCHOOL-GIRL CALL-GIRL cuts her giggles off

{PGZ/06_063_11.11} as we pass by the building, she forgets

{PGZ/06_063_11.12} to smile at you -- goes silent -- just one cough ...

{PGZ/06_063_11.13} ... until they move beyond it to the store

{PGZ/06_063_11.14} where we will buy her what her smile is for.


{PGZ/06_064_12.01} DEMOCRACY & MADNESS is a port

{PGZ/06_064_12.02} THE WRITER's sailing for without a chart --

{PGZ/06_064_12.03} apparently not fearing any tort

{PGZ/06_064_12.04} society may frame him for... He's smart ...

{PGZ/06_064_12.05} ... enough to know that FREEDOM truly lies

{PGZ/06_064_12.06} where people are "compelled" to clear a space

{PGZ/06_064_12.07} by RHETORIC: ... however we disguise

{PGZ/06_064_12.08} the reasoning -- as ART or LEGAL CASE:

{PGZ/06_064_12.09} SAGESSE WAS PUT ON TRIAL for baring all.

{PGZ/06_064_12.10} BUT -- with her numbers on her cheek -- prevailed.

{PGZ/06_064_12.11} (NOTE: This is why she got the pudding call.)

{PGZ/06_064_12.12} NOT ONLY is she FREE from being jailed, ...

{PGZ/06_064_12.13} ... but corporations PAY HER to be bold:

{PGZ/06_064_12.14} GO NAKED in the morning, when it's cold....


{PGZ/06_065_13.01} ... enough to keep all sane folks safe and warm,

{PGZ/06_065_13.02} until they make their way, on time, to work ....

{PGZ/06_065_13.03} Do what's expected -- never face the storm

{PGZ/06_065_13.04} of social disapproval. How they'd smirk ...

{PGZ/06_065_13.05} ... the first times that Sagesse went off to jail.

{PGZ/06_065_13.06} Their children safe to make their way to class.

{PGZ/06_065_13.07} No crazy women's tits and scrawny tail

{PGZ/06_065_13.08} to terrorize them. Gendarmes grabbed her ass ...

{PGZ/06_065_13.09} ... and took her to THE LOONEY BIN, of course,

{PGZ/06_065_13.10} to calculate her sanity in doubt.

{PGZ/06_065_13.11} "Perhaps la femme Godiva lost her horse?"

{PGZ/06_065_13.12} "Send me to jail, or pull your pecker out, ...

{PGZ/06_065_13.13} ... and I will use it as a riding crop."

{PGZ/06_065_13.14} "OK! She's sane. Yes, give her to a cop."


{PGZ/06_066_14.01} AND SO THERE WAS A TRIAL. She made her case:

{PGZ/06_066_14.02} "The number on my cheek each day is ART.

{PGZ/06_066_14.03} My nudity's THE FRAME -- not just my face.

{PGZ/06_066_14.04} When will it end? Who knows? I'm at the start."

{PGZ/06_066_14.05} ALL JURORS (somehow, men) thought "Art is good."

{PGZ/06_066_14.06} (If French courts do not work this way, too bad.)

{PGZ/06_066_14.07} And so when time for judgement came, they stood

{PGZ/06_066_14.08} and shouted out "NOT GUILTY!" Ev'ry lad.

{PGZ/06_066_14.09} THE JUDGES gave her license to proceed

{PGZ/06_066_14.10} to stroll nude ev'ry day at dawn until

{PGZ/06_066_14.11} she'd finished her ART-WORK. And then they freed ...

{PGZ/06_066_14.12} her from their custody (she'd had her fill) ...

{PGZ/06_066_14.13} Removed the bonds SOCIETY had laid

{PGZ/06_066_14.14} upon her FREEDOM. FOR THIS ... she GETS PAID. {smile}


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