PGZ EPISODE ZERO / WEEK 05 _ sonnets 039-052 [of 154] _ 14 sonnets
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episode ZERO (wk 5)

rhetorical verse in
Shakespearean sonnet form
(a 14-sonnet sequence)

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PGZ { wk 5 / 14 }

{PGZ/05_039_01.01} LOULOU HAS MANY NICKNAMES, one is "Faim"

{PGZ/05_039_01.02} The other dancers say that's why she stars.

{PGZ/05_039_01.03} In French "la faim" means hunger (rhymes with "him" --
{No, it doesn't rhyme with "him" in Paris [grin], but I thought it did. And so it does, NOW. [ewg] }

{PGZ/05_039_01.04} the French might smirk and say my accent mars ...

{PGZ/05_039_01.05} ... the details slightly, but that's close enough.)

{PGZ/05_039_01.06} SHE'S WAITING IN THE SHOWER for Sagesse

{PGZ/05_039_01.07} to finish with her brother. She's so tough

{PGZ/05_039_01.08} she'll throw him out so quickly. Such vitesse.

{PGZ/05_039_01.09} Such speed. She wishes she could be that fast

{PGZ/05_039_01.10} in shutting off encounters with THAT MAN --

{PGZ/05_039_01.11} SAGESSE'S BROTHER -- yes, he loved her last.

{PGZ/05_039_01.12} He'd met her at the Moulin Rouge -- a fan.

{PGZ/05_039_01.13} And "Faim" had liked his style, and sucked his cock...

{PGZ/05_039_01.14} And then they fell in love. Oh what a crock.



{PGZ/05_040_02.02} And Loulou's starved for fame... So, there you go.

{PGZ/05_040_02.03} It seemed it might be useful if she kissed

{PGZ/05_040_02.04} a writer for Le Monde. A Romeo ...

{PGZ/05_040_02.05} ... with ink to spread to amplify her name.

{PGZ/05_040_02.06} But Juliet's her flavor -- BROTHER'S sis

{PGZ/05_040_02.07} was much more to her liking. ... Wicked game

{PGZ/05_040_02.08} not fit for Sunday School analysis.

{PGZ/05_040_02.09} But God's now watching baseball. He won't care.

{PGZ/05_040_02.10} Thank God they didn't strike, or we might be

{PGZ/05_040_02.11} in trouble. Kidding -- God's got savoir-faire

{PGZ/05_040_02.12} in dealing with our sexuality.

{PGZ/05_040_02.13} For that, the Lord may BAP me. Well, OK.

{PGZ/05_040_02.14} But God's design includes those who are gay.


{PGZ/05_041_03.01} RETURNING TO THE SHOWER where we left

{PGZ/05_041_03.02} this auburn-haired star dancer getting wet.

{PGZ/05_041_03.03} La faim of tongue and fingers ... with the deft

{PGZ/05_041_03.04} control of dancer's muscles... This brunette ...

{PGZ/05_041_03.05} ... is aching for her blonde, delicious femme.

{PGZ/05_041_03.06} She's fingering herself to fill the time

{PGZ/05_041_03.07} of agonizing hunger... Passion's creme

{PGZ/05_041_03.08} appearing from the stir ... the sweet sublime ...

{PGZ/05_041_03.09} ... release will calm her down enough to live

{PGZ/05_041_03.10} until Sagesse arrives in her embrace

{PGZ/05_041_03.11} and she can give her all she has to give

{PGZ/05_041_03.12} AND THEN the flash of LIGHT ... her precious face.

{PGZ/05_041_03.13} (I MUST REMOVE MY CLOTHES to write the rest

{PGZ/05_041_03.14} of this hot SHOWER SCENE. I'm pointing west ...


{PGZ/05_042_04.01} ... "Unnecessary Detail" goes the joke.

{PGZ/05_042_04.02} A pointless provocation? Au contraire

{PGZ/05_042_04.03} THE WRITER is A CHARACTER named BOKE.

{PGZ/05_042_04.04} Perhaps he's me -- we both have dyed red hair.

{PGZ/05_042_04.05} CREATING PUDDING_GIRL ... this WEEKLY game

{PGZ/05_042_04.06} that's still evolving... charting parallel

{PGZ/05_042_04.07} developments in fact and fiction's name

{PGZ/05_042_04.08} requires in this postmodern world we tell ...

{PGZ/05_042_04.09} ... the CONTEXT floating in THE WRITER'S MIND.

{PGZ/05_042_04.10} AND IN THIS CASE his body now undraped.

{PGZ/05_042_04.11} A FACT, of course, to which you would be blind,

{PGZ/05_042_04.12} unless I tell you how he's been reshaped.

{PGZ/05_042_04.13} A picture you may choose or not to view.

{PGZ/05_042_04.14} But if you're game ... you could get naked, too. {smile}


{PGZ/05_043_05.01} It's only fair, of course, if you read on

{PGZ/05_043_05.02} about our characters ... who are exposed.

{PGZ/05_043_05.03} We see them privately, not on the lawn...

{PGZ/05_043_05.04} ... of public garden where we all have dozed ...

{PGZ/05_043_05.05} ... with only naked feet ... but PRIVATE bath.

{PGZ/05_043_05.06} IT'S ONLY RIGHT you strip away the clothes

{PGZ/05_043_05.07} of civilized decorum, clear a path

{PGZ/05_043_05.08} to free enjoyment. "Yes," instead of "No's."

{PGZ/05_043_05.09} And if you want to touch yourself... Why not?

{PGZ/05_043_05.10} I promise that will happen on my end.

{PGZ/05_043_05.11} I'll strive to make these sentences so hot

{PGZ/05_043_05.12} we'll all be glad we don't have clothes to bend ...

{PGZ/05_043_05.13} ... our sexy lines to circles of constraint.

{PGZ/05_043_05.14} STOP READING now, my friend, if you're a saint. {smile}



{PGZ/05_044_06.02} THIS MOMENT in the story... these two femmes

{PGZ/05_044_06.03} SAGESSE and LOULOU's LOVE SCENE while I dozed

{PGZ/05_044_06.04} and dreamed of naked muses singing psalms ...

{PGZ/05_044_06.05} ... of love and passion's beauty. CUT / RE-SPIN


{PGZ/05_044_06.07} (her writer-lover and Sagesse's twin)

{PGZ/05_044_06.08} THE BROTHER we have mentioned CALLS: "You home?"

{PGZ/05_044_06.09} FAIM fucked HIM yesterday because he asked

{PGZ/05_044_06.10} so sweetly, and strategic needs required

{PGZ/05_044_06.11} some acquiescence. But her presence masked

{PGZ/05_044_06.12} BEHIND SAGESSE'S BATHROOM DOOR attired ...

{PGZ/05_044_06.13} ... in nothing but Sagesse's THAI, SILK ROBE

{PGZ/05_044_06.14} means that Jerome's intent she will not probe.


{PGZ/05_045_07.01} She hears him on the phone. HE SAYS: "A fax."

{PGZ/05_045_07.02} And then Sagesse's number. Then hangs up.

{PGZ/05_045_07.03} There is no way for LOULOU to relax.

{PGZ/05_045_07.04} JEROME might need to piss... Sagesse show up.

{PGZ/05_045_07.05} Like, ANY MINUTE NOW. That's what they'd planned.

{PGZ/05_045_07.06} WHAT IF SAGESSE called "Loulou" as she stepped

{PGZ/05_045_07.07} into the room ... JEROME would then demand

{PGZ/05_045_07.08} an explanation... But, of course, except ...

{PGZ/05_045_07.09} ... that did not happen. She just threw him out

{PGZ/05_045_07.10} and stripped off all her clothes, and called: "Get wet."

{PGZ/05_045_07.11} That was Sagesse, of course, no roundabout.

{PGZ/05_045_07.12} So LOULOU lost the robe and washed the sweat ...

{PGZ/05_045_07.13} ... of her anxiety away ... then HEARD

{PGZ/05_045_07.14} the voice of whom she'd hungered for. Her word:

{PGZ/05_046_08.01} "La Faim?" (Yes!) "Oui ... I could not wait... Just feel."

{PGZ/05_046_08.02} "If you will wash my brother from my hair,

{PGZ/05_046_08.03} I'll use my lips to check if my appeal

{PGZ/05_046_08.04} to you is as you say." Faim says, "No fair!."

{PGZ/05_046_08.05} "Who's bath is this, dear Loulou? I control.

{PGZ/05_046_08.06} The Moulin Rouge's star will lick my ass

{PGZ/05_046_08.07} if I should want it so -- my needs unscroll ...

{PGZ/05_046_08.08} ... like holy writ... At your flat we swap class...

{PGZ/05_046_08.09} THERE you are queen, and I am slave... BUT HERE

{PGZ/05_046_08.10} I'll kneel before you, so you can SHAMPOO

{PGZ/05_046_08.11} my hair... and so my mouth your passion steer."

{PGZ/05_046_08.12} And so they settled what each was to do.

{PGZ/05_046_08.13} Within just minutes, hair and cunt were clean

{PGZ/05_046_08.14} by fingers and by tongue. FIRST PART OF SCENE.

{PGZ/05_047_09.01} THE YEARS OF BALLET training meant HER LEGS

{PGZ/05_047_09.02} would not collapse beneath her when she came

{PGZ/05_047_09.03} so powerf'lly -- it was a sight that begs

{PGZ/05_047_09.04} for metaphors beyond the same 'ol same.

{PGZ/05_047_09.05} SAGESSE ENJOYED this tantalizing sight

{PGZ/05_047_09.06} of rippling muscle tension on the edge ...

{PGZ/05_047_09.07} Exquisite tone unyielding in the light

{PGZ/05_047_09.08} of powerful release ... The privilege ...

{PGZ/05_047_09.09} ... constraining her "Stand still" ... but still explode.

{PGZ/05_047_09.10} Then taste the flow undamned by your own tongue

{PGZ/05_047_09.11} while tickling fingers 'round her ass erode

{PGZ/05_047_09.12} the last resistance to all that they've brung ...

{PGZ/05_047_09.13} ... to their negotiations of romance.

{PGZ/05_047_09.14} (THE WRITER'S glad he isn't wearing pants.) {ewg}


{PGZ/05_048_10.01} SAGESSE takes LOULOU's hand and pulls her down...

{PGZ/05_048_10.02} Picks up a playful SHEEP-SHAPED SPONGE ... begins

{PGZ/05_048_10.03} to bathe her lover. "Sweet Mouton, don't drown."

{PGZ/05_048_10.04} AS THAT SOFT SPONGE GOES DIVING ... all the sins ...

{PGZ/05_048_10.05} ... of that sweet sheep won't be recounted 'till

{PGZ/05_048_10.06} all GUY-SHEEP SPONGES meet to have A BEER

{PGZ/05_048_10.07} AT SOME ENCHANTED FOREST JOINT he'll spill

{PGZ/05_048_10.08} the TALE of 'Paris Beauties Acting Queer.'

{PGZ/05_048_10.09} They won't believe a word of this. The sheep

{PGZ/05_048_10.10} have heard it all before in many forms:

{PGZ/05_048_10.11} Adventures so magnificent you'd weep:

{PGZ/05_048_10.12} Like where that famous lawyer woman warms ...

{PGZ/05_048_10.13} ... her smooth round rocks... They laugh, they're sure he lies.

{PGZ/05_048_10.14} THOSE KIND OF TALES don't happen to sheep-guys.

{PGZ/05_049_11.01} THE WRITER'S WOND'RING: "Why am I undressed

{PGZ/05_049_11.02} at Four A.M. ... and writing sheepish verse?

{PGZ/05_049_11.03} The Muses surely will be much distressed --

{PGZ/05_049_11.04} their story was translated for the worse ...

{PGZ/05_049_11.05} ... into the sonnet form. But to what end?"

{PGZ/05_049_11.06} "I liked the rocks tale," said THE WRITER'S DICK.

{PGZ/05_049_11.07} HIS FUNNY BONE concurred, "I liked the blend ...

{PGZ/05_049_11.08} ... of sex and silliness." "Don't make me sick!" ...

{PGZ/05_049_11.09} ... said ONE MAD MUSE, not buying this at all.

{PGZ/05_049_11.10} "We sang a song quite hot and beautiful.

{PGZ/05_049_11.11} But soapy, flowing passion took a fall.

{PGZ/05_049_11.12} OUR PRECIOUS LITTLE SHEEP ... now spouting bull- ...

{PGZ/05_049_11.13} ... shit in a tavern... THAT'S NOT WHAT WE SAID!



{PGZ/05_050_12.01} THE WRITER PUTS A PILLOW in his lap

{PGZ/05_050_12.02} in case there's some confusion of that term.

{PGZ/05_050_12.03} The Muses smirk, and quickly draw a map

{PGZ/05_050_12.04} to prove they know WHICH END to BAP the worm.

{PGZ/05_050_12.05} By then THE WRITER promises to fix

{PGZ/05_050_12.06} the ending, which "was really NOT MY FAULT.

{PGZ/05_050_12.07} The clever Muse that added to the mix

{PGZ/05_050_12.08} that MOUTON SPONGE ... That's who you should assault."

{PGZ/05_050_12.09} THE MUSES SMILE and BAP HIM, anyway.

{PGZ/05_050_12.10} "GO WRAP THESE VERSES UP, they're WAY TOO LONG...

{PGZ/05_050_12.11} UNLIKE THE WRITER'S ... we don't want to say

{PGZ/05_050_12.12} a word like 'dick' -- perhaps we will say 'dong.'

{PGZ/05_050_12.13} "WE NOW PROCLAIM: The WRITER must wear pants

{PGZ/05_050_12.14} when sonnetizing narrative or rants."


{PGZ/05_051_13.01} THE MUSES' LAWYER will set down this RULE

{PGZ/05_051_13.02} in contract form... On Monday we will sign

{PGZ/05_051_13.03} this CODICIL to keep THE WRITER'S tool

{PGZ/05_051_13.04} from further interference with each line...

{PGZ/05_051_13.05} ... of evolutionary pudding rhyme.

{PGZ/05_051_13.06} BUT, not withstanding that, I THINK WE'VE LEARNED

{PGZ/05_051_13.07} ENOUGH from this TO JUSTIFY "the crime"

{PGZ/05_051_13.08} of saying things the righteous would have burned.

{PGZ/05_051_13.09} WHAT IF A CHILD SHOULD READ THIS? Well, what if?

{PGZ/05_051_13.10} The world is full of things they "should not" read.

{PGZ/05_051_13.11} I don't think I've composed it so they'd sniff,

{PGZ/05_051_13.12} BUT better this, than bombs and "leads that bleed."

{PGZ/05_051_13.13} I will not make a habit to be lewd.

{PGZ/05_051_13.14} But tell Prez Shit-Lip Bush, I'm F-ing rude.


{PGZ/05_052_14.01} BACK TO THE SHOWER SCENE. Two femmes enjoy

{PGZ/05_052_14.02} the pleasures of their senses and their hearts.

{PGZ/05_052_14.03} But how could I describe it? I'm a boy...

{PGZ/05_052_14.04} ... a "grown-up" one in age, perhaps more smarts ...

{PGZ/05_052_14.05} MY MUSES' VERSION made my flesh react.

{PGZ/05_052_14.06} I love them so ... THEY FILLED ME with this burst

{PGZ/05_052_14.07} of fourteen sonnets -- though these surely lacked

{PGZ/05_052_14.08} the flowing narrative they wrote me first.

{PGZ/05_052_14.09} There's more than detailed narrative, of course,

{PGZ/05_052_14.10} we're shooting for -- we're working out the lines

{PGZ/05_052_14.11} the pudding-girl trajectory must force

{PGZ/05_052_14.12} a new road though the chaos ... put up signs.

{PGZ/05_052_14.13} Eleven times fourteen's one-fifty-four.

{PGZ/05_052_14.14} Like Shakespeare wrote ... but these are more hard core. {smile}

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