PGZ EPISODE ZERO / WEEK 04 _ sonnets 029-038 [of 154] _ 10 sonnets

TeaTimeSunday / SONNETS
episode ZERO (wk 4)

rhetorical verse in
Shakespearean sonnet form
(a 10-sonnet sequence)

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PGZ { wk 4 / 14 }

{PGZ/04_029_01.01} I'VE BEEN "IN LOVE" THIS WEEK, or just insane.

{PGZ/04_029_01.02} It's hard to tell the diff'rence if you're ME --

{PGZ/04_029_01.03} the sonneteering writer who dares deign

{PGZ/04_029_01.04} to toss his verses 'midst humanity ...

{PGZ/04_029_01.05} ... or that strange subset who has found this spot

{PGZ/04_029_01.06} in virtual (yet real by clock-framed) time

{PGZ/04_029_01.07} who all are wond'ring WHY by now I've not

{PGZ/04_029_01.08} got rolling with iambic pudding rhyme ...

{PGZ/04_029_01.09} ... BUT ONCE AGAIN gone surfing down my nose

{PGZ/04_029_01.10} across my chest to belly button views

{PGZ/04_029_01.11} of what is on my mind... AND THIS TIME goes

{PGZ/04_029_01.12} below that linty spot... ROMANTIC cruise: ...

{PGZ/04_029_01.13} ... A southern voyage to that steamy realm

{PGZ/04_029_01.14} where sexual desire has grabbed the helm. {smile}


{PGZ/04_030_02.01} NOW THAT YOU'VE SEEN my timbre for this week

{PGZ/04_030_02.02} (and if you missed that joke, reread that line) {ewg}

{PGZ/04_030_02.03} LET'S RECONCILE THE NARRATIVE we seek

{PGZ/04_030_02.04} with pudding-girl's POSTMODERN-VERSE DESIGN.

{PGZ/04_030_02.05} And ask if POETRY might have a place

{PGZ/04_030_02.06} within this span of RHETORIC I've framed

{PGZ/04_030_02.07} where cliched prose connects the commonplace

{PGZ/04_030_02.08} of culture ... which is how each day is gamed ...

{PGZ/04_030_02.09} ... with joysticks of the POWERFUL who play

{PGZ/04_030_02.10} THE SAME moves all of us are coded for.

{PGZ/04_030_02.11} Why Pepsi transmits Britney ... that's the way

{PGZ/04_030_02.12} we like it ... Ev'ry couch potato whore...

{PGZ/04_030_02.13} ... will "give it up" (attention) for a dime's

{PGZ/04_030_02.14} worth of the same ol' thing... Hence same ol' rhymes.


{PGZ/04_031_03.01} I pause to eat an egg and scan the tube.

{PGZ/04_031_03.02} A Sunday morning modernist defames

{PGZ/04_031_03.03} "postmodernism" ... Lest some av'rage boob

{PGZ/04_031_03.04} not understand that PoMo's silly games...

{PGZ/04_031_03.05} ... leaves ROMANCE nothing more than PLOT device.

{PGZ/04_031_03.06} If he was not so stupid, I'd applaud

{PGZ/04_031_03.07} the possibility he rolled the dice

{PGZ/04_031_03.08} and lucked out with some truth, and not the fraud...

{PGZ/04_031_03.09} ... of poop-head slander ... that shows in his smirk.

{PGZ/04_031_03.10} He wants to wave "postmodern" as a flag

{PGZ/04_031_03.11} that shows he's smart enough to clean and jerk

{PGZ/04_031_03.12} that heavy intellectu'l stuff ... and "gag ...

{PGZ/04_031_03.13} ... him with a spoon" ... his smirk shows what he thinks:

{PGZ/04_031_03.14} That crazy PoMo stuff .. WE KNOW it stinks.


{PGZ/04_032_04.01} Oh DO WE, now? ... That's how this works, of course.

{PGZ/04_032_04.02} Imply WE ALL KNOW something... Rhetoric.

{PGZ/04_032_04.03} Imply that you agree... Don't ask his source ...

{PGZ/04_032_04.04} ... for that smirk-backed opinion. You're no hick ...

{PGZ/04_032_04.05} ... who has no clue ... except that smirk means "bad."

{PGZ/04_032_04.06} I disregard all smirkers. They're all dumb.

{PGZ/04_032_04.07} I know that you'll agree, you're smart, be glad

{PGZ/04_032_04.08} you're not like Dubya Bush who sucks his thumb ...

{PGZ/04_032_04.09} ... and smirks a mile a minute on the run

{PGZ/04_032_04.10} with brain smoke trailing out his dumb exhaust

{PGZ/04_032_04.11} His empty head a basketball. What fun!

{PGZ/04_032_04.12} I "fell in love" this week ... See what it cost? {ewg}

{PGZ/04_032_04.13} I totally forgot how to compose

{PGZ/04_032_04.14} a sonnet sequence... See? That's how it goes.{smile}




{PGZ/04_033_05.01} RECAPPING PUDDING GIRL ... (gol durn romance!)

{PGZ/04_033_05.02} I don't think that it matters. How 'bout you?

{PGZ/04_033_05.03} We made it all up anyway, by CHANCE

{PGZ/04_033_05.04} ... and LOGIC. WE ALL KNOW what we would do...

{PGZ/04_033_05.05} We've watched ten-thousand TV shows, and sat

{PGZ/04_033_05.06} through all those hist'ry classes all those years,

{PGZ/04_033_05.07} and surely we know how to smell a rat,

{PGZ/04_033_05.08} what kinds of things would bring us all to tears.

{PGZ/04_033_05.09} That stuff we figured out before, we'll keep.

{PGZ/04_033_05.10} BUT LET'S SKIP somewhere else in time... SOME WEEKS

{PGZ/04_033_05.11} INTO SAGESSE'S PAST ... Add to the heap ...

{PGZ/04_033_05.12} of pudding facts ... See if our rowboat leaks.

{PGZ/04_033_05.13} SAGESSE WALKS IN A CLASSROOM ... (she's well dressed).

{PGZ/04_033_05.14} WE SEE THE BLACKBOARD ... (not yet who's impressed).


{PGZ/04_034_06.01} "You do not have to answer questions put

{PGZ/04_034_06.02} to you, by me, or anyone," she writes.

{PGZ/04_034_06.03} "But if you choose to speak, and stick your foot

{PGZ/04_034_06.04} into your silly mouth..." she smiles, "That bites."

{PGZ/04_034_06.05} THE TEENAGE STUDENTS LAUGH, this is brand new.

{PGZ/04_034_06.06} (To be MIRANDIZED on FIRST DAY OF CLASS

{PGZ/04_034_06.07} is not the kind of thing that teachers do.)

{PGZ/04_034_06.08} "I'm here 'till I'm thrown out... Let's pump the gas."

{PGZ/04_034_06.09} THE STUDENTS, baffled as a scentless hound,

{PGZ/04_034_06.10} but wag their tails beneath their cap and gown.

{PGZ/04_034_06.11} A BOY IN BACK lets loose a RACE CAR SOUND.

{PGZ/04_034_06.12} SAGESSE? SHE SMILES: "Yes, 'put the hammer, down.'"

{PGZ/04_034_06.13} "We rock 'n' roll now. Qui?" "What did she say?"

{PGZ/04_034_06.14} Sagesse, French gal, in TEXAS?... What the hey?



{PGZ/04_035_07.01} GEORGE DUBYA WOULD NOT LIKE THIS. Not one bit.

{PGZ/04_035_07.02} His ears would fall off from a smirking scowl

{PGZ/04_035_07.03} Compressing his tight ass so hard he'd shit

{PGZ/04_035_07.04} right out his mouth, like "South Park," Bush lip-bow'l.

{PGZ/04_035_07.05} How strange that no one notices that now.

{PGZ/04_035_07.06} Each time he speaks a big ol turd falls out.

{PGZ/04_035_07.07} The sponsors all backed out? Don't have a cow.

{PGZ/04_035_07.08} I hail the chief who craps a diff'rent route...

{PGZ/04_035_07.09} ... Defiles the Constitution. Blasphemes Christ.

{PGZ/04_035_07.10} And executes retarded, ment'lly ill...

{PGZ/04_035_07.11} Helps crooked corp'rate cronies pull each heist.

{PGZ/04_035_07.12} Prays, Jesus help us as we bomb and kill.

{PGZ/04_035_07.13} So take those bullshit lips out to a farm,

{PGZ/04_035_07.14} and spread your crap where it won't do "no harm."


{PGZ/04_036_08.01} Where were we? Right. SAGESSE IS TEACHING SCHOOL

{PGZ/04_036_08.02} IN BIG SKY, POOP-HEAD TEXAS... (Sorry folks,

{PGZ/04_036_08.03} but this is what you get for actin' fool,

{PGZ/04_036_08.04} electin' blowhard egg heads with no yolks.)

{PGZ/04_036_08.05} Now how in hell did our Sagesse get here?

{PGZ/04_036_08.06} And in a high school? No one would have hired ...

{PGZ/04_036_08.07} someone thrown out of college. She'd strike fear

{PGZ/04_036_08.08} into school system bureaucrats ... folks mired...

{PGZ/04_036_08.09} ... in systematic killing of the souls

{PGZ/04_036_08.10} of ev'ry child not murdered when too young

{PGZ/04_036_08.11} to be destroyed by standardizing goals

{PGZ/04_036_08.12} erasing every song they would have sung.

{PGZ/04_036_08.13} A dozen dead young girls on TV screen.

{PGZ/04_036_08.14} The millions stripped of "life" no one has seen.



for all who've been lost


{PGZ/04_037_09.01} Sagesse was never there. I made it up.

{PGZ/04_037_09.02} Is this what "LOVE" empowers me to do?

{PGZ/04_037_09.03} Attack, offend, erase. Pour out a cup

{PGZ/04_037_09.04} of acid on reality ... in lieu ...

{PGZ/04_037_09.05} ... of words, well-chosen to meet with applause?

{PGZ/04_037_09.06} A sweet distraction, echoing the code

{PGZ/04_037_09.07} that's pre-installed, complying with all laws

{PGZ/04_037_09.08} along the highways ... middle of the road, ...

{PGZ/04_037_09.09} ... inspiring no disruptions of the plans

{PGZ/04_037_09.10} of those who wield the power to supply

{PGZ/04_037_09.11} our every wish in soda, glass or cans.

{PGZ/04_037_09.12} Please make us happy Britney. Testify.

{PGZ/04_037_09.13} This yes, my friend, is what LOVE means to me.

{PGZ/04_037_09.14} The STRENGTH to not be careful. To be free.


{PGZ/04_038_10.01} SAGESSE IS IN THE SHOWER ... not alone.

{PGZ/04_038_10.02} We cannot see him/her(?), they wash her hair.

{PGZ/04_038_10.03} Is this the scene a week ago was sown?

{PGZ/04_038_10.04} Is this her great ROMANCE? Do you still care?

{PGZ/04_038_10.05} Is it the writer ... writing himself in ...

{PGZ/04_038_10.06} to one more shower scene, 'cause he can't get

{PGZ/04_038_10.07} enough of all this wet and soapy skin. {grin}

{PGZ/04_038_10.08} Is it her brother? ... Or someone just met?

{PGZ/04_038_10.09} Or could it be A PRIS'NER who's ESCAPED?

{PGZ/04_038_10.10} Depending on his talents, he might join

{PGZ/04_038_10.11} Sagesse in pudding action, nude or draped.

{PGZ/04_038_10.12} Or femme next door, both wet there loin by loin.

{PGZ/04_038_10.13} (Erase these sonnets now, they do not work.

{PGZ/04_038_10.14} It's all her fault... She yells: "Wipe off that smirk!") {smile}

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