PGZ EPISODE ZERO/ WEEK 03 _ sonnets 019-028 [of 154] _ 10 sonnets
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episode ZERO (wk 3)

rhetorical verse in
Shakespearean sonnet form
(a 10-sonnet sequence)

LINK: pudding-girl ZERO (week 1)
LINK: pudding-girl ZERO (week 2)

PGZ { wk 3 / 14 }

{PGZ/03_019_01.01} "WHY PUT A FAX MACHINE ... beside her bed?"

{PGZ/03_019_01.02} WRITES IN A PUDDING FAN, who adds: "Mistake...

{PGZ/03_019_01.03} My fax machine with bell turned off ..." THEY SAID,

{PGZ/03_019_01.04} "... still makes enough noise printing to awake ...

{PGZ/03_019_01.05} ... her from a dream that may be better than

{PGZ/03_019_01.06} the 'story' that you've given her, so far:

{PGZ/03_019_01.07} A cloak-and-dagger FAXING to a man

{PGZ/03_019_01.08} in HER OWN BEDROOM... Dude, that's just bizarre. ...

{PGZ/03_019_01.09} ... I thought the GENDARME COFFEE SCENE was strange,

{PGZ/03_019_01.10} but then THAT CRAZY FAX? ... You've gone too far.

{PGZ/03_019_01.11} Please write this over. Next time rearrange

{PGZ/03_019_01.12} some logical connections that won't mar ...

{PGZ/03_019_01.13} ... the pudding plot ... So fans won't think you're nuts.

{PGZ/03_019_01.14} Not saying I'm a fan, YET ... I've got "buts."


{PGZ/03_020_02.01} I DO NOT BLAME THEM. I think that's odd, too.

{PGZ/03_020_02.02} And how do you wipe faxes blank? Who knows?

{PGZ/03_020_02.03} I blame it on the rhyme. But what to do?

{PGZ/03_020_02.04} I don't rewrite... That's how the story flows.

{PGZ/03_020_02.05} Let's make the best of it... perhaps it will

{PGZ/03_020_02.06} "make sense" before we're done today... If not

{PGZ/03_020_02.07} in any case I'll exercise my skill

{PGZ/03_020_02.08} in making rhyming verse. (Well, not a lot).

{PGZ/03_020_02.09} WHICH BRINGS US TO the emails that complain

{PGZ/03_020_02.10} that I'm defiling Shakespeare's form (each week).

{PGZ/03_020_02.11} I beat the drum and dance ... but there's no rain

{PGZ/03_020_02.12} of poetry... Straight prose, few lines oblique.

{PGZ/03_020_02.13} Feel guilty. Turn the TV on, and click

{PGZ/03_020_02.14} on "South Park." Shitting out their mouths. That's sick.


{PGZ/03_021_03.01} No inspiration there... I'll wait awhile.

{PGZ/03_021_03.02} Now Henry Rollins gives a monologue

{PGZ/03_021_03.03} about a boring night ... (Don't turn that dial) {g}

{PGZ/03_021_03.04} ... of how he used a toilet seat to flog ...

{PGZ/03_021_03.05} ... his penis, 'cause he'd read it in the news ...

{PGZ/03_021_03.06} Some stupid guy at Starbucks said he'd crushed

{PGZ/03_021_03.07} his penis in the toilet, so he sues.

{PGZ/03_021_03.08} And Rollins wondered "How?" And never blushed ...

{PGZ/03_021_03.09} ... as he described his own experiment.

{PGZ/03_021_03.10} in how to mash your dick with toilet seat.

{PGZ/03_021_03.11} MY POINT IS ... in my weekly testament

{PGZ/03_021_03.12} in verse (rhetorical), I won't mistreat ...

{PGZ/03_021_03.13} ... your TIME so pointlessly ... though vague "the goal."

{PGZ/03_021_03.14} (Dick jokes are "fine," but I'd say they lack soul.)


{PGZ/03_022_04.01} UNDO your sweet connections too well zipped

{PGZ/03_022_04.02} and titillate your Kunstwollen to flame.

{PGZ/03_022_04.03} GO LOOK THAT UP -- that word on which you've tripped.

{PGZ/03_022_04.04} (Believe me, I would have to do the same.)

{PGZ/03_022_04.05} And when you come back, we will then resume

{PGZ/03_022_04.06} the pudding-girl MAIL CALL and FEEDBACK LOOP.

{PGZ/03_022_04.07} How long can we postpone Sagesse's doom?

{PGZ/03_022_04.08} Have patience, you must help me cook the soup ...

{PGZ/03_022_04.09} ... in which our heroine will be immersed.

{PGZ/03_022_04.10} If I just made this up without your "votes,"

{PGZ/03_022_04.11} the territory that would be traversed

{PGZ/03_022_04.12} would be as boring as grass-eating goats.

{PGZ/03_022_04.13} Or I might fall to verse of crap and pricks.

{PGZ/03_022_04.14} FROM YOUR INPUT, I'll {steal} learn much better tricks. {smile}




Dans une démocratie des moutons... chaque voix est "baaaaaa."


{PGZ/03_023_05.01} SAGESSE CAME HOME and found HIM there. Who's he?

{PGZ/03_023_05.02} "HER BROTHER," writes "VR" -- her reasons good.

{PGZ/03_023_05.03} Those reasons I'll keep secret while we see

{PGZ/03_023_05.04} if VR's vision flows ... THE MAN who stood ...

{PGZ/03_023_05.05} ... INSIDE SAGESSE'S BEDROOM ... zapping clear

{PGZ/03_023_05.06} a FAX .... "It's blank, my darling." ... made her wince:

{PGZ/03_023_05.07} "Don't call me that... What are you doing here?"

{PGZ/03_023_05.08} IS HE HER BROTHER? ... Fine by me. Commence:

{PGZ/03_023_05.09} "Dear sister, why so petulant today?

{PGZ/03_023_05.10} I always call you 'darling' when I feel

{PGZ/03_023_05.11} you need to hear a man who loves you say

{PGZ/03_023_05.12} some kind endearment... But I'll cut a deal: ...

{PGZ/03_023_05.13} If you will kiss my ass... show some respect

{PGZ/03_023_05.14} for brotherly advice, and don't eject ...


{PGZ/03_024_06.01} ... me, then -- instead of 'darling -- I'll say 'slut.'

{PGZ/03_024_06.02} You like that better?" ... "Fine by me." A smile.

{PGZ/03_024_06.03} "But why not say Sagesse? ... I know your 'but' ...

{PGZ/03_024_06.04} However let each wisdom reconcile ...

{PGZ/03_024_06.05} ... the diff'rence of our diff'rences. A truce?"

{PGZ/03_024_06.06} "Dear sister, 'slut' it is. That was your choice

{PGZ/03_024_06.07} instead of 'darling." ... You've made your own noose.

{PGZ/03_024_06.08} Just don't expect your brother to rejoice.

{PGZ/03_024_06.09} I know the woman that sleeps in this bed.

{PGZ/03_024_06.10} Magnificent in spirit. Must she waste

{PGZ/03_024_06.11} the gifts of her endowment -- be misled

{PGZ/03_024_06.12} by strange philosophers? Please change your taste."

{PGZ/03_024_06.13} "I don't expect a thing from you, mon frère .

{PGZ/03_024_06.14} You know your way out. I must wash my hair." {



2003 Not one
But two
and three


{PGZ/03_025_07.01} THAT STRANGE FAX bus'ness. That's still bugging me.

{PGZ/03_025_07.02} I hear you thinking. Why TO HER machine?

{PGZ/03_025_07.03} And how could HE ERASE it easily?

{PGZ/03_025_07.04} Would you be asking that if some SEX scene...

{PGZ/03_025_07.05} had come right then... distracting you from SENSE?

{PGZ/03_025_07.06} A sister and her brother... you'd forget

{PGZ/03_025_07.07} about the stupid fax... a consequence

{PGZ/03_025_07.08} of cultural taboos and human sweat.

{PGZ/03_025_07.09} MUST ALL THE PIECES FIT? Who taught you that?

{PGZ/03_025_07.10} Perhaps it IS a DREAM ... That would explain

{PGZ/03_025_07.11} all strangeness you might see ... (But that's "old hat.")


{PGZ/03_025_07.13} Hey, THAT one's NEW... Imagine you are mad.

{PGZ/03_025_07.14} You missed your medication. Oops. Too bad. {smile}


{PGZ/03_026_08.01} AN AUDIENCE GONE WILD. I like that thought.

{PGZ/03_026_08.02} I'll make it worse, unhinge reality

{PGZ/03_026_08.03} beyond all recognition... If you fought

{PGZ/03_026_08.04} to reach a solid shore, my cruelty ...

{PGZ/03_026_08.05} ... will push that island 'till it's out of sight.

{PGZ/03_026_08.06} IN PARIS they believe THE FERRIS WHEEL

{PGZ/03_026_08.07} is gone ... unmade to clear away the blight

{PGZ/03_026_08.08} of "gaudiness" -- "Good taste," the plotters squeal...

{PGZ/03_026_08.09} ... in their delusions. IN MINE, it remains.

{PGZ/03_026_08.10} AND WHOSE do you think WINS within these lines?

{PGZ/03_026_08.11} THEY THINK they're wearing Jockey... I SAY Hanes.

{PGZ/03_026_08.12} I'll give you beer in bottles for fine wines.

{PGZ/03_026_08.13} You'll pull the cork, and think you've lost your mind.

{PGZ/03_026_08.14} BUT KEEP ON READING, I won't make you blind. {smile}






{PGZ/03_027_09.01} MY DARLING CRAZIES, how I love you so.

{PGZ/03_027_09.02} Already I can feel THE SHIFT begin

{PGZ/03_027_09.03} on your well-oiled loose bearings, where we go

{PGZ/03_027_09.04} from here is OPEN -- all the femmes and men ...

{PGZ/03_027_09.05} ... who SEE the fragments floating ... not nailed down

{PGZ/03_027_09.06} by "All The News That" FITS the petrified

{PGZ/03_027_09.07} illusions trapped within each cap and gown

{PGZ/03_027_09.08} the world awards.THANK GOD, my friends, you're fried. {smile}

{PGZ/03_027_09.09} SOME YELL: You didn't say ... your verse would break

{PGZ/03_027_09.10} the tenuous connections that we held

{PGZ/03_027_09.11} to 'sanity.' Dear Lord, for heaven's sake ...

{PGZ/03_027_09.12} get out the solder, and re-tack each weld ...

{PGZ/03_027_09.13} ... that's severed. Our Titanic must not sink.

{PGZ/03_027_09.14} I smile and pour beer-wine for them to drink.


{PGZ/03_028_10.01} BUT UNLIKE THEM, you're happy with this state.

{PGZ/03_028_10.02} You leave behind the anchor and set sail

{PGZ/03_028_10.03} with me... and our Sagesse. A brand new gate ...

{PGZ/03_028_10.04} (... improbability ... a pink, blue whale ...)

{PGZ/03_028_10.05} ... is opening. Beyond we will enjoy ...

{PGZ/03_028_10.06} a freedom in a story unexplored

{PGZ/03_028_10.07} in television hist'ry. Our new toy...

{PGZ/03_028_10.08} ... will be like childhood pudding we adored.

{PGZ/03_028_10.09} MORE RHYME ... with much less reason -- oh so sweet.

{PGZ/03_028_10.10} More sense sometimes than others. Have no fears

{PGZ/03_028_10.11} that slipp'ry choc'late always will defeat

{PGZ/03_028_10.12} the "logic" that brings laughter, joy and tears.

{PGZ/03_028_10.13} A pudding-girl baton may wait for you.

{PGZ/03_028_10.14} BUT WHICH of your new selves will rendezvous?

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