PGZ EPISODE ZERO / WEEK 02 _ sonnets 011-018 [of 154] _ 8 sonnets
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episode 1? ZERO
(continued) wk 2
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rhetorical verse in
Shakespearean sonnet form
(an 8-sonnet sequence)

PGZ { wk 2 / 14 }

{PGZ/02_011_01.01} RECAP LAST WEEK: Sagesse (she's nude) received

{PGZ/02_011_01.02} the pudding-girl baton (her destiny).

{PGZ/02_011_01.03} One hundred rules to follow -- interweaved

{PGZ/02_011_01.04} with commentary of "THE WRITER" (me).

{PGZ/02_011_01.05} The "TV-writer," dammit, keep it straight: {smile}

{PGZ/02_011_01.06} Not IN the show -- outside it. Call me "God" ... {ewg}

{PGZ/02_011_01.07} or just "The Fool"/Designer of the fate

{PGZ/02_011_01.08} of pudding-girls... The first one's nude? That's odd.

{PGZ/02_011_01.09} That wasn't in the plan, but what the hell.

{PGZ/02_011_01.10} Let's see now. Paris. Naked. Early morn.

{PGZ/02_011_01.11} There's got to be a story we can tell.

{PGZ/02_011_01.12} A pleasant starting point we can adorn.

{PGZ/02_011_01.13} Oh yeah! She's doomed to die. That helps a lot!

{PGZ/02_011_01.14} The only thing we need now is a PLOT. {smile}


{PGZ/02_012_02.01} SAGESSE is sitting reading in the nude

{PGZ/02_012_02.02} in public space without the least concern.

{PGZ/02_012_02.03} Let's start with WHY YOU'D THINK that she is lewd.

{PGZ/02_012_02.04} THE PLOT must start from THERE when we return ...

{PGZ/02_012_02.05} Once we've arrayed THE POWER she must face.

{PGZ/02_012_02.06} THE SOCIAL encrustation of THE NOW

{PGZ/02_012_02.07} each one of us as children must embrace.

{PGZ/02_012_02.08} The code the pudding-girl must disavow.

{PGZ/02_012_02.09} THE POWER of "THE SOCIAL" ... Ask ARENDT.

{PGZ/02_012_02.10} Arrested by the Nazis... she escaped

{PGZ/02_012_02.11} to Paris ... 'till the Nazis also went.

{PGZ/02_012_02.12} Escaped once more to U.S.A. ... Reshaped ...

{PGZ/02_012_02.13} ... by social cruelty in ev'ry place.

{PGZ/02_012_02.14} A woman and a Jew: She saw its face.


{PGZ/02_013_03.01} Sagesse reads Hannah's words (Arendt's first name).

{PGZ/02_013_03.02} She understands "THE BLOB" that dooms each life

{PGZ/02_013_03.03} on earth to lesser life... The force of shame ...

{PGZ/02_013_03.04} though often "good" ... can be a brutal knife ...

{PGZ/02_013_03.05} ... that cuts your wings, before you learn to fly.

{PGZ/02_013_03.06} A civilized oppression ... not of truth

{PGZ/02_013_03.07} and justice ... but encoding: "Don't ask why."

{PGZ/02_013_03.08} Unloving scowls much worse than biting tooth.

{PGZ/02_013_03.09} And scowls can pave the way to Holocaust.

{PGZ/02_013_03.10} Contempt for diff'rence ... justifying death.

{PGZ/02_013_03.11} THE BLOB commands "Conform ... or you are lost."

{PGZ/02_013_03.12} "The stench of you contaminates our breath."

{PGZ/02_013_03.13} NO SCOWLING IS ALLOWED ... Make that RULE 2.

{PGZ/02_013_03.14} Must love your enemies what ere they do.


{PGZ/02_014_04.01} BACK AT THE FERRIS WHEEL... SAGESSE stands up

{PGZ/02_014_04.02} and pulls on jeans and T-shirt ... and a smile

{PGZ/02_014_04.03} just as A GENDARME comes to bring a cup

{PGZ/02_014_04.04} of Starbucks coffee to Sagesse. Her style ...

{PGZ/02_014_04.05} Topped off with choc'late pudding whipped to mousse.

{PGZ/02_014_04.06} She offers him a sip. He shakes his head.

{PGZ/02_014_04.07} "I'm on the job" -- his regular excuse.

{PGZ/02_014_04.08} She scoops some choc'late on a crust of bread.

{PGZ/02_014_04.09} As usual, he takes this and salutes

{PGZ/02_014_04.10} her as he strides off cheerfully to hold

{PGZ/02_014_04.11} the world responsible ... in SHINEY BOOTS...

{PGZ/02_014_04.12} Somehow not regulation. Somewhat bold.

{PGZ/02_014_04.13} Some boots Sagesse would like ... is how he feels.

{PGZ/02_014_04.14} With little things like this ... she clogs the wheels ...


{PGZ/02_015_05.01} A little reason why they{?} picked her first.

{PGZ/02_015_05.02} Those naked walks at dawn? They didn't hurt.

{PGZ/02_015_05.03} THE CHAMPS ELYSEE TRAFFIC is the worst,

{PGZ/02_015_05.04} but early morning drivers are alert ...

{PGZ/02_015_05.05} ... more to pedestrians than years before.

{PGZ/02_015_05.06} The slightest hint of blonde ... they come full stop.

{PGZ/02_015_05.07} Of course if it's not her ... back off they roar

{PGZ/02_015_05.08} to frantic Paris patterns ... WHERE'S THAT COP?

{PGZ/02_015_05.09} He's walking by A FOUNTAIN, small and fair.

{PGZ/02_015_05.10} A peaceful garden setting. Trees and grass.

{PGZ/02_015_05.11} REMOVES HIS HAT ... as if to smooth his hair.

{PGZ/02_015_05.12} INSIDE, A TINY CAM'RA ... He's an ass.

{PGZ/02_015_05.13} HE HANDS IT TO a man who is a snake.



{PGZ/02_016_06.01} WE'RE BACK... We've got a villain, but no clue

{PGZ/02_016_06.02} to how the whole wide world should be involved

{PGZ/02_016_06.03} with naked pictures of Sagesse, brand NEW.

{PGZ/02_016_06.04} WHO CARES? There's lots of OLD ones. Case is solved...


{PGZ/02_016_06.06} And FAXING IT to someone ... CUT TO: SEE

{PGZ/02_016_06.07} THE PHOTO of Sagesse EMERGE ... ERASE

{PGZ/02_016_06.08} the instant SOMEONE WIPES IT anxiously.

{PGZ/02_016_06.09} WHOSE HANDS are shaking AS SAGESSE WALKS IN

{PGZ/02_016_06.10} to HER OWN BEDROOM ... SAYING: "What'd you get?"

{PGZ/02_016_06.11} "It's blank, my darling." WHAT'S WITH ALL THESE MEN?

{PGZ/02_016_06.12} IS EV'RY ONE HER ENEMY? As yet.

{PGZ/02_016_06.13} "Don't call me that," she says ... "Why are you here?"

{PGZ/02_016_06.14} And no, Sagesse, does not then wipe a tear.


{PGZ/02_017_07.01} WHO IS THIS GUY?|

{PGZ/02_017_07.02} We'll now SUSPEND OUR STORY... WHILE YOU VOTE.

{PGZ/02_017_07.03} You can't decide? Just have a BEER or two. {smile}

{PGZ/02_017_07.04} More help? HOW 'BOUT a cool iambic QUOTE?

{PGZ/02_017_07.05} What kind of crazy TV show is this?

{PGZ/02_017_07.06} (That's not the quote, but I can hear you think.)

{PGZ/02_017_07.07} It's cool POSTMODERN FRAGMENTS... It can't miss. {smile}

{PGZ/02_017_07.08} Unless you're just not cool;) (Yes, that's a wink.)

{PGZ/02_017_07.09} "The power to forgive's |

{PGZ/02_017_07.10} It saves the world," |
            wrote Hannah (something close

{PGZ/02_017_07.11} to that... but cropped to sonnet's calculus.)

{PGZ/02_017_07.12} I won't apologize -- we need this dose ...

{PGZ/02_017_07.13} ... of sermon on a Sunday ... Short and sweet.

{PGZ/02_017_07.14} Like blessings 'fore a meal: "Good God, let's eat."


{PGZ/02_018_08.01} This time, before we vote, I hope you're drunk

{PGZ/02_018_08.02} so this will seem much "fun-er," but, here goes...

{PGZ/02_018_08.03} THE MAN SAGESSE SPOKE TO is, yes, a skunk

{PGZ/02_018_08.04} of sorts, but here's your choice among her foes:

{PGZ/02_018_08.05} CHOICE (A) ... Good Lord! You think I have a guess?

{PGZ/02_018_08.06} The rhyming got me here... My brain is fried.

{PGZ/02_018_08.07} There are those times when you should just confess

{PGZ/02_018_08.08} you're clueless. Ask for help. Please be my guide.


{PGZ/02_018_08.10} Is he her FATHER? (Wouldn't make much sense ...

{PGZ/02_018_08.11} ... or would it?) Could he be a KINKBOT SPY? {g}

{PGZ/02_018_08.12} FORGET THAT ONE. The thought just made me wince.

{PGZ/02_018_08.13} WELL .. I'll just SHUSH right now, so YOU can think.

{PGZ/02_018_08.14} And while you're doing that .. I'll have a drink. {smile}

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