TEA TIME in L.A. THE BRONZE / 3.20-5.22.02
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perpetual backchannel of the . . .
Posted by: forensicpopouri - Apr 22, 2002, 4:23 PM


les victimes s'organisent

"Chaque jour vers quatr' heures, tel un diabl' tel un fou]
Un etrange poete apparait sur le Bronze.
Il pose des questions, mais qu'attend t-il de nous?
Des poemes bon ou pas, ou bien une reponse?

Le mystere s'epaissit; les victimes s'organisent,
Car il serait trop bete de manquer l'occasion
De resoudre une enigme qui fascine et motive.
A l'heure prochaine du The, j'aurais l'inspiration!" -- Supernatural lawyer

you speak


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Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 23, 2002, 1:05 PM 1 of 275

This marks the end of the "C" thread. See you all at tid 160282 for the "second season" <smile> of Tea Time, at its new Sunday slot!
Thank you glow, VR and prunehilda.

Hey glow
Posted by: prunehilda - May 21, 2002, 8:50 PM 2 of 275

Check the main bronze. It helps!

Thank you Portia1
Posted by: glow - May 21, 2002, 7:06 PM 3 of 275

Now I'm off to watch the proceedings. <smile>

To Glow:
Posted by: Portia1 - May 21, 2002, 7:02 PM 4 of 275

Good Afternoon Glow,

I'm a friend of VR's and I've been retained to help represent SL and it now appears VR as well at trial this evening. I'm sure the others will respond to your post, but I thought you should know that VR says Forensic Popouri is already reading the posts you put here. She claims he's been reading them since a post she made a few days ago.

Look at all of this fun I've been missing out on
Posted by: glow - May 21, 2002, 6:30 PM 5 of 275

I wished I had checked in sooner, so I could have helped, but Tea Time will be starting soon and I have outside work to do. <frown>

I read today's corkboard and FP asked "TO ALL FTTC --The defense of SL may be costly. Be thinking about what you might be willing to give up to save SL from her fate."

I know it's not fair that FP has the power to make and change rules, but Tea Time is his creation and we've all agreed to play. Let's sit down and have a cuppa' and decide what we are willing to give up. Think of this sacrifice as a last resort in case our other plans don't come to fruition. I can only think of two things for us to give up.

1) We could give up our Tea Leaves Platinum. Either to FP/Oracle as a payment for SNL to stay or we could give all of our Tea Leaves to SNL to make her what?....stronger?

Hey I just realized something. I know I've been away for a while, but do the TLPs in any way help one cross through the portal?

Allright, back to the task at hand...

2) We give up our Back Channel. If the sin is that SNL forbade FP from entering, then perhaps he wants us to give it up. He must feel left out. It's not like we don't give him enough attention almost everyday. <smile>

I hope you, my fellow conspirators, have a chance to read this before Tea Time. Again I apologize for not having the chance to peruse previous corkboards before the TRIAL.

Like my daddy says, "Laziness gives me no free time."

Now back to work. <frown>

Don't worry, I'll be here for Tea. <smile>


prunehilda -- go to the Bronze at large...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 21, 2002, 1:39 PM 6 of 275

And scan posts...

Everyone (includingfp)
Posted by: prunehilda - May 21, 2002, 1:33 PM 7 of 275

Sorry I'm late but L called this morning. God, how that man can talk. VR, I've already printed copies of your verse and definitions of backchannel. Did it last Friday but I haven't taken the time to use my highlighter on them yet. Still have to do that FTTC, too.Why don't you go ahead a make up some IPs in rebuttal. My idea isn't to try to appeal to the Powers sense of fair play or logic: just to bombard TT with rhetorical verse on the defense over and over.

SL -- Please read my posts below <smile>
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 21, 2002, 12:52 PM 8 of 275

Or has she already FP? Hmmm. More backchannels?

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 21, 2002, 12:46 PM 9 of 275

Devil's advocate, I'll be then. Let me think.
1- I guess, FP blames me for "making law" without consulting him or even the C members. As a player (and a non-elected entity) I was not allowed to make up a rule, just suggest one.
2- The arrogance of my "law making" may also be something he will bring up. I rebelled and tried to take control. I had no right, nor mandate to do that.
3- My decision was made in haste, without much thinking about it (which is true!).

That's all I can think of for now (sorry--have not slept much!).

I guess my main point of defense will be that I took an initiative, refused to remain passive (like the good Camusian I am!) and ended up improving the "game" and furthering FP's objectives. My intentions were noble and we ended up re-establishing some equity between FP and us.

Another defense used in my profession is called "unclean hands." How can FP blame us for creating rules when he himself creates/modifies/repells rules all the time, at his whim. He was also the one using the word "backchannel," which we interpreted as a layperson would, ie a non-FP area for the "C" to meet and talk. Making it a "law" was only a natural consequence of FP's own actions/words. He cannot therefore blame us for something HE trigerred.

More rambling later, I promise <smile>

And now, I suppose I should be saying, "Hullo FP. Enjoying the read?"
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 21, 2002, 12:39 PM 10 of 275

Hmmm, I wonder if anyone knows a disinvite spell that could come in handy here. No rules or legality issues -- just a bit of magic. Somehow, I don't think crosses and garlic will work. But, rhyming couplets -- ah, they might be useful.

Repost: Weekend's Corkboard
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 21, 2002, 12:36 PM 11 of 275

Posted by: forensicpopouri - May 20, 2002, 3:12 AM 6 of 67

(1) So join the club and speak your case

(2) Be bold and cross the line once drawn

Repost: My verse from Friday's tea-time
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 21, 2002, 12:35 PM 12 of 275

Oracle and Voices, this is for you
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 8:00 PM 4 of 55

The voices speak, but there's no rhyme.
Have void voices lost their chimes?
Or is the task to hard to speak?
Sonnets are not for the meek.

Perhaps the voices need a guide
An angel like at Christmastide
Oh voices! Hey! Now listen here
This prophecy that you hold dear
It won't do much if no one hears.

So strive for clarity in words
Trust me now, it's not absurd.
Like channels hidden, secret, few
Dark words don't tell us what to do.

So join the club and speak your case
Now is the time and now's the place.
We're Sonnet Slayers, happy few, whose
Destony we'll keep, not lose.

Be bold and cross the line once drawn
To mystery don't be a pawn!

Repost: Back Channel definitions
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 21, 2002, 12:32 PM 13 of 275

No worries SL!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 6:05 PM 64 of 262

As for other clues, I'm shooting in the dark here & hoping some of this sets off sparks in yours or Glows or prunehilda's mind: Backchannel -- A secret, unofficial or irregular path of communication. Backchannel -- verbal: any verbalisations from a listener that indicate to the current speaker that the listener understands and the speaker may continue with his or her turn. (think sounds like "uh huh," "mhmm," "right," "sure," etc...) Backchannel -- visual: same purpose as verbal ones but think head nods etc... Backchannel -- internet -- pathway by which programs deliver info to other computers while running in the background of whatever you're using. Think pop up ads, or more insidiously -- spyware. Any ideas?

Glow, prunehilda and SL
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 21, 2002, 10:04 AM 14 of 275

Well, we were right, it is the backchannel. I've sent out a few e-mails to see if we can have some suprise witnesses today at tea time, but I suspect FP may have gotten to them first. Cross your fingers though. prunehilda, as usual, your logic is the most formidable (certainly most organized!) amongst us. So, here's what I would propose. Let's think about the nature of backchannels -- scan previous posts to find my definition. Then let's decide what our points of defense are -- as prunehilda suggested. prunehilda -- can you think of some way to defend ours/ SL's position in terms of Nash's Equilibrium and FP's avowed mission statement of transmitting culture? I think the approach would delight him and we know what he thought of your Nash post! Use any and all wiles...Then, I think we might put together some statements. We know FP well enough now to anticipate a few of his lines of thought. We can create some ready to use IP and haiku responses. Though you're all quite good at IP now, I also know I'm less busy today than you, so once we get our defense straight, if you'd like me to write the IP, I will. Then, SL, put your legal mind to work playing devil's advocate. Figure out our weaknesses and how FP might turn our claims against us. We'll construct concessions based on that. Glow -- If you're reading, I know you're a teacher. Help! We need your skills of persuasion and more importantly, you have a fresh perspective on all this. You're like the proofreader. Glow -- at this point prunehilda, FP, and I are too close to catch all the obvious elements. But you're not. If you have time, read corkboard posts -- not the old posts here -- just corkboard posts. And then give us your take on FP's hints and position. Good Luck everyone!

Dearest prunehilda
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 21, 2002, 2:59 AM 15 of 275

I think you got it right: one of my first posts on the C channel was to complain about FP's early intrusions. I did it w/o really thinking (more for the sake of a joke actually!). But, hey: HE was the one calling it a "backchannel". I mean we were supposed to be a conspiracy, i.e. a secret society, emphasis on SECRET! I know this goes against the accessibility and freedom of a posting board. Through (supposedly) my action, FP lost his "God-like" omnipotence. Of course that was just an illusion; FP could come in at any time (which, like you prunehilda, I hoped for). So really there was no real sin here. Plus this thread also allowed us to play the game more efficiently. We were more open on this C thread; we shared ideas (while still not ignoring the CB so there was no total revolution here); we praticed IPs. In a way, this thread re-established the fairness in the game, the equality (the fact that we are female must not be ignored here; an all-male "C" may have reacted differently, who knows? Ummm, interesting...)

I guess my arguments would go along those lines. It's late so I am not yet able to organize my argumenhts, but if we could identify 3/4 points, we could each argue one, like prunehilda suggested. But I would not want to turn it into a blame game. I am more than ready to admit that I acted carelessly; made a decision without quite thinking of the consequences. I also wanted to make us a "team" rather than "victims." But I did it with good intentions and for the sake of the game. None of us would have lasted long w/o a "sanctuary" (at least in theory) to exchange ideas about TT. We created a community of our own, within TT, all ended up posting perfect IPs, etc... which were FP's objectives anyway!

All feedback welcome! Thanks.

Posted by: prunehilda - May 21, 2002, 12:54 AM 16 of 275

SL, I'm polishing up my sword 'cause I think some heads might have to roll before the end of this. Be prepared!

Posted by: prunehilda - May 21, 2002, 12:41 AM 17 of 275

OK, I'll take care of the FTTC tomorrow morning and see whether or not it incurs the wrath of the Powers. Pretty soon they can rant and rave into the void. Right?

As, for being alone during tea time, well, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I was thinking more along the line of a rehearsed attack. We could each pick a line of defense and present it in a coordinated effort. Think about it.

Hi all!
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 20, 2002, 11:26 PM 18 of 275

Thanks for your feedback. prunehilda, you may be on to something (I don't remember saying that FP was not allowed to read the backchannel but it does sound like something I would say just to "tickle" FP!). However, I don't quite feel like beeing by myself at tomorrow's TT. I don't think that the "end" of tomorrow's exercize is my "trial;" it's just a filler for a "gap day". Let's have fun with it! As for a counterclaim again FP, I would vote against it, just because there may just not be enough time to defend AND counter-attack in one hour.

VR: thank you for explaining the reasons behind the ever-so cryptic exchanges between you and FP! I hope that, once TT is over, you'll give us some pointers as to how to interpret these fascinating posts.

prunehilda: is it to late to give VR her TL (sorry, I forgot today!). I'm not sure TL are that relevant anymore (we missed the trip to Bali! <g>) but it's only fair to give VR what she deserves. prunehilda can you post a FTTC on the CB? Thanks.

sorry that should have been "precede"
Posted by: prunehilda - May 20, 2002, 10:51 PM 19 of 275


Posted by: prunehilda - May 20, 2002, 10:49 PM 20 of 275

I feel as though our biggest challenge will be communicating effectively with the Justice of Tea Time. Can we defend against an alleged sin when the Powers have selective hearing and judgement seems to procede everything else? Are we guilty until we prove our innocence? Should only one person speak tomorrow so that there is less confusion during TT? We should discuss these things before tomorrow.

Hey Ladies
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 20, 2002, 10:07 PM 21 of 275

If the backchannel rule is SL's sin -- we've got a counter. FP's opened his own backchannel. And it's one we can't "read." If we go by spirit tomorrow, he's in violation more so than SL. It's not our fault he pledged on his honor not to read here.

Just so you know what's going on with FP's and my posts: FP knows who I am now (this whole balance in the universe thing does get irritating at times, but it's fairly interesting too), and he knows Marshall B. as well, and Marshall gave FP an e-mail response I made today to an e-mail Marshall sent me yesterday. So, they're trading info. I don't think Marshall's a new player, but he's a bit of a wildcard right now.

Just thought you should know. And please, feel free to offer advice. Curiouser and curiouser, but here's to hoping it gets even stranger because I am having fun <smile>

Posted by: prunehilda - May 20, 2002, 9:48 PM 22 of 275

A thought just came to me. Awhile ago I think FP asked whether we would mind if he came into the backchannel thread to read everything. I can't remember even responding but I know that I would never have stopped him for all the reasons that I gave in my last post. There are other reasons but I won't expand now. Did you ever say that you would prefer that FP did not read the backchannel? Could that be the sin? I may be wrong on this. I'm headed out the door for a walk but will check back in an hour or two.

VR, glow
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 20, 2002, 9:37 PM 23 of 275

You're support fills my heart with joy and comfort. <smile>

VR, a thought: do you think this all thing (trial, etc.) has to do with my "failing" the on-site inspection on Sunday? Again, that's just a thought.

SL Baby --
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 20, 2002, 9:06 PM 24 of 275

I'll do some searching tomorrow -- running through as many threads as I can think of. Having read the tea-time ones last week, I'm betting it was on one of the backchannels or on the corkboard. Don't worry though -- prunehilda's got her Kevlar, we've got Glow back, and I'm working on some secret ammo. We'll still win -- regardless <smile>

Posted by: glow - May 20, 2002, 8:55 PM 25 of 275

I completely understand about being busy.

I'll do my best to defend and support you.



Thank you glow
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 20, 2002, 8:40 PM 26 of 275

Yes, the index thread was going to be my first step. But I tend to lack perpective (and time, and energy, and.. <smile>) when I re-read TT. So any brilliant idea you may have will help in "preparing my defense!"

SNL to make your hunting easier...
Posted by: glow - May 20, 2002, 8:29 PM 27 of 275

check out this TT thread!


FP has carefully, of course, documeted all of the tids and their dates and subject lines. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to find out how you sinned.

I wish I could help further, but I must get some work done. It seems that I am under the bronze spell. I always have to take a peek, which turns into hours of chatting.

If you don't respond here within, let's say an hour, to tell me you got my message, I'll repost this as it's own separate thread topic. Okay?


Don't worry glow!
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 20, 2002, 8:28 PM 28 of 275

FP has this thing about throwing stuff at us and we have no clue what he is referring to until after the facts! (at least that's how I feel most of the time! <sigh>) As for my trial, I guess it was a last-minute idea to fill in the "gap day" that is tomorrow.

But if you can think of anything that I did/said one month ago, let me know. Thanks!

I wish I could be of some assistance <frown>
Posted by: glow - May 20, 2002, 8:18 PM 29 of 275

I don't have a clue as to how you "sinned."

What sin could you have committed?

Should we look at the ten commandments?

Hmmmm....I don't think those have anything to do with TT.

How about FP's rules for TT?

Did you break one of his rules?

Haven't we all broken his rules at one point?

Again, I wish I could be of more help. <frown>

I guess I should have posted this here instead of at the corkboard
Posted by: glow - May 20, 2002, 8:13 PM 30 of 275

Surprise, surprise
Posted by: glow - May 20, 2002, 8:09 PM 1 of 12

Still just as confused and confounded as ever. It feels good to be back. <smile>

Thanks SNL, prunehilda and VR for the warm welcome and the few clues that you shared.

Counting down to the season finale. Haven't seen it yet and don't want to be spoiled.


Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 20, 2002, 8:11 PM 31 of 275

I doubt it. When prunehilda, glow and I started "conspiring," FP made up a new "Rule" and said he would not visit the C thread (I believe to encourage us to use this thread). I don't remember specifically trigerring that Rule.
I'll explore the TT and CB from about one month ago. I did commit "greed" by responding to 3 "tea leaf" challenges in one day (just wanted to get a reaction from FP! <smile>). That was "before" your time I think.
Another thought: is FP "frustrated" that we don't speak about the EOTD during TT? I did try to talk about EOTDs in early TTs, without much success, and then the trend of NOT talking about the EOTD became a reality at TT. I don't think it was my fault, but who knows? <smile>

By the way, thanks to all for their support today. <smile>

SL, luv...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 20, 2002, 8:02 PM 32 of 275

Is that it by the way? Were you the first to say FP could not go through this thread of the C? Did you set that "law" and in doing so interrupt the "transmission"?

Dear friends
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 20, 2002, 6:30 PM 33 of 275

Good to hear from you. I feel a little strange being put on the spot by FP like this, but I guess that's the rule of the game! <smile> For some reason, I doubt that my "IP" is the sin to defend (I only mentionned it twice but never in any derogatory or anti-fair use way!). But if that's it, I am ready to defend myself <smile>.
IP was my only way of having any kind of relation to art without actually being an artist myself (I do not have much talent but writing and I was not strong enough to live a life of starvation <smile>). In Europe, IP is a lot more protective of artists (against producers, corporations, infringers of all kinds, etc.). I still like it for that reasons, even in the contaxt of the less protective US law. IP rights protect creators in more ways than one. Of course, the nuances of IP law may seem not not make any sense to many outsiders (and often they don't! I am actually hoping for US law in that area to continue to evolve towards the standards of the Berne Convention i.e. European law).
I am still very tired from my week-end. Don't expect much sparks from em today <smile> But as always, I'll follow you both, wherever TT takes us!

Dear VR and SL
Posted by: prunehilda - May 20, 2002, 6:01 PM 34 of 275

Been kind of busy here today so I haven't been around much but I've read everything and agree that it would seem that SL"s "sin" would be the intellectual property thing. The trial seems to be more as a filler for Tuesday than anything else but we can always try to mount an attack. Maybe something positive will happen.

VR, I immediately associated your initials with visionary rhetorician, that is, until you offered the angel/muse explanation.

As for the openness of these backchannels, I believed it was best to express all of my ideas, plots, strategy and concerns as if FP were reading them. It's hard to explain but I thought by exposing our stategies FP would become a part of them instead of operating from outside. He would see our strengths and our weaknesses and would ultimately feel responsible for our success... like a parent feels toward his children.

What do you think?

SL, luv -- And prunehilda too
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 20, 2002, 5:36 PM 35 of 275

If our lovely lawyer is to be put on trial tomorrow, I think we should perhaps plan a means of attack. I've been thinking of past posts and SL -- you're only "sins" I can ascertain are those of confessed greed and copyright skills. Since FP values the trasmitting of culture so highly and he once charged your IP ilk of barring the collective intelligence by interfering with the transmission, perhaps that's the greater sin. I suggest we try both today. As for two lines of mine he cited -- they're from Friday's tea time -- my final post. He also wants to know, it seems, what VR stands for -- we've been suspecting visionary rhetorician -- perhaps we should mention that as well. And last -- you'll find the "real world" definition of Back channel in my posts below. As I mentioned -- it doesn't suit because these perpetual threads are all about openess and transmitting knowledge culture, etc..., to all. backchannels in the real world are inherently secret, and meant to stay that way. These are not -- with this exception, but this one is still very "open" -- only FP not allowed, and technically he could look.

On-site inspection report
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 20, 2002, 3:06 PM 36 of 275

I don't think I was such a good investigator after all! My friend and I followed the instructions and ended up on the long (long!) stretch of the Santa Monica. No glass structure, no shimmering wall! FP must live in one of the many houses on the beach, but--as far as I could see-no clue was left for us. I left 3 few insignificant notes on my trail (by the Santa Monica statue; half way down the stairs to the beach on a concrete bench; underneath lifeguard hut #6). The notes read: "The C was here" "The C was here too" "The C was not here." I had one that said "On-site Inspection completed" but did not leave it after all, for obvious reasons.
That's all.
I failed you my friends!! <smile> I still think we should write an FTTC on the subject. I'll be quite busy today but I think I'll make TT.

Fortunately this was not the goal of my trip (I had an interesting Buffy-related Saturday night BTW). And we ended up walking on the beach on Sunday, which was really nice. Water has always been a rejuvenating element to me. Now, I realize I will probably never be able to live far from the sea. In San Francisco, I often take one of those cleansing walks on Ocean Beach and, rain or shine, it's just Heaven! Santa Monica was no exception.

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 20, 2002, 2:57 PM 37 of 275

I am back from a tiring but exciting week-end (although not excitement related to TT; more on that later). I just read the CB and am impressed by the number of posts. VR, prunehilda, thank you for your posts; they are always wonderful to read.

As for my "sins" I am still clueless. Help, anyone?

VR, I think it is time to give you your TL. I lost track of how many sonnets you wrote; we should give you at least 3 TL per sonnet. prunehilda what do you think? Would you like to do a FTTC on the subject?

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 18, 2002, 7:50 PM 38 of 275

A quick hello from Santa Monica. We're right on the beach and I'm living again! (Note to self: make real effort at controlling emphatic urges next time <smile>).

Won't waste anymore time on the laptop; I must run and put my feet in the sand! (and watch out for suspect gas <smile>) Hope all of you are having a nice week-end.

Gotta Run !
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 8:54 PM 39 of 275

But I'll check back later. Have a fun night!

Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 8:52 PM 40 of 275

You can always apologise -- but I'm not sure what for... Nothing's offended me in the least <smile>. As for "real" -- well, sorta -- since FP's real. You were right. Holyman is one of his alternate identities.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Give the Lady a Prize...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 8:49 PM 41 of 275

That's it SL -- the Intellectual Propery aspect. "You" impede the flow of information and dissemination of ideas and knowledge when you get too picky about the whole Fair Use deal.... Of course, as a writer, I'm saying some of this tongue in cheek. And I know you're not evil -- just naughty! <g>

VR, so you are saying that he is a real person
Posted by: prunehilda - May 17, 2002, 8:45 PM 42 of 275

and not just another one of FPs identities. That he writes stuff and has it published (stuff that may be traceable). Hmmm

Gee VR, once again I've stuck my foot in my mouth. Can I impose on you to express my sincere apologies.

Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 17, 2002, 8:45 PM 43 of 275

To my knowledge, IP means Intellectual Property (I had dicussions in the past with FP about IP lawyers. He hates tham and I'm -almost- one of them!).
I confessed greed, anger, sloth, sneakiness... What else is there? <smile> I know I have lots of vices, but the rest I'm actually proud of so why confess them? <smile>
I will post the FTTC later tonight. Bring on the suggestions if you'd like.

May all of you have a wonderful week-end. I have a long drive tomorrow but I'm looking forward to a fun Saturday night with "Spike" and "Warren" (not "with-with" <g>; only on concert, which should be fun) and a restful non-plastic-wrappy Sunday. <smile>

prunehilda, luv...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 8:38 PM 44 of 275

Hollywood Holyman posts "Microsermons for artists in Babylon" Another project of FP's. Now, no sleuthing with any of that! He did it because I let him know I knew who he was.

Dear SL
Posted by: prunehilda - May 17, 2002, 8:33 PM 45 of 275

Yes, I agree that we didn't get anywhere today but I was all wound down and hoping for beer and light conversation. I've tentatively booked a trip to join that monkey in Bali after next Wednesday.

I'm going to check out a few leads tonight and I'll tell you about them later if it's anything important.

And who the heck is hollywoodholyman? Probably a homeless person who is all visiony and everything.

By the Way SL...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 8:33 PM 46 of 275

Fp called you an IP lawyer and said he didn't mean Iambic Pentameter (see today's corkboard). And the voices claim you've confessed this "sin" before. So, have quick think and try to remember if any of your sins start with IP. You have so few, I'm sure it won't take long <g>. But don't spend too much time on it -- and really enjoy your weekend!

Can I just say how fun that was!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 8:28 PM 47 of 275

I've been dying to post limerick verse, but I wanted to establish my slayer skills first. Fun! SL -- pick a french fashion house as our sponsor and explain that you're wearing their designs as a promotional, so you can't possibly leave them behind -- they're not your clothes. What's more, you've already signed a binding contract saying you'll wear the clothes. Sigh. If only you weren't so beautiful, with such a perfect body, they might be willing to choose someone else, but they say only you will do. You'd like to oblige the Powers, but there's no way out & knowing what sticklers the Powers are for rules, you know they'll understand. You'll just have to take the risk, for the good of the C.

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 17, 2002, 8:12 PM 48 of 275

OK, I confessed, addressed the Oracle... No response. Now we are told we should have talked about Buffy! Who said this was a sloppy Friday? It looked pretty intense to me!
And with all those talks of plastic wrap, I'll have to post a rebuttal FTTC pretty soon! I'll be in full Sunday-beach-gear (with a French flair <smile>) and in no mood to get wrapped up! So who do you think OUR sponsor for the week-end should be? Macy's? Crystal Geyser? Anything but Saran!!

Sorry, of course, I meant "hee, hee, prunehilda"
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 17, 2002, 6:50 PM 49 of 275

{Friday afternoon-syndrom sorry!)

Hee, hee, VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 17, 2002, 6:48 PM 50 of 275

I have done crazy things in the past, but the "plastic wrap" part of my life is definitely behind me now. Years of rehab...I won't elaborate... too painful... And let's not forget that I'll be representing the C: Dignity is a must. <g>

But SL
Posted by: prunehilda - May 17, 2002, 6:32 PM 51 of 275

They never said you couldn't wear a trench coat over the plastic wrap and I'll bet the police have seen stranger things than that and your friend might find it very interesting.

What you're still not going to go for it.

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 17, 2002, 6:12 PM 52 of 275

About the latest FTTC and FP's reply: I know I am dedicated but NO WAY I am going to "remove all clothing ...and wrap myself in plastic wrap"! This is a vacation for me, not an episode of Fear Factor! <smile> I suggest we post an FTTC about that; I'm sure we'll find a proper pretext for my not wanting to give my French-imported clothing to the homeless! (I did say greed was a vice of mine didn't I? I thought I made it clear! <smile>)
The rest, I should be able to do. I'll have a friend with me and I'll hope he'll be patient!

I am with you gals!
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 17, 2002, 4:50 PM 53 of 275

And again I repeat it: Thank God for sloppy Friday! <smile>

Jolly good show VR!
Posted by: prunehilda - May 17, 2002, 4:46 PM 54 of 275

That sounds like a perfect way to end the week. I'm not really up for any deep conversations today.

BTW, I'd like to thank you and SL for the praise about the sonnet. It wasn't that difficult after all. Now it's just practice, practice, practice.

I did do a comparison with FP's collage statements about the "concept of 'back channel' in the real world does not fit our use" and your definitions of back channel. Perhaps, it can wait until Monday. Tell me what you think.

As for Tea-Time...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 4:24 PM 55 of 275

It's Friday... I've been doing research that requires reading through texts several hundred years old and deciphering various languages, and I intend to open a beer, kick back, and chat about "Go Fish" -- sonnets and all. In both IP and haiku. I've decided no one person can "physically" pass the portal before this project ends, so today is a relax day for me. I will mention backchannels, but the most oracle is likely to get from me is a limerick <g>.

Oops -- SL turn off that analysation chip -- it's working overtime!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 4:19 PM 56 of 275

Random thoughts luv -- truly random. No change in strategy required, it was just one of those weird connections that seem to pop into my head when I'm talking with you all and reading your posts. Sorry to have seemed all FP on you! <smile>

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 17, 2002, 3:24 PM 57 of 275

Good thoughts. But as "sloppy Friday" is leaving me quite unable to process complex thoughts, can you expand a little? What does that mean for us? What should we change in our strategy today? I mean, we've tried many things so far, without much success. We've demanded, prayed, confessed, talked in anger, apologized, cooperated, used power words, etc. What else is there to do?

By The Way...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 3:03 PM 58 of 275

Some random thoughts that sparked from prunehilda's "find our own voices" -- I was thinking of voices, then power, and FP's question of what Power depended upon. That led me to two things. Power depends on 1) persuading others to cede or allow you that power and 2) Cooperation -- either people cooperating to maintain the power they share or cooperating to keep someone else in power. Seems to me you persuade others or gain cooperation from them via words -- voice. Hence FP's collage examples the other day, our "exercises" in learning to speak concisely and powerfully, and prophetically enough, our conversations back here, days ago, about words, power and action.

A cheer for prunehilda!!
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 17, 2002, 2:46 PM 59 of 275

Good sonnet!! Bravo!

Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 2:16 PM 60 of 275

Well done prunehilda! The IP is A-OK. It probably "feels" a little off because you're not used to saying the words quite the way they're stressed and phrased. Try playing with the punctuation -- commas, dashes, periods, semi-colons etc... and see if that helps. Sometimes when I'm dissatisfied with mine, messing with punctuation makes me happier. ( Now how nerdy is that -- someone who likes playing with punctuation? Yikes!) BTW -- I'm glad I get to keep calling you prunehilda <smile>. Your note made perfect sense to me -- including the alternate names -- they all fit with some of the facets of your personality that I've seen. I'd even add one more to your repetoire -- ever consider Genevieve? If you're feeling restless, try that one on for "fit" and has some fun with your restlessness.


Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 17, 2002, 2:10 PM 61 of 275

Just checking in for the day. It's crazy at work, but, as far as I know, I'll at least be able to post my Go Fish sonnet at TT. Thank God for sloppy Friday!
And thank you prunehilda for these insightful remarks about names. I am still struggling to find another alias for the Red Kevlar. Anything of real significance would automatically reveal my identity (since FP knows a lot about me now!). Oh well.

Today I'm feeling restless
Posted by: prunehilda - May 17, 2002, 12:50 PM 62 of 275

and I'm finding it hard to stay in one place. When I get like this my concentration goes out the window so it's likely my versifying skills aren't very far behind.
Usually, I'd just get in my car and drive for a couple of hours ( I mentioned my gypsy heritage earlier)

Did anyone else notice the rhythms of Tea Time. The energy of TT seems to crest on Thursdays!

Oh! And did you see there is a "prunehilda" now.

Hey VR, here it is but I can feel there are still a couple of problems.
Posted by: prunehilda - May 17, 2002, 12:40 PM 63 of 275

Xander , can you say co-dependent?

If Buffy was a good friend true she would
have laid it on the line. Told X up straight
it's up to him to mend his ways. He could
bow down and then perhaps he'd get his mate.

B should have kick'd his a** up to the moon
and back,told him to cut that act of jerk.
'Cause I have Anya's back this time buffoon
so you had best wipe off that silly smirk.

And then the rest of them should follow suit.
If they love him and care as much as they
pretend they can't neglect he's been a brute.
Then X can move on to a brand new day.

Oh, Xander likes to play good guy but he
needs so much more than tea and sympathy.

Dear VR
Posted by: prunehilda - May 17, 2002, 11:53 AM 64 of 275

No, I don't mind prunehilda at all, in fact, I like it. I'll share with you something I wrote down a few days ago and was going to post in the diary section.

Dear Diary,
I know FP wants us to choose another name but I decided not to because it takes so long to find out who you are, to pull all the pieces together, that it's hard to let them go even for a second. I chose prunehilda for a reason (as did Supernatural Lawyer). It says something about me. I preferred Guinevere, at first, but that name is saddled with so much baggage that I gave it a miss. Guinevere, a woman torn between passion and duty! Besides, I figured prunehilda would be shortened to prunehilda which is so me. Boudicca or Bodicea would have been another choice but no, in real life I think before I act.

So you see, prunehilda is perfect. How perfect? I know a man who is British and his father, who knew my real name, always called me prunehilda.

I'll post the sonnet in a little while.

Dear SL & prunehilda (Combo Posts)
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 17, 2002, 10:44 AM 65 of 275

SL: Loved the FTTC -- burst of laughter and very nearly spilled coffee all over myself. Can't wait to see what happens!

prunehilda: Post that Sonnet girl! I have time to scan it here before it's placed out there. I'm working from my home office today, so I can pop in out frequently, like I did yesterday. It's no trouble at all.

Both: Thanks for the vote of confidence. It's truly appreciated. And I too like prunehilda's train of thought. We do have four more days so I don't think we need mount assault just yet. (Just in case, though, prunehilda -- keep that armor and that shiny sword handy <g>).

And a final note -- prunehilda, I hope you don't mind my shortening your name. If you do, I'll try not to, but I just can't see you as a BK. And I've always loved the name prunehilda. <Transference warning> The heroine of something I'm working on now is actually named prunehilda. I named her that before I discovered tea time, but now she's linked to you. Her personality's been taking on some interesting shades in the last few weeks. I suppose if this manuscript gets bought, I'll need to be adding some credits in the front... <smile>

dear prunehilda
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 17, 2002, 2:13 AM 66 of 275

I like your train of thoughts. If we need to speak as individuals, not as a group, for those last few days, that's fine with me. But what KIND of truth do we need to speak about ourselves? I've confessed two pretty personal "vices" of mine. Wasn't that enough?

I'm just thinking out loud here. More clear thoughts tomorrow hopefully. Good night dear friends. I'm on my way to post an FTTC.

Hi VR and SL
Posted by: prunehilda - May 17, 2002, 1:13 AM 67 of 275

Yesterday we were spinning and today it's one step forward and two steps back. This is some crazy dance! SL, I think it's a good idea to follow any and all leads. Posting an official FTTC about your plans may pay off with hard evidence. And, you were absolutely correct
in believing that I too would follow VR anywhere.
VR, I think the backchannel questions are key but again I'm not sure I understand why. Ask in TT tomorrow and perhaps more will be revealed.
The notion of power still haunts me since Verschip benefitted by showing anger which some perceive to be power. Under most circumstances, however, anger is reactionary to a loss of power, a feeling of helplessness. Maybe the power that we need is to find our own voice and speak our own truths.
VR, I know you are exhausted so I'm going to try to edit my own sonnet. Don't worry. Have faith.

Take care, Love prunehilda

Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 11:46 PM 68 of 275

Official Communication it will be then. To be published later tonight. Post your clever suggestions if you have any (I'm out of clerveness for now!).

And I'm pretty sure I talk for prunehilda too (please prunehilda stop me if I'm wrong) when I say we would pretty much follow you anywhere at this point. I wish glow was with us! I feel like a member the Troika! Not the evilness-nerdiness-silliness part of it but the brain power!

I think...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 9:29 PM 69 of 275

An official FTTC is the right way to go -- especially considering the oddness of late -- who'd blame us if we didn't send a rep to investigate -- especially that, possibly, contraband gas! As for bravery -- I think both you and prunehilda have proved quite brave of late -- ready to try many ideas -- though many fell flat -- but at least we tried. And I haven't forgotten you both were willing to storm the portal with me! I still may ask you to try, though not, perhaps, till 7:58 Bronze Time on Tuesday <smile>. Wouldn't that be a leap!

Thanks VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 9:05 PM 70 of 275

A gem among gems then!

I suggest an official TT communication saying we will send someone to investigate the sand on Sunday. We'll see what he says. What do you think? Please be honest.
I don't expect ACTUAL clues (this beach is not small!) but maybe some sense of the Tea Time environment. I may get a revelation, I may not. I may even be too tired to get of my chaise longue! I wish I was a braver member of the C!

Oh Geez, SL!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 8:50 PM 71 of 275

You are a GEM -- a humble one (so I say in advance -- no shrugging this off!) but a GEM. And what's more, one with excellent ideas too. Though FP's wasted now, I think once he sleeps a bit, he might be very intrigued indeed by something intimating you'd be checking the sand for clues. I wonder if he could resist? Somehow, I picture him out there in the sand, drawing glyphs, chuckling to himself, and imagining you finding them. I'd say ask -- direct -- say you'll be combing the sand and ask if The Powers That Tea will leave evidence of the Portal.

Dear friends
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 8:42 PM 72 of 275

VR, you are welcome. However, while the form of my BV may have been correct (I had much trust in my last brain cell and she did not disappoint me!), the content did not help the C much, did it? <sigh> I thought I was addressing the right "people" and asking semi-OK questions. He said "ask the Oracle" and we did. He said "Act" and we tried. We tried confessing sins, talking Buffy, etc. Did I miss anything or did we not get ANY answer, nor additional clues (or maybe we did but they were so far off that I prefered ignoring them <g>).

VR, if I were you, I would mention the backchannels again. It seems like an important clue.

But, again, are we over-thinking things?

Last question: I have dropped in some (more or less <smile>) subtle clues about my whereabouts this week-end. Should I be more precise? Does the C have instructions for me? As I said, I don't want to "meet" him. I just want to torture him (intellectually of course <g>) and maybe have him leave me some additional clues that I can check out during my lazy Sunday on the Santa Monica beach. That may be an opportunity for the C to visit the Man's environment and get a feel for where he writes Tea Time. But will he even care?
I'm not sure that makes any sense, but any suggestions or feedback you may have will be appreciated. I'll try to take my laptop with me to pick up "C" messages Sunday morning.
Hey, maybe I can ask "Spike" about him! <smile>

SL & prunehilda, MY Angels of Verse!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 8:12 PM 73 of 275

You were absolutely stunning! Well done on the sustained IP! Of course, it seems it didn't get us too far, but it might have had we been asking better questions. I'll think on tea time & see what I can glean. In the meantime, prunehilda : I can proofread your sonnet whenever needed. And one last thought -- I had trouble with my DSL today and a few posts at teatime I made in regards to backchannels never "showed" up. Do you think we should try addressing that issue tomorrow?

Posted by: prunehilda - May 16, 2002, 6:59 PM 74 of 275

I'm still unsure but I will get back to you later tonight. I'm heading for TT.

Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 6:57 PM 75 of 275

Well, ask for clarification, and for once we get it and the answer is so simple and clear it illustrates SL's last post completely. Five tea times left, counting today, and make sure we "remember" to show up on day 1 --next Wednesday. So monkey is no doubt laughing at us over our backchannel confusion... BTW -- SL's last post was 200 -- I'm getting perverse satisfaction out of knowing just how long it'll take FP to read all this. Not to mention the fact that he'll be printing it in reverse <evil smile>.

Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 6:32 PM 76 of 275

Gosh, I wish I had any working brain cells left to make any sparks! <sigh> Backchannel, clubhouse? What does that mean?

The more I think about it, the more I am pretty sure the answer(s) are right in front of our noses. But I don't seem to be able to identify the link between all the things FP talks about these days. Which one of his clues are important or relevant? He talks about Power, and backchannels and Anger and "missteps" and all kinds of abstract concepts that don't seem linked in any way.

I went back to one of his early "riddles" (the babble fish/altavista clues); it seemed so obvious after we got the answer! He did give us the right clues all along. We were just looking at the finger, not the moon. Now for the current clues, I keep thinking I am missing some basic cultural references or the distance necessary to link together his "collages."

I can't help but feeling like I'm back in class and the teacher is looking for this one specific answer that no one can seem to find; and he keep saying "almost," "not quite yet," "think some more" and gives extra clues as to what the right answer is. I was never very good at answering questions like that. But maybe one of us will get a revelation!

prunehilda, dear, you did mention you had a lead about Power/Anger, etc. anything solid you think?

No worries SL!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 6:05 PM 77 of 275

As for other clues, I'm shooting in the dark here & hoping some of this sets off sparks in yours or Glows or prunehilda's mind: Backchannel -- A secret, unofficial or irregular path of communication. Backchannel -- verbal: any verbalisations from a listener that indicate to the current speaker that the listener understands and the speaker may continue with his or her turn. (think sounds like "uh huh," "mhmm," "right," "sure," etc...) Backchannel -- visual: same purpose as verbal ones but think head nods etc... Backchannel -- internet -- pathway by which programs deliver info to other computers while running in the background of whatever you're using. Think pop up ads, or more insidiously -- spyware. Any ideas?

Hi everyone
Posted by: prunehilda - May 16, 2002, 6:02 PM 78 of 275

I've done as you suggested VR and I guess we will have to see if it works. I wish I could just think that way but maybe the gypsy in me can't.

Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 5:43 PM 79 of 275

I was just thinking about the TL. (I thought that's what he was referring to, ie my "misstep" in counting tea leaves). As for the other mistep, no clue yet. Sorry I got your hopes up!

SL -- what was the misstep then?
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 5:38 PM 80 of 275

I'm still trying to figure it out. I know he says it wasn't his fault, and wasn't mine, but it was something he went along with and it's now causing frustration. But, I don't think he's referring to tea leaf counts. Or is he? I'm lost -- shed some light on your words!

Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 5:01 PM 81 of 275

Thanks for your good advice. It's a great idea! ... Of course, if only stresses were my sole problem! <smile> But I will give it a good faith try.

Ladies... I have a thought
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 4:49 PM 82 of 275

The stumbling block with IP in tea time is the stresses -- correct? The problem is thinking quickly where the stress falls? Here's an idea -- assuming you both have printers handy, print out some sonnets. SL -- you have four of your own right there and those I and FP posted today and yesterday. All told about fifteen sonnets. That's alot of words. And the stresses you KNOW are correct. Set them next to the computer and use those words. All that's required is a quick scan to choose a word that fits your frame of mind!

dear prunehilda
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 3:58 PM 83 of 275

No, no, it was NOT your fault. The Rule (at least that day! <g>) was that whoever received tea leaves were allowed to tranfer them by using an "official" communication, which I did that same day. That Tea Leaf was yours and accounted for by FP before our accounting "mistake."

In any event, this whole thing goes to prove that we are much better writers than calculators (thank God!). <smile>

Actually VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 3:54 PM 84 of 275

Don't feel bad. If mistake there was, I am as much to blame. I was absolutely certain FP did not offically account for those 2 "NY Times" Tea Leaves. I reviewed the CB from last week and saw that he only gave me 1 for the Collateral Damage title (I went from 6 to 7). I am pretty sure I had stuck with 6 Tea Leaves for a while. I guess I was mistaken. I'll trust your judgment on this one; I really don't feel like going through all the corkboards again and account for each TL I ever received anyway. This TL "business" has become a counterproductive distraction (although, when I try to focus on the "clues" and other bold/underlined words, I don't get anywhere anyway. Thank God for distraction then!! <smile>)

Also, VR, thanks for your official statements to FP. I could not have done better!

VR and SL
Posted by: prunehilda - May 16, 2002, 3:48 PM 85 of 275

My God! Sustained IP verse in TT! My nightmares have come true.
I was thinking that maybe this counterfeiting claim might arise from one of the tea leaves in my possesion. SL, you earned a TL but assigned it to me. The Powers that Tea might not agree with that.

Bloody Hell!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 3:30 PM 86 of 275

SL, prunehilda: Sorry, I did it again. The reason we've had no response regarding the bloody tea leaves is because our counts were still incorrect. I suspected something might still be wrong when I didn't get reply, so I checked again. SL your 2 leaves for the NYT post were already granted. Hence, you have 10 leaves, not 12. (Hence, also, FP's teasing about greed). I fixed this in the new FTTC I made using your old one. Then I issued a press release taking blame. Sorry guys -- I really screwed it all up the last few days. Let's wait a bit and see if things clear up now that I've fixed the counts.

Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 2:23 PM 87 of 275

Please go ahead and re-use my post to update the Tea Leave count. As for your questions re: the "contest" well let me tell you why I'm a little frustrated. FP made this big deal about TL, etc. And now it's almost like all we did so far accounts for nothing (or at least it seems like it). If we even try to tranfer/issue TL ourselves, that may open a whole new can of worms! I really liked our "strategy" and now I'm not sure what we should do. I guess, if you want to go ahead with your "contest," do so, for the fun of it. We could do that at TT today or tomorrow? (or whenever prunehilda can post her sonnet). Or we could ask FP to clarify whether we still even have the power to allocate TL ourselves. He is the "rulemaker" (changer?<g>) after all!
I'll try BV at TT, if I can.

SL -- Hope your day's not too rough!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 2:07 PM 88 of 275

I perfectly understand you're busy, so please -- if you'd like me to repost your original communique with the one change, I can do it today. I think the only change is the three tea leaves to me go for Entropy verse, not Biellman Spin. And yes, this does put a crimp in my plans. No leaves, whatsoever, were offered for my sonnets (after yesterday's press release, now numbering five). I'm afraid this means if we attempt to give them leaves we'll be accused of counterfeiting again. What I can do though is offer my six for the sonnet contest -- which I'll gladly do! What do you think? As for the rest, after reading all the threads, I fear sustained "exercise" in IP in teatime may be the only way. I did have one thought though about this portal -- it occurs to me that since none of us are FP, and he can't control our identities as he does Verschip's, there's really no way to give only one of us admittance through the Portal before all this ends. What one sees in regards to posts, all see. Design Flaw? Perhaps. Perhaps requirements have been met, but there's no way to allow passage without giving up the game.

Dear all (and VR)
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 1:51 PM 89 of 275

DSL Gods are on my side... for now!

Thank you VR for all your hard work. The only reservation I have is that I remember FP saying that TT was developed from day to day with no real "big plan."

Other than that, of course I'm all for speaking the truth (which is what I thought we had been doing anyway!). But we did try to talk in Buffy metaphors before, we tried haikus and even IPs. No positive feedback from O. I confessed sins the other day (to see what O would do, considering Mr. V had advised me to do that before) and got no response. So what should be our "theme" for today? What "truth" should we speak?

I am just so confused and wished I had the time to study all the clues. Due to my work schedule, I often just improvise from day to day or follow you and prunehilda in your discussions. I tend to have difficulties thinking quick at TT (due to constant interruptions at work). As for talking in IPs, I'm not sure I can do it that fast (quite yet! <smile>).
Anyway, whatever you gals think we should do today, let's go for it. I'll tell any truth that will get us some answers. In one of her last posts prunehilda sounded like she had a lead; prunehilda can you help us?

FYI, I posted a question to FP about TL on the "feedback thread" (tid= 80583). Who knows whether he'll answer; but I needed to give it a shot. Other than that, did FP's tricks blow our "TL strategy"? (about giving VR her deserved TL for her sonnet and doing a "contest"). Should we still go ahead with an official TT communication about the TL-accounting scandal? I may not have time to do it, but if you give me a synopsis, I can put it in the appropriate legal language.

As you see, I am more confused than ever and wished I was smarter... <sigh>

Part Three
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 1:11 PM 90 of 275

Of late, with votes, virtues and democracy, we have O's "who will cut off virtue's head?", "Democracy Ugly, Beauty Pretty" equation and his question as to whether or not the two can be linked. I would say yes. By truth. Speak truly and freely, it's not pretty, but it leads to democracy and democracy leads to greater beauty. Perhaps. On other matters, it seems to me that Verschip is now one of the voices speaking to us from beyond. His attitude and cadences seem to be appearing. So, let's look at him. Just before his name was voided, he spoke a sin. He admitted vanity. Oracle cleansed him. Then, when his name was stolen and O said it shouldn't matter because he had no soul, V got angry, spoke with power, claimed a soul (and said the O was from hell) I then argued he had soul -- that souls and names are linked and that they couldn't be taken away. V sensed a "power", tea time ended, and next day he was gone. The upshot? I'm not sure -- think on these things, but it seems to me perhaps we must speak honestly (tell truth) in sustained IP all together in tea time while including in discussion the metaphors of Buffy. Let me know what you think!

Part Two
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 1:03 PM 91 of 275

In later threads it becomes clearer that it's not merely referencing the sonnets. In tea time tid 80796, the Oracle says "the METAPHORS of Buffy should be used in verse." (Since I don't know how to underline I've capitalized metaphors). Now, to back up a bit, at one point FP tells the C to look in the rearview mirror. Said mirror is tid 75951. There in corkboard discussion FP very earnestly states he is a rhetorician and requests from the C that you try to think in IP. Your thoughts may be different, but he wants you to show him how your minds work when they use IP. This runs back to sonnet school for slayers. FP is creating slayers who can think fast, rhetorically, so he can send them out into the world to do battle. What for? well there's the question... And see next post...

I can't believe I spent my morning off doing this, but....
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 16, 2002, 12:58 PM 92 of 275

Okay, I've been prowling through past threads and read tea time start to finish. Here's what I've got. Use your wondrously creative minds and tell me what you think. First sonnet at tid 46649 has the following stressed words, "lucid dream," "choosing," "destiny," and "crazed trajectory." The last couplet reads "Whatever happens now is in her hands / No more a pris'ner to 'the world's' demands." Considering what's been happening of late, this might suggest that we choose our destiny in regards to the portal. Our "actions" are the key. In the tea time with tid 51074, the "verse rules" come into play, but I noticed something interesting here. The forms we use now are given only as "preferred" NOT required. Yet, when I first joined, though I posted in formal verse, my lines were only five syllables long, and thus Oracle would not compute. At some point, without making clear, Oracle began to acknowledge only verse in haiku, and IP, BUT this was never made a hard rule. In tea time tid 69039, the O tells Verschip a soul is required to pass. First he implies V. must be human, but V calls him on it and stipulates the rules say only he must have a soul. V also suggests the Sonnets of the EOTD are key. See next post...

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 11:46 AM 93 of 275

I am on my way to work. If the DSL lines are not back up, I may be absent all day (Gosh, I hope not!).
Should we/you address the "Question-marked" Tea leaves in the CB? I also "discovered" a new backchannel at tid=80583. We may be able to ask questions to FP on that thread.
Good luck today and I hope to chat soon.

VR and SL
Posted by: prunehilda - May 16, 2002, 1:59 AM 94 of 275

SL-I agree with everything you have said about the journey and it's been my mantra but now we are getting so close and, I don't know about you, but my heart starts to pound a lot faster when the excitement builds like this. My mind has been a tornado of thoughts this evening, all swirling and twirling.

VR- I think before the final day I might need you to whisper that name to me otherwise I will feel as if I have read a mystery and lost the book just before the end. ( Or maybe like I've read a Minette Walters mystery and have that "What the hell was that" feeling you get after one of her books.) Can we wait and see how the next TTs go?
I've got the Xander sonnet rewritten but I won't bother you with it now. I'll post it tomorrow and don't worry about it if you are in a rush. Your help was much appreciated. Now I have to go and gather my thoughts to write a formal apology to whoever is left running TT since The Powers that Tea post but refuse to answer. A haiku apology seems too lame but I don't know whether I'm up to writing one in IP.
Goodnight everyone.

Why I am doing this (ie participate in TT)-- Post triggered by one of VR's earlier posts.
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 16, 2002, 12:08 AM 95 of 275

&#65279;As to why I play this game... First, well, I love mysteries. Although I’m the all-around "control
freak," <smile> I like the idea of not knowing what's next.

But more than that, I’ve had this “secret” craving that had not been fulfilled since I first came to
the US a few years ago (no judging meant here; just a personal experience): a craving for new
experiences/challenges, for intellectually stimulation. In Europe, culture is pretty much
everywhere, even on TV. Here, you must actually look for it. And I can get pretty lazy (hence
the sloth I confessed yesterday) <smile>. I tend to go to the more familiar sources and cultural
references. TT has put me in contact with people and information I would not have had access to
in my wildest dreams. And I have had the chance to do what I had not done in a while, i.e. learn,
learn, learn... and enjoying it! It may sound emphatic (again!) but this whole process has taught
me a great deal about myself and in a way has reconnected me with my love for words and

Anyway, I'm rambling now, but I wanted to respond to VR’ point. I know TT is not limited to
IPs or Tea Leaves. Now will going through the Portal be a disappointment, a revelation? Is
there even a mystery to solve? Will this knowledge impair our future involvement in Tea Time
Sunday? We probably will never know until we cross that line. I'm personally all for going
through the Portal all together now if we can. As for FP's true name, well, I'm still not sure I
want to know. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz here. Is it the journey that matters or the
resolution of the mystery? I tend to say the journey, but we all have worked so hard, we do
deserve some kind of "reward" whatever that may be.

VR last thing
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 15, 2002, 11:45 PM 96 of 275

Are you doing your "contest" after all? No matter what, I am posting my Go Fish sonnets on today's CB (who knows if my internet connection will be back up at the office tomorrow?). I'll post it again on Friday's TT.
And do you want us to give you Tea Leaves for your sonnets (how many sonnets by the way). I suggest 3 Tea Leaves per sonnet.

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 15, 2002, 11:40 PM 97 of 275

I have spent the last hour or so going through old tea times and listing the latest "clues." I came up with nothing more than what we already know (ie so little!). Power ("what does it depend on?" asks FP), backchannels (with the sentence repeated: "the concept of backchannel in the real world does not fit our use"), missteps, the importance of names... and like you all I noticed the merging of FP's personas (the PTT don't even answer to their name anymore). I am so bad at solvingclues, I'm sorry!

VR, as for you being the scapegoat and distancing yourself from us (or us from you), I want to offer an alternative (I can't stand the idea of your sacrifying yourself!). What about we publish an official post saying that you were indeed the one who made the mistake of misleading the C (bad accounting, bad audit, anything), that you confessed your misdeeds, blah, blah, blah (or any other creative way you want to put it) and that we decided to give you a second chance. A public mea culpa of sort. What do you all think?

final (and probably irrelevant comment) <smile>:the I don't know what magical words open doors in English literature, but in French fairy tales you must say "Sesame ouvre toi." (inspired by "Ali Baba and the 40 thieves")

VR, don't worry
Posted by: prunehilda - May 15, 2002, 9:57 PM 98 of 275

I've got your back. I'm getting a clearer idea of what has to happen....maybe....I don't know! Did you catch the Next Le (with a grin) slip up and the artist thing. I believe I know what that's about. Power in anger...hmmm.

VR, maybe I have to apologize for a past misdeed. I kind of sliced and diced my way out of TT the first time I was here. No warning! Ask SL about it if you want details. Many of the first guests just quietly slipped out the back door when FP started issuing directives but I decided that if I was going it was going to be a take no prisoners exit.

What do you think?

prunehilda I'm spinning with you babe!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 15, 2002, 9:39 PM 99 of 275

You're not alone! I asked outright if I gave his name would that do & no reply, so I guess that idea's shot. As for the clues about the backchannel, I'm racking my brain but coming up empty. I also don't know what to think of the "To all" post. What's the six and what happened on the first day? I did a search on "missteps" and only came up with a few hits. One mine. The actual clue in the corkboard, and -- FP's sonnet about Sam (possible Kevlar link?) -- the one where he says she recovers with grace if she missteps and she'd be his perfect wife. You got responses today though prunehilda (Yeah!) so what do you think of the replies? Also, I noticed that though I posted the press release and communique on the corkboard before tea time, we now all have question marks after our names where tea leaf counts should be. Maybe you, SL, and Glow, should distance yourselves from me -- proclaim my responses those of rebel angel. That'll be a season ending suspense twist -- I'll play wildcard. What do you think of that? And do we have all the backchannels? 1800, Kevlar Black, Kevlar Red, Here. Anything else? Sorry so many questions! If you have ideas of where to go away from FP -- just post me a map & I'm there. At this point, I'll try anything!

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 15, 2002, 9:32 PM 100 of 275

I apologize for my disapperance earlier. We lost our DSL connection at work right after I posted this afternoon. So I missed TT and I am on my way to catch up.
I'll be back later.

Round and round and round she goes
Posted by: prunehilda - May 15, 2002, 9:28 PM 101 of 275

Where she stops nobody knows.

VR,SL did you catch any of that today? (And on top of all this confusion, my spelling has gone to hell in a hand basket and I can no longer count straight.)
What's the meaning of all this? Sometimes, don't you wish that you just had a really sharp sword and a quick costume change. Forget about the Kevlar! OK, I'm done with the venting, just tell me your impressions.

There are so many clues. Do we dare? Meet me somewhere, anywhere but here.

Dear VR, dear prunehilda
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 15, 2002, 6:43 PM 102 of 275

I just got back from an exhausting meeting (Gosh I hate lawyers! <g>) and have not had lunch yet (although it's 3:30p here). I am mentally and physically drained. I have read your exchange of e-mails and, as the "good" lawyer I am, I may need to brainstorm on it for a little bit. I'm not quite sure what all this (TT, etc.) is about. prunehilda, I'll be happy to discuss this with you; your point of view may actually help me get an idea of what mine is.

Okay everyone...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 15, 2002, 6:24 PM 103 of 275

Got to dash and may be slightly late for tea time -- but I'll be there! I took the blame, gave formal communique to switch the leaves to those for Entropy and gave a press release. Have a read on the new corkboard. If you don't approve I'll add that I was acting unilaterally. Rebel angel and all that <g>. Later!

Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 15, 2002, 5:13 PM 104 of 275

The answer actually has nothing to do with friendships at all. I consider those quite secure! It has to do with the "game" and why you play. Let me explain a bit. I play simply to play with words and because I so enjoy talking with you, SL, FP etc... I came late to this game, so I'm approaching it from a different perspective. For me, it doesn't matter if I know who FP really is or not. Now, as I said, I've thought before that his "real world" name might be the key. Even more so since I discovered writing a sonnet isn't the key. But, I know you were enjoying sleuthing for it (the journey <smile>) and I know from asking you both that the ultimate mystery of who he is appeals to you. I spoke to you once, when you seemed particularly frustated, I'm sure you remember. I said the game would change for you -- and it will if you know his name. But it won't end friendships -- it will just end the "chase" and "mystery". In return, you'll get access to another of his "projects." So, that's it. I think. Ask me more if I need to clarify!

Dear VR
Posted by: prunehilda - May 15, 2002, 3:26 PM 105 of 275

I've thought about your questions for a bit and now I have to ask a few of my own. I've noticed that you have offered help with identities before and I know I haven't responded and SL declined. I didn't know how I felt about the knowing. But now, I'm wondering how you really feel about it. Why do you offer and then hesitate? Is it because you think we can't handle the truth or is it because you believe it will alter our friendships irrevocably? Please be honest. I will await yours and SLs answers.

SL...About tea leaves
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 15, 2002, 1:00 PM 106 of 275

Evidently, I got 3 for the Biellman Spin. The number I receive for the non-sonnet verse is entirely up to you, and Glow, and prunehilda. As for the real sonnets -- none were offered -- they simply seem to be under deliberation by the powers that tea.

prunehilda -- are you sure?
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 15, 2002, 12:57 PM 107 of 275

Let me be very plain. This is not an internet identity. This is the name signed in his book. It occurs to me I could just give his first name -- that might preserve some mystery while still giving "proof." What do you think? Regardless, I'll try to wait for SL's response as well, just to be absolutely clear. Another option -- but one that relies on participants' own self control. I could "warn" you both to avert your eyes and look not on the power of the name <tongue in cheek, of course>. That way you could "miss" it if you so chose.

SL and VR
Posted by: prunehilda - May 15, 2002, 12:35 PM 108 of 275

I've got to admit that I haven't been keeping track of the tea leaves but if VR is due tea leaves then lets get them. I'm not really sure what we'll do with them but in this case more is likely better. How many is a sonnet worth?

I think we are going to have to cut the umbilical cord soon. FP seems to be pulling his various identities together but your help VR, at this time will be crucial. I would encourage you to whisper any name that will lead down the right path. I know he has been dropping hints like crazy but I'm still drawing a blank. The Peter Bart and Peter Guber clues came up short. I guess I don't travel in the right circles. <grin>

At any rate, I'm going to start using the diary backchannel although I'm not sure that this is any more secure. The only true way to communicate without FP or one of his other identities finding out is through Email.
I was going to use this method a long time ago to warn SL and Glow about something but then I thought "what the heck, why ruin the fun?"

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 15, 2002, 12:31 PM 109 of 275

"Important" meeting out of the office this morning. I hope I'll be back for TT. If not I'll come back later this afternoon.
VR about sonnets, I'd like to post mine at Tea Time on the day Go Fish will be the EOTD (Friday I think). I will also post it on the CB for your "contest" if you'd like.
Other than that, I guess the mistake re: TL was mine too. I went through all last week's CB and I was pretty sure we got it right. But again, FP was not clear-clear either!
I'll post an amendment to the "article" relating to your TL. Did you know how much you got for the Bielman Spin? If I don't post by this afternoon, feel free to so a TTOC yourself.

Talk to you all soon.

SL -- My Fair Lady...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 15, 2002, 10:22 AM 110 of 275

You've got it! Scanning took no time at all and the lines scan strictly IP. So, I look forward to seeing them posted! Keep in mind, if you post during tea time, they won't be processed as dialogue, so consider posting on the corkboard, or the Bronze at large and placing a note in the corkboard. As for other matters, I've checked. I was my fault. The 3 I have are from Biellman Spin. I was misled because of FP's notes about the Ted/Peach sonnet being "processed" and the "under deliberation" for the actual sonnets in general -- I misread and assumed the 3 were for my Ted/Peach sonnet. Any suggestions on how we might handle this and put a "spin" on it to our advantage?

Yup...that's it
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 15, 2002, 10:08 AM 111 of 275

You guys get to decide tea leaves for my Entropy, non-sonnet, IP verse and all four sonnets after that either aren't mentioned at all, (FP says he likes peach fuzz but doesn't speak of tea leaves), or might be lumped together under the cryptic terms "under deliberation" referencing back to his claim that I am he.

Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 15, 2002, 10:00 AM 112 of 275

Ran through corkboards. On corkborad 34 (tid=91078) FP "acknowledges" the IP of the verse I posted on Entropy. It's not a full sonnet and he actually later posted a slight rebuke for being too "poetic," but here's the deal -- he left it up to the "C" to determine how many tea leaves to give. I can't remember -- did anyone ever give me tea leaves for those? As for the actual sonnets -- the real fourteen liners -- I'm looking, but I don't think I got tea leaves for any of them -- instead, I got my new initials. Grrr Aargh!

Good Morning All!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 15, 2002, 9:33 AM 113 of 275

I've got your sonnets & I'll reply to them soon. First, I wanted to write about FP's late night posts. He says he already gave three for my spin, but I thought for sure those were for my first sonnet. I'm checking past posts, just in case, to see if he forgot he mentioned that. If it was my error, I'll take the "fall." Having wings makes it much easier to regain height <smile>. As for his other "clues" -- I'm wondering something. Before we go through the portal we could "speak" some words of power. Several magic words occur to me from literature -- the ones that open doors -- and we could try those. But there is one more. I won't dare utter it, however, unless all want me to. Not even here. It is a name. A very special name, I've had in my possession since about thirty minutes after I left my first tea time. (Yes, it seems FP and I do think in similar threads -- though mine are decidely more feminine!) Since names have been mentioned so often of late, I wonder if that is what he wants? Please review previous tea times and latest corkboards though and give me your impression. I will add that embedded in his posts are clues to this name -- ways to find him, but I won't say which posts. And I suggest you don't go searching unless you truly want to find. It seems more dangerous to me to utter that name than to even storm the portal, but it may be the key. I've suspected this before, and hinted at it, but I've been reluctant. With stakes getting higher every day though, it seems best to ask outright. I know you'll be honest in reply. Am I imagining things? Reaching for something that exceeds my grasp?

Posted by: prunehilda - May 15, 2002, 1:58 AM 114 of 275

I have to take a moment to thank you for your support this morning. It's strange how a scene can affect your mood but that empty feeling wasn't something I expected.I did watch "Seeing Red" twice. The first time I only saw the violence and the second time I only heard Buffy's screams. VR, somehow, managed to break the spell.

Everyone else has seen the next episode by now and usually I would refrain from coming to TT tomorrow. But how can I under the circumstances? I haven't a clue as to where we are and I can't wait to find out. Did you find it frightening to follow VR in to the unknown? It scared me! So I will be there tomorrow with bells on. I'm getting quite proficient at negotiating the Bronze using the tids and can probably avoid most of the controversy.

Going to bed now to think up sonnets. Earlier tonight I just burst out laughing at that same thought. The kids must think I've lost it.

Dear VR, last "fixed" quatrain
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 15, 2002, 1:06 AM 115 of 275

&#65279;"This plot has not much magic, one concedes.
Enhanced and fishy steam, Cold War, cute puns.
While B’s left to fulfill the green boys’ needs,
I too ask... why don’t Big Bads just use guns? <g>"

Thank you.

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 9:31 PM 116 of 275

Here is a repost of my (hopefully!) fixed quatrains. thanks again for your help. One question: when will you announce your "contest" and when will it take place? (that's two questions. Oh well).

To practice is my goal. To learn, my "curse."
(Or is it "gift"? <g> I'm sorry; I digressed...)
And I, quite nervous, practiced “l’art” of verse...
On such a simple subject? I regressed. <sigh>


Lone slayer stares at Big, Wet Mother Sea.
Lame swimmers get all honors. She gets none.
She saves ungrateful "Third"and we sure see
Her hope of getting a reward's long gone.


As in the old B. style, remains are found.
When something smells of fish, Scoobs hit the books.
Sure, X. in Speedo makes for laughing ground.
Where’s his “part fish,” one with these famous hooks?


[I'm still working on the "soviet" issue <smile>]

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 8:09 PM 117 of 275

So, great minds DO think alike. I posted an semi-official outraged (but still professional <smile>) response to FP's allegations before reading your post! I still left it open for him to explain his position.

I'm clueless!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 14, 2002, 6:25 PM 118 of 275

The only thing I can think of is that no tea leaves were officially "promised" for my sonnets, but beyond that...I'm sure we're right as to the other tea leaf accounts. Perhaps we should send a "cease and desist" for slanderous impungements to our honor? By the way, hope you all caught the "after May 23" reference FP made in regards to this thread. Looks like he intends to read -- and soon!

What the ----!!??
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 6:18 PM 119 of 275

"TL irregularities," "counterfeiting"? What the hell is FP talking about? We could not have been more thorough in the TL count. Another one of his mental manipulation tricks probably.

Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 5:47 PM 120 of 275

I posted our "official communication." I did not per se mention your future "contest" but did leave open the possibiliy of disposing of our TL as we want to. Did you want me to add an official addendum referring to this contest? Just let me know. Feel free to also announce the contest in one of your CB posts.

And a note based on FP's comments on today's corkboard
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 14, 2002, 4:54 PM 121 of 275

Yada, yada, yada preface all official communications with the acronym please yada, yada, yada... Thanks for doing the dirty work SL! :)

A quick clarification...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 14, 2002, 4:48 PM 122 of 275

My contest will operate separate from anything FP does -- it's supremely subjective on my part and gives me basis to transfer my leaves on something other than "sweet monkeys, sweet lawyers, and sweet economists, as well as "glowing" will-o-wisps who appear and disappear and leave us missing their presence. One more note -- SL -- when you do post our decision, don't forget to refer to Glow as DE and prunehilda as BK! <smile>

VR you were to fast <smile>
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 4:48 PM 123 of 275

Decision made then! (SL would jump up and down if boss had not chained me to my desk <smile>).

Thanks VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 4:45 PM 124 of 275

You don't know how much your comments are appreciated. I must tell you I struggled as to whether certain words are actually 2 or three syllables. I'll post a modified version on Friday's Tea Time (although I may come back to you with some re-writes just for a final "blessing" if that's OK with you). Gosh I'm relieved! Thanks again.

In any event, I think it's time to post our Tea Leaf count on the CB (FP is getting impatient!). If I don't hear from any of you by 5:30p (Bronze time), I'll just go ahead and post an official response with the count described in my previous Tea Leaf-related post. We can always address the various other issues left to decide (your sonnets, TL transfers, final choice to FP or us, etc.) in a later official C communication.

As to tea leaves...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 14, 2002, 4:44 PM 125 of 275

Your counts are correct. In terms of my sonnets -- I would request the Powers that Tea determine if and how many I shall receive for my sonnets. Once they make a decision, I'll then announce on the corkboard "my contest." I think it'll go over well, because it will be seen as "action" on our parts and we'll still maintain control of the tea leaves. Of course, this means you should put in that disclaimer about us reserving the right to transfer leaves at a later date. And that's it. Hurray! We've reached a decision! <g>

As to SL's Go Fish Sonnets (4 Good Lord!) By Jove I think She's Got it!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 14, 2002, 4:39 PM 126 of 275

Well done my girl! To have so few errors in your first sonnets is truly rare. Here's where FP may give you trouble: Sonnet One -- third quatrain -- "studious" scans as 3 syllables /u/. Try using a hash mark to delete one and you'll be back to t10 and on track for IP. Sonnet Two -- second quatrain -- "idea" scans as 3 syllables if you want to keep stress as u/ on intitial two. Reading it as only two syllables makes stresses scan as /u. Third quatrain -- "Speedo" is up for debate. I think it scans as /u, but others may disagree and it's not in the dictionary to check. Sonnet Three -- second quatrain -- see comments above about "idea." "Soviet" scans as three syllables with stresses in the order of /u/. This throw off both your count and your stresses. Third quatrain -- just a question -- did you mean built or build? Sonnet Four -- Perfect!

OK VR here is a summary of what I think our decision is (from your last post)
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 4:23 PM 127 of 275

This is what I will inform FP of:
prunehilda gets the 9 Collateral Damage Tea Leaves (BTW VR thanks for making the decision. I stand behind it).
Glow gets the 3 Spike quatrain tea leaves.
VR gets the 3 "Irina" Tea Leaves.
SL gets 3 tea leaves for the "Why I Post" verse and 2 for the NY Times challenge.

(Correct me if I'm wrong).
That leaves us with a grand total of:

From there, I'll need your feedback on the folliwng issues:
1- VR, do you want to let FP award you the tea leaves for your sonnets?
2- Should we inform FP that we want him to "grade" (whatever that means) the sonnets that we will all post in the next few days and distribute TL accordingly? Alternatively, VR, would you like for us to give you 9 (or more) Tea Leaves to distribute as you wish?
3- Should I put a disclaimer in my note to FP re: possible tranfers of Tea Leaves between C members as the week unfolds (that give us the option to change our mind on who should get the most tea leavess... at the same time, it also means we keep the headache a little longer. <smile>).

In any event, I still think we should leave FP the ultimate choice. We can present him with the above mentioned result, then tell him it will be up to him to distrbute sonnet-related Tea Leaves and final "rewards" he wishes to give out.

If possible, let's make this our last brainstorming session <smile> I'd love to hear from glow, though. <sigh>

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 4:07 PM 128 of 275

As you may know now, expanding is not something I have a problem with <smile>. I just thought I would go for it and get out of this non-special episode enough to write 4 parts, like FP does in most of his daily sonnets. I'm not saying this was easy. What usually takes FP a few hours took me 5 days (and 3 viewings of the episode!!)! I'm just hoping I did not get too many of the IP rythm wrong. Can't wait for VR's comments!

Posted by: prunehilda - May 14, 2002, 3:55 PM 129 of 275

Wow! Loved the sonnets. How did you ever get that much from "Go Fish"? I have a tendency to take everything to its lowest common denominater which is useful when you are trying to disemminate information expeditiously. You would not believe the number of profs who say "expand on that".

All right, All right, Angels WILL rush in where humans fear to tread!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 14, 2002, 3:50 PM 130 of 275

Here's the deal. I reread both haikus. As SL reminds us, the assignment was summary of the film. As prunehilda notes, however, both are summarizing a film they've never seen and actually summarizing two different aspects. Now, while SL's summary shows great proficiency in both verse and plot summary, prunehilda reveals equal versification skills and a knack for communicating a feel for the movie. I give reasons because I know I --oops-- FP will want them when he sees the distribution. Bottom Line -- prunehilda's summary strikes me as a more creative cultural collage that amusingly conveys both assignment, FP's thoughts and the movie's true significance in the larger scheme of things. Therefore, the nine leaves go to prunehilda! Done.

prunehilda/BK -- 9
Glow/DE -- 3
SL -- 5
VR -- 3

And I'd suggest we submit a formal request for some ruling from the Powers that Tea as to whether or not I qualify for further tea leaves beacuse of my three extra sonnets. Let FP deal with that one. <g>

And more to the point,fp, I mean VR
Posted by: prunehilda - May 14, 2002, 3:31 PM 131 of 275

You are putting us in a terrible position. How can we know which is better? We each approached the problem from a different perspective. I wrote , on a lark, about a movie I had never seen and tried to capture the silliness and seriousness of prophecy and dreams. And then only submitted it when I panicked. SL wrote a synopsis of a movie which she hasn't seen, either.

It seems to me that you or FP is going to have to make this decision. I know I will not harbor a grudge either way. Just do it. ( Please feel free to picture me with my hands on my hips as I say these things.)

God, am I feeling better!

Go Fish sonnets (PART II)
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 3:20 PM 132 of 275

No divine Spike. Just Angel as plot trick.
As Willow gets a taste of power (sweet!)
And cool guy is portrayed as usual prick...
When "perverts" did not make the Buff retreat. <g>

This plot is full of strange and mixed ideas.
Enhanced and fishy steam, soviet secrets.
While B’s left to fulfill the green boys’ needs,
I too ask... why don’t Big Bads use bullets? <g>

While not as low as “Ted” and the like, still...
The tale was not as scary and intense
As one wished. I tend to like darker frill. <g>
Where Bad is bad and writers built suspense.

If one good thing comes out of it: that beasts
Like this can be true victims, not cruel freaks.

Not much to do with film by the same name. <g>
A filler cute to watch in retrospect.
How Willow, Cordi grew much and became
The heroes that we have learned to respect.

No dark depressing shadow or sad grief,
But the initial brief lone slayer scene.
Plot, simple--to the point-- brings some relief.
Remember when the Buff was just eighteen?

How did I write so much on such a tale?
Did some of the plain themes somehow hit home?
That vain ambition puts convenient veil
On things that matter... could turn one to clone.

How far would you go to pursue your dream?
To change in AND out for fake prize supreme?

Here we go (giggling allowed, but not laughing, please! <smile>) [PART 1]
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 3:15 PM 133 of 275

My first offical full sonnetization of a Buffy episode ("Go Fish", which is "due" on Friday I believe). All by myself (yeah me!). VR, prunehilda, glow, ALL feedback welcome.


Just saw a "Buffy" that was wet and bland.
So why in Hell did I, the “wit,” <g> pick it?
More sins, to, here, confess I had not planned.
The easy-way-out vice I did commit.

On my first try at IP, please be kind.
"Go Fish" has not the primal, genius plot
That should have so intrigued a clever mind.
But no such talent, here. I’m not that “hot.” <smile>

To practice is my goal. To learn, my "curse."
(Or is it "gift"? <g> I'm sorry; I digressed...)
And I, so studious, practiced “l’art” of verse...
On such a simple subject? I regressed. <sigh>

Don’t mind the merits. Form was main concern.
Don’t lecture! Both are linked: I can discern.

It starts. A vict’ry party on the beach.
A fire. First, X., his old smart self, complains.
He mocks “cool genes” and makes his little speech.
Why be there then. “School spirit” or no brains? <g>

Lone slayer stares at Big, Wet Mother Sea.
Lame swimmers get all honors. She gets none.
She saves ungrateful "Third;" not best idea.
Her hope of getting a reward's long gone.

As in the old B. style, remains are found.
When something smells of fish, Scoobs hit the books.
Sure, Xander in Speedo is laughing ground.
Where’s his “part fish,” one with these famous hooks?

A Team of Creatures from the Black Lagoon?
Looks more like something from an odd cartoon.


Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 3:07 PM 134 of 275

Does your latest count include the Tea Leaves previouly awarded by FP? I'm getting confused (and it's only Tuesday... damn!) <smile>

In any event, although I believe that my hiaku was more on point (ie synopsis of the movie), from a strategic point of view (ie for the C to "vote" for the "most deserving" members), I still think prunehilda should get the 9 leaves. If not, I end up with an outrageous number of Tea Leaves, which may never be surpassed by whatever Tea Leaves you end up giving to glow or prunehilda if they write better sonnets. Putting these crucial 9 tea leaves in prunehilda's care (I know she is not interested in keeping them ultimately, am I right?) just allows more flexibility in the ultimate distribution of Tea Leaves (although, from the writer's point of view, you are right, it does not make much sense... but what does around here! <smile>)

I won't argue much more. <smile> You and prunehilda decide who the 9 Tea Leaves go to. I guess the decision is so difficult to make (from a stretgic point of view) because we don't know what the Tea Leaves are for. If they are "rewards" for creativity and writing, then VR, you're right, "beauty" not democracy should rule. But FP has awarded Tea Leaves for simple puzzle solving skills (which has not much to do with versification, let's admit it). Anyway, I'm rambling again. As you see, I am struggling a little bit with this whole thing, but I'll get over it!

All right -- time to be brutally honest and simply blunt
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 14, 2002, 2:25 PM 135 of 275

No modesty ladies -- and no "surrendering" for the good of others. Think as FP suggested. If this writing was to be published, and your name was going to be on it, as editor, which would you prefer. I'd like a designation of those nine leaves for the haiku summary from each of you, and Glow as well if she is able to read this. And if you believe yours was the better, then please, pick it. Merit takes the prize on this particular matter. As for the line to make a quatrain in FP's Spike sonnet -- we've all commented, in one spot or another, that Glow's is more straightforward and better fits FP's sonnet so those three leaves go to her fair and square. Since only SL contributed to make FP's short line, full, and only she offered the Shakespeare article in the NYT, then those five leaves go to her ASAP. Likewise, I get my three for Biellman Spin.


To Glow -- 3 leaves for completing FP's short quatrain

To SL -- 3 leaves for completing FP's short line; 2 leaves for finding the Bard in the New York Times. Hence, a total of 5.

To VR -- 3 leaves for the Biellman Spin

Up for grabs -- 9 leaves for haiku movie summary

Leaves requested for full sonnets -- 3 per sonnet -- totalling 9. Held in Trust by VR; to be awarded to a member of the "C" who completes the best sonnet by Tea Time's end this Thursday (because Friday's often fall through <smile>)

If this is acceptable -- just pass along your vote for the haiku and we'll be done dithering -- whew! <g>

Note to prunehilda
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 1:00 PM 136 of 275

The "empty" feeling (a common side-effect of Seeing Red!)will go away soon, I promise. It took me 3 days and two viewings to get a little perspective on the whole thing. If you want to talk about it, let me know.

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 12:58 PM 137 of 275

First let me say I am glad we are getting some lively debate around here. VR, prunehilda, you are the best (I guess that was TOO polite again, sh*t! <smile>). No equal number of tea leaves then. I agree: if we have to play the game, let's play like it should be. However, I'm glad we can all talk about it; that to me is "real democracy." No hidden agenda, no secret meetings,etc. We let it all out, as it is, on the C "forum."

prunehilda, I have to thank you for your vote of confidence. I will proudly carry the C flag through the Portal if that's where Tea Leaves take me (Note to self: try to be slightly less emphatic next time <smile>).
Anyway, maybe we can let VR attribute the last Tea Leaves for our sonnets? That way, the actual "more deserving" C member will get the Leaves.

I will post my "Go Fish" sonnets as soon as I can for review by all of you (most likely by the end of the day).

Final question: So should we inform FP of the first round of Tea Leaves distribution? (i.e. based on last week's challenges). prunehilda, let me know if you want the 9 Collateral Damage TL (I would encourage it, to allow extra Tea Leaves to be distributed if VR is out of them.) VR should we include your "sonnets tea leaves" as well? As you spokesperson, I am awaiting your feedback <smile>

Thanks again to you all for a great collaboration. Gosh, I will miss this. <sigh>

What to do about those pesky tea leaves!
Posted by: prunehilda - May 14, 2002, 12:31 PM 138 of 275

We could talk about this until we are blue in the face. Let's just boil some water and brew up.<very very ewg>

Seriously, I think it's dangerous to underestimate FP and give an equal allocation of leaves. There should be a clear winner. I believe we will all benefit by being honest and forthright because FP has as much said so. Remember, it's the journey not the destination. In that vein, SL, you will be the winner and deserve to be so. No apologies necessary. However, I think that one of the requirements is to write an IP sonnet and VR can help you with that. I'm still having my own IP problems but I'm working on it.

I've got an idea for my final sonnet. "Seeing Red" hit a little too close to home and I've been a little numb since Saturday. This morning was the first time I could wrap a word around that feeling....empty. My next sonnet based on season six will be called "Running on Empty"

So, the bottom line...in a roundabout way <smile>
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 14, 2002, 9:42 AM 139 of 275

So, I have some comments as to disposition. Though I do harass the Powers and FP about the portal, I play this game, actually, to play with words. It's the mind acrobatics we engage in that entice me and, actually, the tea leaves are more of a sideshow. I would have posted sonnets regardless -- just to show FP I could follow the rules before I broke them. And if we're going to be brutally honest, whatever's beyond the portal won't remain a mystery long. I'm fairly sure whoever "passes through" will also pass back a bit of info to the rest of us. And if she's sworn to secrecy, well then, a continuing mystery to puzzle over is fine by me. And I came late to this game -- very late -- so I'm less invested in those tea leaves as well. Now FP granted me 3 leaves for my sonnet posted during tea time, but none were granted for the three others I wrote -- one posted on the corkboard, and the other two in the Bronze at large. If you'd like to request tea leaves for them, you may, and I'll dispose of them based on merit. A contest of my own, I'll announce on the corkboard. I'll give my nine new tea leaves to whomever writes the best Sonnet. I'll still help with IP -- I consider it less important than wit and content -- so no worries there. Thus -- honesty is maintained, virtue not besmirched and FP appeased. Let me know what you think....

To steal a line from FP, "And now it's Tuesday..."
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 14, 2002, 9:29 AM 140 of 275

And insomniac writers have been up all night. Currently I'm running on Entenmann's cinnamon rolls and a couple gallons of coffee -- I figure one more cup will just about top me off. So, first, "SL" glad you didn't take offense by the post on behalf of the "C" -- I guessed you'd all be okay with it, and since I couldn't find a deadline, but FP was hinting at one, I thought I'd best take action first and apologise later. Having said that, I think perhaps we may want to not give even distribution of tea leaves. If you haven't yet, read FP's final sonnet for the day -- it's much in the vein of other similar, pointed hints we've been receiving of late. I fear if we act with what FP deems propriety or politeness or courtesy, none may cross the portal. This is only a "sense" I have but I think I'm getting the same vibes from the Oracle and even a few from Verschip before he disappeared -- democracy's Ugly, cut off virtue's head, honest discourse, etc... Of course, we could reference FP's own postings of how women choose to engage in discussions etc... but the Powers that Tea might not buy that. Take a break... I'll be back in the next post

Tea Leaf status report (Part 2)
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 4:19 AM 141 of 275

Now I think we should all agree VR should get 3 Tea Leaves per sonnet she wrote. VR, please check on that. I can only remember 2 sonnets that FP never granted TL for, but let me know if that's not accurate.
SL: 12
VR: 12
Glow: 6
prunehilda: 10
Yelnif: 1

Now VR if you and I give 2 Tea Leaves each to glow, we (magically!...) end up with 10 Tea Leaves each (VR, you were right of course... why did I feel the need to re-check everything? Note to self: get "control chip" tuned up <smile>).
Final note: As a courtesy, should we ask yelnif whether she wishes to join us (I'm sure we can make up 9 Tea Leaves somewhere, if only for her lovely songs! <smile>)

So we end up with (without counting any imaginary Tea Leaves we could transfer and/or issue):
prunehilda: 10
Yelnif: 1 (or more for songs and attendance).

If we all agree on that count, I'll make up an "official" message to FP (with the appropriate transfers, etc.). VR, glow, prunehilda, let me know what you think.

I'm up to bed now (that many numbers made me dizzy <smile). See you all tomorrow.

Tea Leaf status report (part 1)
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 4:18 AM 142 of 275

As of 5/7 (which was the last day when FP awarded TL himself):
SL: 7
VR: 3 (let's make those "confirmed" ones)
Glow: 3
prunehilda: 1
Yelnif: 1

Note that my 7 included the Collateral Damage Tea Leaf (for citing title).

FP confirmed the following but never offficially included them in the total:
- VR got 3 Tea Leaves for Irina challenge.
- SL got 2 Tea Leaves for NY TImes challenge.

The following was acquired during TT but never confirmed by FP (left for us to decide):

-Spike Quatrain: Glow (by "C" vote); 3 Tea Leaves.
- Collateral Damage synopsis: SL and prunehilda posted haikus; 9 Tea Leaves. No vote ever took place.
- "Why I post" line to fix: SL; 3 Tea Leaves.

So we get the following (let me know if I got it wrong; it's late and I have always doubted my adding abilities <smile>):

SL: 12 (21 if you include Collateral Damage haiku)
VR: 6
Glow: 6
prunehilda: 1 (10 if you include Collateral Damage haiku)
Yelnif: 1

That was the official version, now, of course, I'll let prunehilda get the 9 tea leaves.
So here is what we get:
SL: 12
VR: 6
Glow: 6
prunehilda: 10
Yelnif: 1

(PART II of my message to all)
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 2:59 AM 143 of 275

Sincerely, I would be at a loss to decide who is "more deserving." Maybe a tie would force FP to chose himself (which he is probably trying to avoid by transfering the responsibility to us)? (or was it planned all along?) Or we could transfer all our tea leaves to one of FP's "characters" (monkey or Mr. V or goodtvguy). I'm just throwing ideas out there. I am sure prunehilda will have better and more subversive ideas to propose! <smile>

Let's discuss after I confirm VR's count of Tea Leaves (although I'm open to just making up Tea Leaves as we go).
I'll be right back.

Last note to VR: Thank you for posting the official response from the C to FP on the CB. I think he was losing his patience! <smile>

Dear all (PART I)
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 14, 2002, 2:56 AM 144 of 275

First, I am in the process of listing all tea leaves for this week.

VR I read your posts and I suggest we confer after we get the exact number of tea leaves to allocate. Of course, prunehilda makes a good point: how can we set a strategy if we don't know what the objective is? I have another concern: considering that we have ALL worked hard throughout this Tea Time, who should in fairness get the most TL? This is a sincere question to which I have no asnwer myself. I mean prunehilda and glow have been around since even before Tea Time and they both contributed with haikus, IP and vital insight and discussions (with special mention to prunehilda for "inventing" the C and glow for still popping in despite her busy schedule). Then of course VR, you have raised the bar for all of us. If you had not joined Tea Time ANd the C, I do not think I would even have given a try at IP. You have posted the most sonnets, have challenged FP in more ways than we could ever do and have helped solve many of FP's cryptic puzzles. As for me, well I have tried to be present at every Tea Time since I got involved, have mostly stuck to haikus but tried to participate as much as possible, in and out of Tea Time, to encourage clues from FP, Oracle, Mr. V, etc. I have also done extensive research for various "challenges" throughtout these past weeks. (Did I mention "lowering myself" to flirting with Mr. V, all that "for the cause"? <smile>).

Hi everyone
Posted by: prunehilda - May 13, 2002, 11:18 PM 145 of 275

Would Forensic issue an official list of the tea leaves in question? SL, as our spokesperson, could ask and then it would be easier to figure out the allocation of tea leaves.

A final few questions. What is our purpose in the allocation of the leaves? Do we want to declare a winner? FP might try to break a tie. Are we prepared for sudden death overtime?(Sorry for the hockey reference. I am Canadian and it is the playoffs.Glow understands)

Our strategy in this final leg is crucial and it would be easier if we knew what the outcome could be.

VR- I won't have the rewrite of the sonnet until tomorrow sometime.

And now I've done some math, but this isn't my area
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 13, 2002, 9:55 PM 146 of 275

So bear with me -- please! All right, based on the tea leave update tonight when the portal closed, Glow has 3, SL has 7, prunehilda/BK has 1, and I have 3 in abeyance. Now, if all tea leaves in my previous post are valued at three (except the haiku summary I know was valued at nine) then we may have an interesting situation. SL, you mentioned "even scores" to frustrate FP, and judging by today's posts it might just drive him batty. Stay with me here: prunehilda/BK's plus haiku summary = 10. Mine, all granted plus 1 in punitive damages =10, SL's all granted = 13, and Glow's all granted = 6. But, if we're missing a test or I have undervalued one by a point, and, SL, if you were serious, then you could transfer 3 to Glow, pushing her to 9 and whoever gained the extra could transfer to her as well, thereby making all of us an even 10. Question: do I get any extra tea leaves for extra sonnets? I've posted four so far. And, I can post more if need be. If I do get extra points, I'll pass them to Glow as well. Let me know what you think. And one last thought : SL if you'd rather not be spokeslady, I could try to write a sonnet expressing our intentions as well. Regardless, have a good night!

Okay, A suggestion...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 13, 2002, 9:41 PM 147 of 275

Supernatural Lawyer -- As the one of us most qualified to create "official" language that the Powers That Tea might duly accept, will you be our spokeslady? And as for designations -- I know you offered support in tea time, but since I was only voting, perhaps we might come to agreement here? I would say the nine tea leaves for the haiku to prunehilda / BK. Then the three for the sonnet line to complete the quatrain to Glow. Three for the short line in "Why I post" to you. 3 For the Biellman Spin to me, plus whatever mentioning the movie Collateral Damage was worth, (and if you feel like it <g> plus 1 more for emotional damages by withholding leaves on spurious grounds). Then it was either two or three offered for Shakespeare, so add those to your account. Any others I'm forgetting?

Thanks VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 13, 2002, 6:42 PM 148 of 275

You beat me to it! <smile>
I will take care of checking how many TL each chalenge was associated with. Note: I did not participate in the Spike Quatrain challenge. But I'm pretty sure I was the only one giving an answer to the "Why I post" question.

As far as how to distribute TL, I am clueless. Maybe prunehilda or glow have an idea. Should we make it so that we all have an equal number of Tea Leaves? (how subversive!) Or should we just vote for the person who will get the most Tea Leaves? Personally, I think you, VR, have been the most insightful and the most consistent at posting IPs (I pretty much stuck to haikus until recently). You also have been present at Tea Time almost everyday (extra points for attendance!).

Members of the C, all feedback welcome on this issue!!

Okay... did a very quick check
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 13, 2002, 6:25 PM 149 of 275

And may be missing some, but I think these are the tea leaves we must render judgement on:

Finnish: I posted "LA without a map" but no comment on that, so I suspect it was wrong

Slutskaya: I posted Biellman Spin & FP said okay

NY Times Clue: SL posted about portrait and Sl said okay

Short Line in Why I post: I think both SL & Glow posted? I couldn't quite remember...but I know the iambic I saw was definitely correct

BV line to complete Spike's Quatrain: Everyone posted and I know everyone who asked me had correct IP

Collateral Damage Movie name: SL & I posted

Collateral Damage Summary: SL and prunehilda (now BK -- congrats on your snazzy Kevlar -- very becoming!)

I think that's it, any thoughts on how to distribute tea leaves?

No thanks needed BK & SL
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 13, 2002, 4:26 PM 150 of 275

I should be thanking both of you for making my daytime breaks so interesting! SL I hope you have fun on your trip -- I think I'd be the same way -- not wanting to know exactly, but still keeping an eye out, just a bit... Makes me think of these tea leaves too -- I know I should be checking on them and organizing, but I'm reluctant as well. I don't want the mystery solved. Maybe because it's part of that "progression" Fp may have been talking about in the 1800 thread. I'm having fun, so I don't want to change things too much, so I avoid change in tea time. Something Joss would never allow of course & I think FP is getting impatient with it too. Sigh. I guess that means I'll review them and see what I can do. I probably won't have anything today, but I should have info for everyone tomorrow.

Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 13, 2002, 4:17 PM 151 of 275

I hope you had a nice week-end. Thanks for reminding me of these extra Tea Leaves. I guess one of us could go through last week's Tea Time/CB and do a proper count (considering the work I have to do today, I may not be able to accomplish that task until tomorrow, if you can wait until then). I'll be happy to give you and glow (I know prunehilda is not interested) whatever Tea Leaves you need. I guess we just have to make a decision and let FP know.

As for L.A., well, it's pure coincidence. I'm just taking a well-deserved week-end away and happen to have tickets to see JM in concert on Saturday night. (although my "groupie time" is long, long gone--another life time?-- I am strangely excited <smile>). Other than that, I am not so eager to meet FP in person (maybe one day, though). I'd like to keep the mystery and anonimity of our discussions for alittle while longer, especially since we now know that Tea time will continue in one form or another after 5/22. But I may indeed "tease" (<g>) him with a few clues as to where I'll be. However, I and the friend I'll be with will most likely be spending Sunday on the Santa Monica beach, which may be an opportunity to look for the "all-glass-structure" (if there is an actual one!). And, as the good spy that I am, I will be on the look for a giant red-haired guy (unless, as the Lynchesque creature he is, he has already changed his hair color!). It should be fun. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how I should approach the whole thing. I will follow all instructions from the C!

PS: I will most likely post my 4 sonnets about "Go Fish" tomorrow. Thank you in advance for your help. What would we do without you? <smile>

Thanks for the suggestions VR
Posted by: prunehilda - May 13, 2002, 3:54 PM 152 of 275

I'm not in the rebellious mood right now so I just want to get the IP straight this time. I'll try again this evening and post the results later.

Last but not least...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 13, 2002, 3:52 PM 153 of 275

Help! I can't remember the tea leaves up for grabs either. Yes, the spin, but also a spiderman reference I think, and Glow's line to make a quatrain, and SL's line to correct the missing "feet" in FP's "why I post..." the finnish reference, and I don't know what else, but SL didn't you note a tea leaf you should have gotten for mentioning bold faced words during tea time? And one other thing I forgot, but I've been meaning to ask you SL, what would you do while in LA? Would you like to meet him? Or would you mention on the main board you'll be there? Perhaps mention a time you'll go to the pier and see if he shows? I'm just curious <smile>

As for the IP, prunehilda
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 13, 2002, 3:48 PM 154 of 275

I'm afraid there's no way around that one in terms of sonnet form (though even Shakespeare, as I've mentioned before, didn't always use strictly IP). So here's the trouble points: First line needs one more syllable to make 10. "I'm in Anya's quarter" scans u / /u /u. Sorry, next few lines may be out of order because my note taking was messy. So, if you don't understand, just shout... "So you haven't any reasons to smirk" scans u / /u /u /u u /. "And the the other" scans u / / /u. "Problems," "also" and "only" all scan as /u. "Become moot" scans as u/ /. And finally, "Xander" scans as /u as well. I've put spaces between the symbols representing words, so if a word is two syllables, the stress and unstressed are jammed together. I hope this helps! Let me know if it doesn't though, and I'll rephrase to explain more. I can't wait to see what you come up with, and good luck!

prunehilda: High praise for efforts first...
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 13, 2002, 3:37 PM 155 of 275

And very good thoughts -- I happen to agree with as well. Now, though, like a lecturer, I'm going to drone a bit and suggest you try rephrasing a few. But only if you want them in Shakespearean, iambic pentamenter. I mention this because it occurs to me that if you wish to rebel a bit, while still working within constraints, you might consider trying another sonnet form. I've been thinking about doing just that lately as a test and tease to FP -- altering the ways in which I participate to refer back to one of his previous posts. But since you rebelled first, i thought you might like to give a try as well. In terms of FP's arguments for posting in sonnet form, you still meet his the value of his points, and you still write in IP, simply in a different chosen form. So, without further ado -- here they are: Petrarchan -- rhyme scheme of abba, abba, cdecde or cddc ee & Spenserian-- rhyme scheme of abab bcbc cdcd ee. I'm sure I'm reaching 1800, so I'll continue in next post.

Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 13, 2002, 3:30 PM 156 of 275

Easy stuff out of the way first. I'm betting FP was playing games and caught the Japan reference I made weeks ago in reference to Glow's snow monkeys. He knows I know the book & I'll tell & he's waiting to see (I think.) The book's called The Chrysanthemum and the Sword -- it's a cultural study of the Japanese mentality. Written a good while ago but very highly praised and still "standard" reading for westerners who intend to live or do business in Japan. Hope that helps! I wrote a snotty, elitist reply to his comments -- deliberately -- just to tease him and see what he does.<g>

Hi prunehilda!
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 13, 2002, 1:06 PM 157 of 275

Hope you had a nice week-end. Nice sonnet. A new perspective on Xander; thank you.

This week-end's corkboard was a lot to "digest" all at once! <smile> I'll need a little time to read it all. I like the idea of a Tea Time Sunday a great deal. Other than that, the concept of not citing the author of a quote just seems elitist to me...a way to intellectually "exclude" the "little people" like me. But I decided to be nice this week and not anger FP. For now. <smile>

Happy Monday to all.

Hi VR,SL and Glow
Posted by: prunehilda - May 13, 2002, 12:23 AM 158 of 275

So many things to talk about!

But tonight I'm beat again so I'm only going to talk about the Xander project. I wrote a sonnet but it needs some IP help VR. I guess I feel sorry for Xander. He is the poster boy for codependency and Buffy, Willow, and the others are his enablers. What's that annoying saying that Dr. Phil uses all the time? Something about emotional payback or payoff? Xander screws up and the girls all say Oh Xander, you poor thing. He gets positive reinforcement for acting the fool. Here's the sonnet:

XANDER, Can you say codependent?

If Buffy was a real friend she would
have laid it on the line, told X up straight
it's up to him to mend his ways. He could
bow down and then perhaps he'd get his mate.

B should have kick'd his a** up to the moon
and back; told him to cut that act of jerk.
"I'm in Anya's quarter this time, buffoon
so you haven't any reason to smirk."

And the the other girls should follow suit
because if they love him as much as they
pretend, his lifes problems will become moot
only if he can jump into the fray.

Xander is kind of a good guy but he
also needs help not tea and sympathy.

Last quick note after reading corkboard
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 12, 2002, 3:29 PM 159 of 275

FP said something about allocating Tea Leaves ourselves. Talk about Machiavel! I personally lost count of last week's Tea Leaves! I think there were Tea Leaves for the Collateral Damage challenge. (how many in total? there were some for citing the movie name and some for the synopsis haiku, that all I know). VR got some for the Irina challenge but again, how many? And was the "Finnish" puzzle ever solved? Then, again, like FP we could make up Tea Leaves for no good reason and assign them in a random fashion <g>
Anyway, I'll be happy to share TL with whoever. Let's just make a collegial decision (difficult since we don't know what the Tea Leaves are for!). Let's talk about this on Monday? All feedback welcome.

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 12, 2002, 3:16 PM 160 of 275

First a warm hello to glow. It is so good to hear from you! And thank you for your feedback on the "student issue". It DID make sense. :)

VR: I would not mind that FP read these posts, only after all is over of course. For some reason I feel he has sneaked into the C thread more than once. But again maybe that's just my cynical nature (oops another sin to confess! <smile>). Or maybe it's because FP has shown that the "Rules" of Tea Time are ever-changing and that his respect for them is not the most reliable. <g>

I am in the process of sonnetizing a Buffy episode from Season 2. It's taking me forever, but I'm hanging in there. I will most likely post it on Monday for your comments.

Hello to prunehilda if she is around.

Ladies & Gentlemen (just in case) let's give a big welcome back to Glow!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 11, 2002, 4:40 PM 161 of 275

Hurray! Glad to "read" you again Glow -- your posts always brighten my day. Are you "done" for the summer? Or at least breathing a bit easier? You asked a good question about Forensic and this board. He said he wouldn't read the thread -- on his honor -- and strangely enough I believe him. Maybe it's because that old fashioned phrase is familiar to me and triggers a response when people use it. <Note to prunehilda: See? Power. Course it's power to evoke a pretty naive response in me, but hey -- I never said only good :) > Regardless, since this project is about to officially "end" in a few weeks and morph into something new, we should consider what to do about this thread. Would anyone be averse to allowing Forensic to read it at Tea Time's conclusion? And please speak up and speak honestly -- none of this "ugly" virtue and courtesy Oracle has been complaining about of late! I'll check back later. I hope everyone is enjoying their "real lives" this weekend -- SuperSpike ("get a life") would be so proud of us!

Oh my word! 113 posts!!!
Posted by: glow - May 11, 2002, 5:29 AM 162 of 275

I guess that's what happens for being absent. At least I know that these posts will be a good read. <smile>

SNL, prunehilda and VR how are all of you? I have lots of thoughts buzzing in my head after reading today's and yesterday's corkboard and today's sonnets.

I'll just leave you with one thought. SNL you are very astute in your observations of second language students in an English speaking classroom environment. When you recalled your experience, it reminded me of this video I watched in one of my teaching courses. The video was of a mock American university class that had American students and international students. We examined all of the students' participation, or lack thereof, how they responded, i.e. the style of speech/communication, and also their body language. Plus, we evaluated the professor's behaviour. It was insightful and interesting. When I am teaching, I notice the students' participation habits. Does that make sense? It's late, so I think I am exempt from being completely coherent. <grin>

Due to the hour, I won't read all of the posts tonight, but sometime this weekend. I just wanted to clock in for a moment to let you all know I'm still alive and well and thinking about my "C" compatriots and of course Tea Time.

Do any of you really believe that FP is not reading these posts? I want to believe him, but I feel like he couldn't resist. I know I couldn't. Another human weakness revealed. <smile>


Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 10, 2002, 6:35 PM 163 of 275

I don't know if I'll be around this week-end. Real life is taking over! But if I have a sonnet by the end of the week-end I'll post it here. Thanks again for your help. I'll post my comments about X as well as soon as I can.
AC ("Annoying Clients") are late so I may be to sneak in Tea Time for a few minutes. Who knows?

Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 10, 2002, 6:21 PM 164 of 275

No hard feelings at all! No worries about me. You can see my opinions on Xander on the corkboard (as well as other thoughts) and I'll post more later or perhaps tomorrow. Something came up, so I can't help this evening, but I'll certainly work with you this weekend! Just name a time. And enjoy that meeting -- I know I will mine! <sarcasm, but with a smile -- who knows? yours might be fun>

About FP's Xander "project" on today's CB
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 10, 2002, 5:39 PM 165 of 275

What are your ideas about that? Should we present a united "front?" I tend not to take anti/pro decisions about the character on the show (I'm not the "judgy" kind!) but of course, Xander has been "screwing up" a lot lately. I would go for something around what Anya told him in Entropy (the "little boy" remark). He truly lives in a "little boy" dream world. His possessiveness toward Buffy is also interesting, as well as his hypocrisy (his fiance was a pretty creepy demon too wasn't she?). And X made his share of mistakes of course (see OMWF for example). All seasons are full of his "oops" moments. Another aspect of his personality is very "GI Joe." He is always the one who goes for the "let's kill first and then ask questions." He is not the most sophisticated character on the show in that aspect. His world is very black and white, "demons bad/people good" (again the "little boy" theme).
But there are also good things going for him: the loyal friend, the responsible man (he does have a job, unlike most characters), his devotion to Buffy, etc.

Give me your thoughts.

Typo warning
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 10, 2002, 3:08 PM 166 of 275

Just realized some of my words "mysteriously" disappeared in my previous post. The end of the 1st paragraph was meant to read: "(I have a pretty hard shell so I don't mind a little controversy, but I hope FP's OK with my un-tactful attack on author X).

Hi all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 10, 2002, 3:05 PM 167 of 275

VR: thank you for your insightful posts on the CB yesterday and today. (and your "when Harry Met Sally"--one of my guilty pleasure/cult movies--reference re: high maintenance women). I'll add my own "WHMS" reference: when something is "already out there, you can't take it back" (this is where I wished the Bronze had an "edit" feature!). And I guess I'm talking about my posts as well as FP's! I hope no hard feelings will stem from yesterday's discussion, at least on his part (I have a pretty hard shell so I don't mind

prunehilda: We will miss you today. Come back soon!

I have a meeting at 6:30p Bronze Time, but I should be available before then to chat about Tea Time if any of you are around.
I do have the project of writing a sonnet on one of next week's Tea Time episodes (probably "Go Fish" Although not the best/most interesting episode of Season 2, I just watched it over the week-end and it's still fresh in my mind.). Can I post it on the C thread sometime early next week for your review?

Last note (I promise): does anyone have any idea what FP's ramblings about Mr. Verschip mean?

Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 10, 2002, 1:33 PM 168 of 275

Rainchecks available any time -- you need only ask! And by the way -- for you and SL -- I meant 4 pm Bronze time (sorry, forgot to stipulate).

As to your second question, prunehilda, I truly do. It's true, action does add weight, but consider the impact even just the written word has had on history. Include the spoken and the implications are massive. Strictly written though in interests of space.

Think of the Bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad-Gita -- all written word disseminated throughout the world. Then consider the social, political and religious implications of those "words" in our world. Think of the Reformation in the 1500s in Europe -- sparked by words posted on a church door and spread like wildfire because of pamphlets and people's determination to be able to read in their own language the scriptures and interpret them themselves. Think of the Revolutions beginning worldwide in the late 1700s and running well into the 1900s fueled by essays on the rights of men, the rights of women, the humanity of people regardless of color or creed. Think of Einstein's publications, in "Popular Mechanics," of his theories many academics initially wouldn't have deigned to read. Consider the way Kerouac managed to capture a "sense" an entire generation held of themselves and compelled many of them to act on it. And on, and on, and on...

Now, add ideas, comment on those above, whatever you like, and we'll see what we can shift with our words.<smile>

VR ,Glow and SL
Posted by: prunehilda - May 10, 2002, 1:17 PM 169 of 275

Can't participate in TT today. VR, can I take a raincheck on your offer for IP help? I was going to comment on the discussion from yesterday but what is there to say? So I'll just shut up now. Hmmm, maybe just one question. VR, do you really believe that words can make a difference (because that's a pleasant thought) or do you think that words need action to back them up. I'm not talking violence here. OK. That was two questions!

Now, I'm shutting up, really! ZIP...mmmphtg

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 10, 2002, 2:22 AM 170 of 275

No need to apologize (from an "over-worrier" to another one. <smile>)

Posted by: prunehilda - May 10, 2002, 2:04 AM 171 of 275

I have to apologize for jumping in too quickly today during TT. I worried needlessly. I'm sorry. I don't know whether that was the mom or the manager part of me coming out.

I've read yours and VRs post on the corkboard and will have to spend some time reflecting on all that was there but now it's getting late. Tomorrow will be another long travel day unfortunately.

To all C friends
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 09, 2002, 8:47 PM 172 of 275

Well, it looks like my IP was just fine after all. My first IP all by myself. Only one verse but ... Yeaaaah!

prunehilda: don't worry about posting both our haikus. It actually makes it more interesting (that way there will be an actual vote, at least if there is supposed to be one). I really had hoped glow could have been there to be the one to post the answer to that challenge. Oh well... Like you said prunehilda: we can't let those Tea Leaves get away, whatever they are fo.

Did any one of you get the Oracle's ramblings about beauty, democracy, etc.? Is he talking about us or does it have any Buffy significance?

I'll be around again later tonight. Must run to my kung-fu class (no I'm not kidding!)

Suggestion to replace "defective" verse
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 09, 2002, 5:00 PM 173 of 275

I am no IP master so all your feedback will be much appreciated!

"Ironic'ly the freedom that you lose
is amplified, returned. So it's not fools . . .

. . . who out of sonnets make some clever sense
(So make slams of folks' "poetry" past tense.)"

Does it even make ... sense? <smile> I don't even know if the accents are correct. Help!

Me again! I found the "wrong" verse in FP's WHY I POST IN SHAKESPEAREAN SONNETS"
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 09, 2002, 4:41 PM 174 of 275

See tid #48152.

". . . who would make sonnet-arguments.
(So make slams of folks' "poetry" past tense.)"

I'll look for a replacement but I may need help <smile>

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 09, 2002, 4:15 PM 175 of 275

You said you would be around "after 4pm on Friday" is that PST or Bronze time? Thanks.

Sorry, error in my haiku (I can't seem to be able to count to 5 today... not a good sign!)
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 09, 2002, 4:13 PM 176 of 275

The second haiku should read :

"His family's killed.
He goes mad, vows revenge and
Heads to Columbia."

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 09, 2002, 3:58 PM 177 of 275

Dear VR: Thank you for your support on the CB! I posted an apologetic explanation of my position; check it out if you have a minute.
We will miss you today. But don't worry, I know what busy is; you're preaching to the choir! Good luck at work then. I'll try to find glow to let her know to use my haiku. If she's not around today, what should we do? Lose the Nine Tea Leaves? prunehilda, why don't you take over if glow can't be here today. You'll get the Nine Tea Leaves and dispose of them as you want when it is time to do so. Let me know what you think.

Otherwise, I don't know if any of you feel like me but I am dreading the May 22 "deadline." I am having so much fun, I am actually sad this has to end some day. But if I can write a decent IP sonnet in the meantime (and maybe gain some good friends too) I guess I would have got the best out of that experience. Do you think FP will do another project afterwards?

Final note: my trip to LA is confirmed for May 18-19. Does the C want me to lurk around the Santa Monica beach to find the "all glass structure" (if there is one) or spy on the giant red-haired poet? <smile>

So busy today!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 09, 2002, 3:26 PM 178 of 275

I have a deadline that must be met and unfortunately it's not one I can "slip" so today is not so good for me. I'm taking this break now because my brain was threatening to turn to mush without some human contact. So, let's see. First, SL -- very nice haikus! Since I may not make tea-time though (depending on how much I'm able to pound out here at my computer before hand) I think it's best if Glow takes the honors. Second, both SL & prunehilda -- any help you need with sonnets will be most gladly provided after four p.m. on Friday until you no longer need help! And now I've forgotten what else was in the thread. I'll read again and post later. Sorry -- my mind is beginning to act as an illustrative example of entropy. Later!

Collateral Damage "challenge"
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 09, 2002, 3:02 PM 179 of 275

I have a haiku for today's Tea Time. Whoever will use it (VR have we decided?), feel free to modify it if it's not to your liking. I did not see the movie so I based it on what I could find on-line. Let's talk about it before Tea Time, if any of you are available. Here it is:

In this “bloody” flick
Schwarzenegger plays Gordy,
A lone fireman.

When his wife and son are killed
He goes mad, vows revenge and
Heads to Columbia.

Much happens there.
Terrorists and CIA.
Explosions, tortures.

Moral dilemmas
Are also part of the plot:
“Big Bad” has a wife.

Formulaic? Dull?
Entertaining? I don’t know.
I did not see it.

For the Nine Tea Leaves
That is the best we can say
About Schwartzy’s film.

Hi all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 09, 2002, 2:44 PM 180 of 275

I'm back from my meeting. I can work on a haiku re: Collateral Damage (unless one of you already has one). As agreed, VR or glow will get the benefit of these 9 Tea Leaves.

prunehilda: good idea about a sonnet on season 6. I will also work on sonnetizing something, probably one of next week's EOTD (I'm seriously thinking about investing in a rhyming disctionary by the way.).

In any event, I'll gladly participate in a common brainstroming session (or at least serve as the usual cheer-leading squad, as my IP expertise is still at its infancy). FYI, I'll be unavailable on Sunday, but, if you wish to meet sometime on Saturday, I may be able to be here.

Final note: I saw Spiderman yesterday. The final words by the hero (previouly referred to by FP) are the following: "It's my curse, it's my gift." Very Buffyesque isn't it!

Posted by: prunehilda - May 09, 2002, 1:43 PM 181 of 275

So who's going to write the haikus? They have to be done by today.

VR- I'm headed to the library this afternoon so I won't be available until TT. Can I get your help this weekend on a sonnet for the group. I thought it should be a general synopsis about Season Six. What do you think?

Dear all
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 09, 2002, 1:18 PM 182 of 275

Better day today. I hope all of you are well.
As promised, here is a synopsis of Collateral Damage (the best I could find in the little time I had). I have to run to a meeting so I don't have time to help with the haikus (maybe later, if I get off that meeting early enough). If I'm not around at Tea Time, that's because work would have got in the way (again; it's started to get annoying!). I will drop by later if I can.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as a lone Los Angeles fireman whose wife and child are killed by a terrorist bomb in this eerily prescient action drama. Vowing revenge against the Columbian guerilla leader who set the bomb, Gordy Brewer (Schwarzenegger) heads down to Central America where he is soon caught in a crossfire between the terrorists and a cadre of CIA operatives led by hard-nosed agent Peter Brandt (Elias Koteas). Escaping prisons, diving off waterfalls, and biting off ears, Gordy seems unstoppable until he realizes his target has a wife and child of his own, and moral confusion sets in. Action fans expecting typical brainless mayhem might be surprised to find emoting, ethical dilemmas and criticism of US foreign policy in an Arnold vehicle, but they needn't worry: he still finds time for plenty of bone-breaking and blowing things up before the credits roll. Gorgeous Italian actress Francesca Neri (LIVE FLESH) is a major asset as the terrorist's wife. Andrew Davis (THE FUGITIVE) directed the film. Though it has nothing to do with the actual terrorist attack on America or political events in the Middle East, this film's mix of firemen, grief, and terrorism may still strike a sensitive nerve in some viewers."

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 08, 2002, 6:55 PM 183 of 275

Thank you for your good advice.
Side Note: please be assured that I am usually never afraid of a little subversion. But, as always, my "honesty" gets in the way of "victory." Mmmm. Is there a rhetorical sonnet to write about that? <smile>

SL -- I quite understand <she adds a slightly abashed smile>
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 08, 2002, 6:45 PM 184 of 275

I was being a bit subversive there, wasn't I? Let me offer some quick suggestions then, to help you on your way. First Internet dictionary (said in same tone as that famous line -- "Plastics") Type in the word, and just as fast you'll be able to see where the stress lies. Second, stick to one syllable words fairly often. It's easy to make and, that, if, what, or, a, the, etc... unstressed and you fill in the next blank with a stressed one syllable word. Good luck!

One last thing VR (I'm pulled in so many directions today; I don't know if I make any sense!)
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 08, 2002, 6:44 PM 185 of 275

I do get your point, i.e. establishing my credibility as an "IP master," etc. However, this seems really out of the blue and not in my style either. I don't know. It's a nice idea and I'm very grateful for your proposition and your hard work. I may be a "sinner" but I know this feels "sort of wrong." I hope you understand...
OK rambling again...

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 08, 2002, 6:37 PM 186 of 275

How sweet of you! It is quite difficult for me to accept your offer. The point of the game (if any!) is to learn iambics and although I know the basic rules, I still can't figure out accents in most words. I know I could do an OK job with a good dictionary but I just don't have the time these days.
I'l gladly say, then: these tea leaves are yours today. I really like both of your ideas. If prunehilda or glow want to pick the other one, it's theirs.
I'll be lurking at Tea Time. I have a couple of haikus about the EOTD but I don't know if I'll post yet.

Thanks from me as well prunehilda! And SL-- about this new tea leaf
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 08, 2002, 6:29 PM 187 of 275

It strikes me as a good chance to "show off" your iambic skills -- lay the groundwork for your future sonnet & its credibility. I have two lines off the top of my head. You can pick one if you like, and I'll take the other & we'll see what happens. Of course, feel free to compose your own, but I know you're busy today, so I thought I'd see if I could help.
1) By fans (though Spike won't mind sweet womankind)
2) And comfort's fine (the seats are velvet lined)

Just let me know!

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 08, 2002, 4:15 PM 188 of 275

Thank you for your kind words. A ray of sunshine in this otherwise mediocre day.
Hope you are well. I may be able to drop by Tea Time after all. Who knows what the "Powers" have in store for me?

I almost forgot
Posted by: prunehilda - May 08, 2002, 1:57 PM 189 of 275

There is still some snow left from the last storm and there are pussywillows too!


VR and SNL
Posted by: prunehilda - May 08, 2002, 1:52 PM 190 of 275

If you are almost at the lake then you haven't far to go. Finish whatever, climb up Satan to get out of hell and head to Purgatory. I'll be waiting. The sun is shining here.

All my love prunehilda

prunehilda, VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 08, 2002, 1:08 PM 191 of 275

What a refreshing way to start the day that is reading your posts. prunehilda, I like your haiku. I thought FP was looking for something more specific about the movie (sysnopsis) but who knows? (will he apply the Monday rules or the Thursday rules?<smile>).
I don't know if I'll make Tea Time today. Deadlines have mysteriously appeared this morning and the office is in turnmoil. A couple of other things are making my day close to one of those circles of Hell VR was talking about. Nothing serious and nothing I will spend much time rambling about (or is it what I'm doing <smile>?)... I few good swear words and a couple of good old tears should do the trick.
I will check in later (if I can).

Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 08, 2002, 12:56 PM 192 of 275

Apropos of very little, except Kevlar clad poets, dreams as visions, nightmares, and pretty baubles that go *poof* --
A damsel with a dulcimer
In a vision once I saw:
It was an Abyssinian maid,
And on her dulcimer she played,
Singing of Mount Abora.
Could I revive within me
Her symphony and song,
To such a deep delight 'twould win me,
That with music loud and long,
I would build that dome in air,
That sunny dome! those caves of ice!
And all who heard should see them there,
And all should cry, Beware! Beware!
His flashing eyes, his floating hair!
Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread,
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise.
(ST Coleridge)

Posted by: prunehilda - May 08, 2002, 12:25 PM 193 of 275

Sorry, I haven't seen Collateral Damage. For some reason I don't have any real desire to see that movie although I've seen most of Schwarzenegger's stuff. Kind of an action picture addict here. I probably would have had my hands over my eyes during the snake scene anyways.

But I did write something: <smile>

From a dream FP
remembers wiggly tongs
and then the snake. He

Then sees a movie
that is a nightmare come true.
How scary is that?

Now I never have
nightmares anymore but I
do dream. That's for sure.

A dream can be like
a party in your head. You
laugh and giggle while

you still sleep. Once I
dreamed a dream that was so
wonderful I did

try to capture it
but as I awoke it went
POOF and vanished.

I think dreams can be
prophetic but you have to
remember them too.

The first part about the movie is pretty condensed and the second part is pointless and stupid. How's that? <LOL>

To all my C friends
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 07, 2002, 8:56 PM 194 of 275

Any advice as to how to handle the "date" with V tomorrow?
Like the monkey, he may just be playing the "chatting game" without real clue or hint at the end. Should I even show up? (an angry rejected V may actually talk more than the conniving flirty one!).
Thanks for any feedback you may have. Good night to you all.

Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 07, 2002, 8:15 PM 195 of 275

I'll just ignore your last post. Punctuality is not always FP's best feature!

As for today's Tea Time, the Oracle made an appearance. If I understand "it" correctly, I guess I'll have to confess my "sins" on next Tea Time. Those may not hold in haiku format!

Did you leave me alone with V for a reason? <smile> The flirting game is on but will it bring us more clues? Who knows? On the other hand, my "sinful" behavior may cost me the Portal. Oh, well...Anything for the "cause"!<smile>

prunehilda, glow, VR: about this week's challenge. Have any of you seen Collateral Damage? I did not. I will try to post a synopsis of the movie (if I can find one on the web) so we can start our task of writing the best haiku (or IP sonnet) about the worst movie! Glow, VR, you decide which one of you will carry the glorious honor of posting this masterpiece on Thursday. (Am I overdoing it? <smile>)

SL Have I lost something?
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 07, 2002, 7:05 PM 196 of 275

Past 7:00 pm and no post on the board for TT. Help?

OK then
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 07, 2002, 6:54 PM 197 of 275

I'll take this one if either you or glow get the 9 tea leaves. Actually I am not sure I'll get anymore tea leaves as it seems that FP now will start rewarding people who actually play by the "rules", ie who at least try to write IPs! So far I've been lucky (or sneaky!) enough to find loopholes to accumulate Tea Leaves. He must have been surprised himself! <smile>
So thank you then. See you on TT.

If not Glow, then you do it baby!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 07, 2002, 6:46 PM 198 of 275

Safer to put tea leaves where they might not be "in dispute"

Dear VR
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 07, 2002, 6:39 PM 199 of 275

Great mind think alike! (and post simultaneously!).
If glow is around, she can mention it. If not, you or I?

About today's challenge
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 07, 2002, 6:37 PM 200 of 275

I am not sure but I think the movie is Collateral Damage (I read that there is a snake being forced down someone's throat in it... I would not know. It's a Schwarzenegger movie...).
Do you want to mention it today or should I?

Ooh! Geez, I found it!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 07, 2002, 6:36 PM 201 of 275

I'm not sure which to be creeped out by more -- the movie idea FP "saw" or the fact that my mind must follow some of the same twists his does because I found it on the first shot. Movie is "Collateral Damage". Since my tea leaves all may be held in abeyance at FP's whim till he decides if I am him, how about if Glow takes it? (The one TLP for mentioning movie name tonight)

prunehilda, Glow, & SL
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 07, 2002, 6:31 PM 202 of 275

And I'll be careful too so that this forum is safe from spoilage! Haiku it is for film summaries. SL -- I may be wrong, but I thought he had the dream of the snake & tongs, then saw the tongs being used in a movie -- not to pick up the snake, but to hold open the victim's mouth. Yeesh -- yuck -- ugh... Don't know the movie, but like you, it rings some creepy bell. I'll think on it. I'll be in TT today, but not for long -- have some company coming over & once they get here, I'll have to leave there. (Taping Buffy -- but I suppose that's just as well. Rather nice to watch at my leisure). Later!

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 07, 2002, 6:23 PM 203 of 275

So the decision is made. If we get the movie right, the tea leaves will go to glow (if she's around) or VR.
For some reason the snake/tongs torture thingy rings a bell... I'll do some research on my side. Let's reconvene about this tomorrow morning.

As for Entropy, prunehilda, I can only agree. Spike is sexy because, if he wants something, he takes it. No bloody remorse. No second-thoughts. How refreshing! And did I mention sexy? <smile>

As for tonight's episode, I will make sure not to mention it in the C thread. So feel free to drop by here sometime in the next few days. As a side note: FP's sonnets are often so cryptic that I don't think they will ruin anything for you!

Hi guys ( giggle)
Posted by: prunehilda - May 07, 2002, 6:00 PM 204 of 275

Isn't it funny how a word can become so complicated. I don't know what the movie is but I can ask around and find out. Sounds like something that I probably wouldn't watch. I don't care for snakes!

VR- Great name choice.

SNL- Remember, I came back to help you guys get the tea leaves. Thats why I don't go for them myself. I'm here to help. Let's write this thing in haikus.

I won't be able to go to TT today or tomorrow but I will work on the haiku. Tomorrow FP will write his sonnets about the new episode which I can't see until Saturday. I want desperately to be surprised for the rest of the season and anticipation is half the fun. I'll post in the C thread.
I'll catch up with everyone and everything later but I've just got to wrap my brain around this economic theory.

I rewatched Entropy and decided what it is about Spike I like so much. I mean aside from the great body and smoldering good looks and...( voice trails away) Oh what was I talking about ? Spike, yeah! He is so very straightforward.

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 07, 2002, 5:59 PM 205 of 275

I don't think I got the clues right. Is the movie to find the same as the one from his "visions" yesterday or is it a brand new one? I should pay more attention! <smile>

Why thank you SL!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 07, 2002, 5:30 PM 206 of 275

Vretil is also the angel of writing & muses etc... Both are variations on Uriel -- the angel who, in some stories, gives the arts to man & keeps the sacred prophetic books in heaven. Lots of variations, so it'll be fun to see which ones FP chooses. I hesitated to do it -- it seemed so cocky -- but then I decided what the hell. If he can have heavenly visions, then so shall I, and the way I figure, I outrank him now in terms of prophecy and vision <g>. I'm with you on the movie -- either prunehilda or Glow may have the leaves. Now if we could only find the movie. Strange one, sure, what with coral snakes being placed in people's mouths by drug lords. I don't think there's anything like that in "Life..." I'll have a look about & see what I can find and let you Know. I'm running a bit late today, so I can't guarantee, but I'll try!

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 07, 2002, 5:11 PM 207 of 275

I like your new name. This is what I found on it on the web:
Radueriel : The heavenly register and recording angel, leader of the celestial(Vretil) choirs, creator of the lesser angels. He is also included among the 8 great judgement princes of the throne, whose rank is superior to Metatron´s. He is the angel of poetry and master of muses. Of Raduriel it is said "out of every word that goeth from his mouth, a song uttering angel is born". "Since the creator alone has the power and the privilege to do likewise, this makes Radueriel unique among his fellow hierarchs".

How appropriate!

About today's challenge
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 07, 2002, 5:06 PM 208 of 275

Ok, from the look of it, FP is now seriously trying to play the machievelic "Survivor/Big Brother/let's vote for who gets the Tea Leaves" game. I see two possible (acceptable) responses from us:
1- We play; figure out the movie; write the synopsis in haikus or IP and all vote for the same person to get the 9 tea leaves (I personally have to preference. Glow, VR, prunehilda, any of you can get the 9 tea leaves-- I have the most so far so I think it's only fair that one of you represent us).
2- We refuse to play and don't submit anything before Friday. Noone gets the Tea Leaves and FP has to find another way to turn us against each other!

Personally, I like #1 better. As long as we keep a strong united front, I'm open to any other suggestion. What are your feelings about this?

As for what the movie is, well, in the new releases, there is a movie about prophecies: "Life or Something Like It." But it's not really about dreams, I don't think. Any other ideas?

Hullo All!
Posted by: VretilRaduriel - May 07, 2002, 4:24 PM 209 of 275

Found a new name to match my new initials -- my posting of it is the last entry before the old corkboard closed. I'm hoping it sends FP scrambling to discern significance <g>

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 07, 2002, 2:37 PM 210 of 275

Trying to out-smart FP again, hu? <smile>
Personally, I don't like those letters VR (probably something to do with the sound of it; it reminds me of the French word "ViRagot" which means a mean-spirited gossip or a bitter old woman). In any event, I am at a loss as to finding a smart name with those initials (clients have drained my brain today!). There is the straighforward "Virtual Reality", the surrealist "Venitian Roadrunner," the creepy "Viscious Rictus" or the soft "Velvety Reverie." Of course maybe FP was thinking of: "Visionary Rhetorician." Who knows what goes through his sick, SICK mind. <smile>
Not the quality material you expected, but that's all I can do for now.

Congratulations on your 3 Tea Leaves!

Posted by: prunehilda - May 07, 2002, 10:37 AM 211 of 275

that's category

Posted by: prunehilda - May 07, 2002, 10:35 AM 212 of 275

You know that my vote falls into the "of course, try everything" catagory.

See you later.

Good Morning All!
Posted by: JNW - May 07, 2002, 9:27 AM 213 of 275

I just wanted to drop a line or two to say I think we're changing just as much on him as he is on us -- and perhaps more rapidly too, thanks to this back channel. And, to let you know I'm ready to work iambic. If you post the lines, I can tell you if they're IP, or if you like, we can "schedule a meeting," so we can all be here at the same time and search for "fitting" iambic words together. One last bit (then I go get coffee -- need coffee!) I've decided to use 'VR' but with a twist -- I won't give in completely, but to rebel outright might keep us from some clues. So, I need a name -- first name starts with V and second name starts with R. I'll "introduce" myself, then say, but you can call me VR. That way I keep some measure of control. What do you think? Any ideas, names, or simply "NO! Don't do that!" thoughts?

Dear prunehilda
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 07, 2002, 1:46 AM 214 of 275

Don't panic! He is testing our ability to adapt, our flexibility... Let's keep our cool and let the crazy storm pass. Just stick with the plan: participate in Tea Time, practice iambics, make FP talk (or tick him off!), solve clues... He is testing the limits of our collaborative system; he not only tries to create confusion about each others' identities and loyalties, but now also turns the "rules" of Tea Time upside down. Very clever.
If we keep our focus, we should be OK. (note to self: let's make this our mantra)

<SL grabs her bottle of rhum and starts drinking. Straight up.>

Greetings to Glow, SNL and JNW
Posted by: prunehilda - May 07, 2002, 12:50 AM 215 of 275

Unsettling! Yes, I'd have to agree that today's events were unsettling. I had to go have a real drink (which is not like me at all), listen to some quiet music and have a little cry (something that I know that all my sisters in arms understand as just a thing). Now, I feel better.

What do we do now? To tell you the truth I'm a little lost but I do feel a poem coming on. Please let it be in iambic pentameter.

Tomorrow, I'm going to concentrate on the stuff I have to do. I'll check-in later in the day.

Love prunehilda

Warm hello to glow!
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 06, 2002, 10:01 PM 216 of 275

If you are lurking, please know that we cannot wait for you to come back on Wednesday. Four is our magic number!

Dear JNW
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 06, 2002, 9:59 PM 217 of 275

I am with you, of course. Unsettling: definitely good (Huge Lynch fan, over here... of the worst vicious kind of course, i.e. of the "Lost Highway" kind!). Still, no long-term strategy seems possible under the circumstances. His moves are too unpredictable. Then this is what our "strategy" will be: adapt to each day's new surprise "rule" or lack thereof. That should not be too difficult. <smile>

As for your personal strategy, nice try. I am not so sure the "monkey" is the one to get clues from; Verschip may be a more likely candidate for "treason." Not to be trusted, but definitely hates the Oracle. So maybe tomorrow we try to play on both grounds? I volunteer to "flirt" with Mr. V. (He has been sensitive to that in the past). Gosh, I will lose all dignity in this game! I hope some of you will help! (I may be stuck in meetings tomorrow so I hope someone will be brave enough to replace me if I fail to show).

As for whether anybody got Tea Leaves today, I guess we'll have to wait, again. I think I did solve the "NY Times" clue. It was so "last minute" I did not think I would even have time to write a haiku about it; I guess the "Gods" were with me today! I am still curious to know if I got the article right and if you solved the Irina and Finnish puzzles.

Last note: If you noticed the "header" of today's tea time, it did say "Where's the Oracle?" The lack of O was therefore planned.

Well, I tried...
Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 9:40 PM 218 of 275

I thought I might entice the monkey to play a game (glad I got you laughing Glow -- that thing spiraled into a naughty conversation before I was even half aware of it -- popping back & forth between rooms!) I was hoping the monkey might give us more clues in a different format. No luck though since he wouldn't play. I'm wondering if having to switch back & forth between rooms may have stressed FP's "circuits" too -- I know my wits were beginning to run ragged! We might want to try the ploy again though -- what do you think? And no responses at all to my B spin reference or movie title. Sigh... Of course, it still was fun -- I'm beginning to think I don't mind if the rules change -- just seeing what comes next is keeping me interested -- rather like a Lynch film, isn't it? Maybe I'll say that at the corkboard & see what we get.

Let it out! (about today's... whatever it was)
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 06, 2002, 8:43 PM 219 of 275

Strange experimentation... Mind-games... Slightly unsettling.
I guess it was the new "it's Monday and I do whatever bloody hell I want" Rule. How can we play a game when the rules change all the time?
Thank God there were drinks!

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 06, 2002, 5:15 PM 220 of 275

How suspiscious will it look that the only not English-speaking participant, who has so far shown not even the slightest understanding of IP, posts a "perfect sonnet." <smile> But I do appreciate your confidence. As for my Tea Leaves, I got them by solving the riddles FP posted in the backchannels early on. Research, reading skills and hard work paid off... But I still answered ... in haikus!
But, as usual, I will be the enthusiastic conspirator you have grown to like <smile>. I am ready to confer regarding our top-secret "Project P.S. (for Perfect Sonnet!) at your convenience.

And so you see...
Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 4:44 PM 221 of 275

I have slipped the rules. FP misses the error in my first sonnet and takes stanza one as reference to error in his latest sonnets and not mine. I wonder if I should speak of this on open channels? <evil smile>

Posted by: prunehilda - May 06, 2002, 4:21 PM 222 of 275

Don't give up yet! I was thinking that we would post the perfect sonnet under your name. That would be less suspicious since you have the most Tea Leaves.

The reason why FP gets so mad a me is that I have consistently tested his flexiblity in the rules. When this game started we were just a bunch of people meeting over tea, discussing Buffy and other things. Poetry was read ,recited, quoted etc. That was the beginning. There wasn't any point to it and it didn't reach any conclusions as to the meaning of life or the universe (ie 42)

FP makes up the rules as we go along and as the host I guess he has that right. But I never agreed to play by the rules per se. Yesterday I figure he was just nursing his injured pride.

Aah, but I already have...
Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 4:20 PM 223 of 275

Hence the first stanza of the new sonnet <smile>. Let's see if he picks up on the hint -- or can even identify the error in the first.

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 06, 2002, 4:15 PM 224 of 275

No I am not losing hope. <smile> Despite my usual self-deprecating style <smile, again> I am truly enjoying myself. I am just not sure the "rules" are as clearly defined as FP claims. I did not expect your sonnet to be dealt with right away, but I still expected some kind of positive feedback. I guess FP does have to sleep sometime <smile> and things tend to slip through his mind. I suggest you drop a word about it in today's corkboard, just as a reminder.

Good Luck to you Dear!
Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 4:00 PM 225 of 275

I'm quite sure you'll do well -- and lately, it seems the Oracle talks at crosscurrents anyway <smile>

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 06, 2002, 3:58 PM 226 of 275

About the Red Shoe Diary, I think prunehilda was referring to the Red Kevlar thread FP has created, which is to be used as the participants' diary of tea time (like the "1-800" is FP's journal of Tea Time).
I am not sure this clue refers to this, though. FP indeed specically pointed out to the "last word" of the sentence, i.e. Finnish, which ends up being our ONLY clue... Frustrating. I thought maybe "Use Finnish" was a quote from a movie or something. That did not lead anywhere of course.

As usual, the best bet is probably to "fload" your response with suggestions (site any and all movies we could think of). It worked for the Hitchhiker puzzle... Give it a try!

Anyway, I am working on a haiku about the EOTD for today's Tea Time. Nothing revolutionary or especially deep. Just a few personal thoughts I had after watching these episodes, a long time ago. I will probably get it all wrong, as usual <smile>, but I cannot wait to read the words of moquery the Oracle is always so fond off!

Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 3:57 PM 227 of 275

I'm afraid I'm about to get mysterious on you myself. I have a website I could send you to, if you're feeling as though you've been shanghaied, but I hesitate. I suspect it will give you a bit of fun when it comes to tormenting FP, but it will also alter the parameters of the game for you -- irrevocably. It depends I suppose on what you find fun about this game and what intrigues you about it and what would keep you playing or make you stop.

SL -- Keep Hope!
Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 3:51 PM 228 of 275

There's a simple reason why he didn't respond to my sonnet -- the rules say sonnets posted during tea-time will NOT be processed as dialogue (something Verschip, with uncharacteristic sweetness, reminded me of -- though I already knew and told him so). So don't give up hope. I posted today's sonnet on the corkboard to see what difference posting location would make. It's a little experiment I'm trying.

The Red Shoe Diaries reference
Posted by: prunehilda - May 06, 2002, 3:48 PM 229 of 275

comes from a day when I didn't want to even enter the lounge. There had been so much shouting etc. that I just sat on the terrace when Pleasant_Guest popped in. I had a poem that I thought might be appropriate for her site and I posted part of it right then and there. It wasn't really written about Spike but I thought it possibly could fit. Reaction was positive. But I think FP thought it was kind of racy and made some reference to The Red Shoe Diaries.

The Kevlar part comes from another poem I wrote very early on in this game, in fact, even before it was a game.

Sometimes, I feel as if I went to party for fun and got shanghied on to one of those dreadful reality games.

Should I go torment FP some more? He calls for clarity and gives us skaters moves and dreams.

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 06, 2002, 3:42 PM 230 of 275

As the ultimate clueless FP victim, I would never reject collaboration on a sonnet! But how would we logistically organize that?
One thing I've noticed, though: The Oracle's response to JNW's perfect iambics on the EOTD has been more than disappointing. I expected huge clues, tons of tea leaves granted.... If anything, the Oracle seems more cryptic than ever. And even if we do talk about the EOTD, he never seems satisfied with our interpretation thereof. I am not convinced that "our friend" is even ready to let anyone "win" at this point. I am not sure I am making any sense either <smile> but I just wanted to let the frustration out!

By the way prunehilda, what was FP's response to your post all about?!! Why did he get ticked off? Again, I must have missed "an episode!"

Now to SL
Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 3:37 PM 231 of 275

I'll try with the "LA" movie, but see prunehilda's post below. And, I have noticed your efforts -- and they're much appreciated -- I think they'll work too, so don't give up yet!

Yikes! Lots of posts, all at once
Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 3:35 PM 232 of 275

First to prunehilda: "Red Shoe Diaries?" how so? I'm a bit slow today, so if you could explain the finnish and red links, I'd be most grateful! As for a group sonnet -- why not/ Let's give it a shot -- after all, I suspect collaboration is part of the point FP is experimenting with in this game he's created.

As to the Prisoners Dilemma
Posted by: prunehilda - May 06, 2002, 3:30 PM 233 of 275

This is, of course, the classic example of Nash Equilibrium used in the texts. We aren't the prisoners however. In that example , a prisoner doesn't have any idea as to how the others will behave. Their best option is to deny everything. We can operate as a group in full knowledge of each others actions.

Dear JNW
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 06, 2002, 3:25 PM 234 of 275

Thank you for your research. I never heard of the first movie but know of the second one, which made a "little noise" in Europe at the time. We don't have many clues to work with here unfortunately... I would go with the first one, just because of the LA connection. Why don't you mention it in passing at today's tea time and observe "reactions?" If that is not the answer he is looking for, he may release more clues (I don't know if you noticed, but I have tried to "make him talk" lately, per prunehilda's suggestion. I am not sure it is actually getting us anywhere, but maybe, one day, we'll see the light behind the "babble" <smile>).

JNW and Supernatural Lawyer
Posted by: prunehilda - May 06, 2002, 3:21 PM 235 of 275

Good day to you. Seems that I've managed to do one of the things that I seem to excel at.....tick off FP. Oh well, he'll get over it < big fat grin>.

I've read your posts and I think the movie he is referring to is The Red Shoe Diaries. Maybe he just wants it in Finnish. That's where the red came from at least.

As to strategy, I've had another brain wave. Let's all contribute to one absolutely perfect sonnet. We'll submit it under one name and see what happens. Oh I know Forensic will want to take out his red pencil and write no, no, no. So we will have to time it perfectly . That way he won't have time to write RULE NO. 7892: No collaboration on a group sonnet or Group collaborations on sonnets will not be accepted as readings or something to that effect.

Should we roll the dice and bet all or nothing. We are running out of time!

Okay... think I've got two possibilities...
Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 2:25 PM 236 of 275

For your Finnish riddle. First one seems most likely -- 1998 Finnish movie fairly popular in US called "L.A. Without a Map" --"Finnish humorous tale of a British undertaker lured to Tinseltown." It's an "outsiders" perspective tale. Second though is also a possibility called "Leningrad Cowboys Go America" -- "Deadpan comedy about minimally talented Finnish musicians on tour in U.S. in a disintegrating cadillac hearse with the much lamented bass player iced down in a coffin on top." Let me know what you think!

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 06, 2002, 1:50 PM 237 of 275

Didn't you mention the "Bielmann" in one of your posts on Tea Time? But it may be worth re-referring to it today, in case FP failed to catch it.
As for the "Finnish riddle" here it was, extracted from a previous corkboard postcard:

"REMINDER: "C" - KEVLAR: BLACK - KEVLAR: RED - 1800 . . . Use Finnish!
(Hmmmm . . . . what does the last word of the line above refer to? A movie reference perhaps?
Platinum Tea Leaf to first person who pointlessly drops that movie title into today's Tea Time"

To give you some background information, glow and I had joked that, when conspiring on the backchannels (the "C", Black Kevlar, Red Kevlar, etc.) , we may want to use one of the few languages either that FP did not speak or that was not available on any on-line translation engine, i.e. Finnish. I did a search on Finnish movies at the time but that did not lead anywhere. I first thought of the Lord of the Rings, as Tolkien did get his inspiration from Finnish legends, but I thought that was too much of a stretch. Do you have any idea what FP was referring to in this riddle?

Synchronous Posting!
Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 1:33 PM 238 of 275

And I suspect your last post is correct and so it illustrates my "metaphorical" point in mine. <smile>

SL, I mentioned in posts past
Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 1:31 PM 239 of 275

Her trademark is called the Biellmann Spin -- that lovely, balanced pirouette, with her leg arced over her head, fingers locked to skate like a ballerina, she does at program's end. But I thought he wanted something else because he claimed he had no interest in skating itself. But now, he says he just can't remeber what it's called and to watch the last 30 seconds of her program, so perhaps it was what he wanted after all. If so, it's our fault for over thinking -- being too metaphorical when he wants something straightforward, as he suggested to prunehilda. I'm busy too, so I might not be so useful today either, but I'll give it a shot. Later!

About the prisoner's dilemma
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 06, 2002, 1:29 PM 240 of 275

JNW, I do get your point. There is of course a great deal of manipulation on the part of FP in this strange game. However I am not sure it is so "well-oiled" as you may think. First, the fact that we all got together as conspirators was--to my knowledge-- a "fluke" (thank you prunehilda!). In addition, FP was very clear that a lot of what he does is not planned ahead. Tea Time builts itself from day to day, from sonnet to sonnet, from corkboard to corkboard. So I am not sure that he (at least consciously) has this "big strategy" all prepared to make us act a certain way. His main goal is to elicit rhetorical iambics in his "victims." The rest (tea leaves, portal, riddles, etc.) seems improvised, something to keep us interested. But I may be totally wrong! <smile>
I am, of course, hoping that, if we really head in the wrong direction, FP will re-direct our efforts. From our perspective, it can only be good. And as long as we are straighforward to each other, totally open, we should be able to minimize FP's efforts, if any, to lure us into his "traps."

About today's tea leaves
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 06, 2002, 1:11 PM 241 of 275

1- Still the "Irina puzzle." JNW, I thought we had tried everything that is special to Irina. Can you think of anything else?

2- The Finnish reference. I remember, many corkboards ago, there was a riddle with the words "Finnish" and maybe "movie" in it. Anyone remembers what it was exactly?

I may not be as "present" as usual today (If I ever am! <smile>). Loads of work to catch up. I may throw in an haiku refering to words in FP's sonnet, just to get my daily Tea Leaf, but that's all. I'll be happy to help any of you solve today's riddles, though.

Supernatural Lawyer
Posted by: JNW - May 06, 2002, 1:06 PM 242 of 275

No lawyer, though I play at it from time to time and have as friends a great many of your tribe <g>. Actually a writer with a side job I'll keep mum on -- but keep the writing bit under your hat -- I definitely do not want FP/Verschip/Monkey w/o Pants/ TV Goodguy/ whatever other identities he has, to have that little nugget of information. As for the Prisoner's Dilemma, I was wondering if we might not put a twist on it by placing on the open channels some info designed to elicit response by suggesting we prisoners might "act" one way, when in fact we choose to go another path. Perhaps if we seem to stray too far, FP will take steps to rein us in...

Hi all
Posted by: prunehilda - May 06, 2002, 12:56 AM 243 of 275

Thanks for the vote of confidence! FP is a stickler for the rules and I believe that he will remain in character for TT. We just want a iambic dance lesson but I worry what the price could be. Tomorrow will be the test.

JNW - I'm going to appeal to FP to give you your much deserved tea leaf.

Dear co-conspirators
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 05, 2002, 11:09 PM 244 of 275

This thread is becoming what it was meant to be and it makes my heart sing! Being surrounded by such intelligence and truly useful knowledge is also quite intimidating and very much exciting.

Reading prunehilda and JNW's latest posts, I feel so hopeless, though... I do not think that the accents of the English language willever become second nature to me. Half of the time I get them wrong. And reading Shakespeare has always been a challenge, to say the least (with all the "old English" and everything). Maybe I should re-watch the movie "Looking for Richard" which may have been the first time I had the slightest understanding of what people were talking about when discussing iambic pentameters... I don't know... <sad smile>
As for one of the clues in today's Corkboard, 310 is of course the area code for Santa Monice where FP lives (and/or works). The area code also covers West LA, Torrance and Compton. I am not sure what significance this clue otherwise carries, considering we already knew where FP was located...

As for "luring" monkey w/o pants here, well, that would of course naturally "lure" FP... Do we want him here? In any event, I think you are right: we are more likely to get clearer clues and real help from monkey, Verschip and FP than the Oracle (who, if he keeps sniffing sand gas may never ever regain the little clarity he originally possessed!).

prunehilda, Supernatural Lawyer, & Glow
Posted by: JNW - May 05, 2002, 9:42 AM 245 of 275

prunehilda -- my vote is for your suggestion -- it'll be interesting to watch both the exchange and outcome, since Verschip is Forensic Popouri. I wonder if he'll help -- rules of character would mean he should. And perhaps we should try to "Lure" the little monkey into our camp as well. He's been on the terrace rather a lot lately. As for iambic pent. -- it gets embedded in your brain by reading. Not just Shakespeare, but also Sidney, Spenser, etc... Blank Verse by reading Shakespeare's plays and also the King James Bible. You'd be amazed at just how much English speaking patterns have been influenced by the King James. If you want the feel for it -- read one of the sonnet cycles all at once. No time for 154? Try Sidney's "Astrophil and Stella" -- it's a shorter cycle and rather fun. You'll start speaking in the rhythmns without even knowing it. The real problem lies in the unwavering iambic -- Shakespeare, Sidney, Spenser, all the big guns, varied the stresses from time to time for variety. The majority of sonnets aren't perfect IP. But here, FP's advice to you all early on is actually your best bet. Plop a dictionary down by your computer and scan the marked stresses of a word you want to use. Even faster, open one on the net and have the page open for a quick check while you're in tea-time. I'll hit 1800 soon, and I'm starting to sound like a droning prof., so I'll check back by later. *poof*

JNW, Supernatural Lawyer and Glow
Posted by: prunehilda - May 04, 2002, 9:45 PM 246 of 275

Hello to all.
I've just watched Entropy and now I can finally go to read FP's sonnet. Should be interesting.

For everyone to coinsider: In the HHGTTG (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy for future reference) Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect find themselves aboard the "Starship Heart of Gold". Hmmmm. Please note that Forensic Popouri and Ford Prefect have the same initials...FP.

Lastly, also for your consideration, I was thinking that we should recruit Mr. Verschip into the C at least during Tea Time. Glow, you were right when you said that iambic isn't the natural rhythm of the English language. Although, JNW, you have a grasp of the rhythm the rest of us struggle. At least, I can say for sure that I struggle with it until I become frustrated and finally throw my hands up in the air. It gets in the way of my expressing what I want to say.
Can Verschip teach us how to dance iambic rhythms? I hope so. I'm going to ask him on Monday if everyone thinks it might be a valid strategy.

Dear glow!
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 04, 2002, 8:59 PM 247 of 275

How nice that you found your way back here. We have truly missed you. And don't feel bad: I never read Adams either. I just did a web search based on the few clues that FP gave us (number 42 and science fiction author)... but still did not find the right answer! (Thank you to prunehilda for putting us on the right track! Collaboration does work!)
Your fresh input will be much needed then! Our goal is now to collect Tea Leaves and practice iambic (which I sadly think I will never ever get a grasp of!). We also try to make FP talk. He has given much information about himself lately (since the book fair) and we may be able to use it.
I look forward to chatting more next week. Have a lovely week-end.

JNW: a warm hello to you too. I am sure that the aggregation of all our "useless" knowledge will make use win this game!

Dear Glow...And others of the "C"...
Posted by: JNW - May 04, 2002, 5:11 PM 248 of 275

It does sound like a beer and there's actually a bit of trivia related to it (not beer related though). His middle initial is N -- DNA. He went by his initials as a joke, for quite a while -- especially since his alma mater was the same place where DNA was discovered. (I'm like Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes -- loads and loads of utterly inconsequential trivia stored away, but ask me to remember to transfer laundry from the washer to the dryer...) I'll check in later, but so far, we have Fate, Souls, Destiny, Portals, 'T', 'L', 'P', democracy and rhetoric as facilitated by the cyber world of chat communities which exist in blue ether like sky to ocean(troubled only occasionally by daemons in the system), and last -- constraints willingly embraced to learn a larger goal. Makes me wonder should I reread the Whedon post he has indexed... Be well!

Fellow 'C' players to quote Tara, "I got so lost!"
Posted by: glow - May 04, 2002, 1:01 PM 249 of 275

I couldn't find the tid for the 'C' channel and now that I'm here I see it's too late. However, I read over all your posts and I must bow down to all of you as I feel so unworthy of this 'C' I have branded on my chest. All of you have done so much work in disecting all of the clues and I have done nothing. <frown> Plus, I've never read any of Douglas Adams Hitchhiker novels. These references make me feel even more clueless than before. *sigh*

After next week I'll have more free time to 'surf the web' and perhaps visit my local library for some Douglas Adams. Doesn't his name sound like a beer? Anywho, I'll check in here over the weekend and chat with you sometime next week, probably Wednesday. <smile>

To all C-Teamers
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 04, 2002, 1:23 AM 250 of 275

I may be around this week-end (although I do try to have this thing they call "a life" on the week-ends!) so feel free to post your comments about the latest Tea Times in here. I think we have been warned: it will become more cryptic everytime! I am not sure that my last functioning brain cell (which I managed to convince not to go on strike by giving it an outrageously high and undeserved raise) will take that much pressure so your input will be much appreciated.

What is Spiderman's signature? Has any one seen the movie? I am not sure it is as literal as we think (like the answer to the Irina's riddle is not to be found in ice-skating per se either). It is probably a more abstract reference... to what, though? I think JNW was on the right track when mentioning "soul" or "gift."

It seems also that we may be safe from FP around here. However, we may still want to have some kind of discussion on the Corkboard for the purpose of initiating more clues/hints (like prunehilda instructed: "make FP talk"! That may indeed be his only "weakness," if any).

Talk to you all soon. Have a fruitful and peaceful week-end.

Dear JNW
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 03, 2002, 6:03 PM 251 of 275

How nice to see you. I thought I would be all alone on this "sloppy" Friday but here you are, saving the day! Good points on Irina. I have been doing some research to, in vain. I think you are on the right track.

See you at Tea Time. Have you prepared anything on the episodes of the day? They're not very good, but, talking about them may bring some more clues.

Just wanted to say
Posted by: JNW - May 03, 2002, 5:40 PM 252 of 275

I've been thinking about Irina Slutskaya, but not getting very far. As far as I can tell, her "trademark" or signature move is something called a Biellmann Spin. Of course, FP, however said he's not interested in skating per se... So I somehow doubt that's what he's looking for. She does, though, reference "soul" rather a lot in her interviews -- says she puts her entire soul into her skating, etc... Cynic that I am, (feeling fey tonight) that sounds like standard athlete PR to me, but FP does seem to be the type to give the benefit of doubt and take delight in such statements. Perhaps that's the key? She knows what she excells at, knows her gift, and embraces it with all her soul. (I'll post that query on the corkboard and see). On other notes, two (I'm sure) utterly worthless guesses. TLP: Tea Leaves Platinum; Tea Lounge Portal. As in X marks the spot. Later!

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 03, 2002, 3:15 PM 253 of 275

The Corkboard has appeared earlier than usual today (a desperate attempt by FP to confuse the almighty C?) <smile> To find it go to: tid=102897.

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 02, 2002, 9:07 PM 254 of 275

You got your Tea Leaf! (See 5/2 corkboard at tid 101475)

To the "C:" Please read today's Tea Time and help me out. What's with Irina Slutskaya?
About the "shimmerin' wall:" I did dare to ask but did not get much of an answer. A bay window? A curtain?

Side note: I may be going on a "field trip" to LA in a couple of weeks (sometimes work calls me there); should I be checking the beach for marks in the sand? Should I be looking for a "giant" red-haired poet/journalist/writer? Should I be on the look for a "shimmerin' wall" and an "all-glass structure?" <Hercule Poirot-like smile>

Thanks JNW
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 02, 2002, 7:02 PM 255 of 275

I will try to make you and the rest of the "C-Teamers" proud!

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, but still I post...
Posted by: JNW - May 02, 2002, 6:56 PM 256 of 275

Might not make tea-time, so you take the prize SNL!

prunehilda, you're a dream! SNL -- use her gift of knowledge
Posted by: JNW - May 02, 2002, 6:55 PM 257 of 275

I suspect she's right, though slight doubts intervene as that may be put in BV. Nonethless, try it and hope the oracle smiles on you! prunehilda, you too are right about 42 -- the ANSWER to all, including the most vexing question (to mathematicians) of what's 6*9. And do read again -- if I recall it's a rollicking fun one. I'll speak more later on open threads about your replies to questions back at the corkboard. Be well!

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 02, 2002, 6:50 PM 258 of 275

Thanks for the information. I did a search on the Net and came up with another "device" from the Hitchhiker's Guide: the Nutri-Matic Drinks Synthesizer which serves a drink "unlike tea." Reference to the almighty "Tea" but not very relevant here. Who knows?
JNW, feel free to use prunehilda's suggestion if you want (you have no tea leaf yet; I have 4 and no use for them...yet!).

By the way, the number 42 does have a central significance in Adams' book (according to my web informants! <smile>).

Thank you JNW
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 02, 2002, 6:44 PM 259 of 275

So T and L (and P)?

I am still doing research for today's tea time (in between cases). Am still in shock from FP's sonnet on me. But that will not distract me from today's goal!

JNW,SNL and Glow
Posted by: prunehilda - May 02, 2002, 6:43 PM 260 of 275

I've still got one lone copy of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (daughter still has the series and is lending them out to all her friends and my ex. Such is definitely the way of life and luck).

I believe the device to be an Improbability Drive but can't find the reference to 42. Isn't that the answer to the question of the meaning of life and the universe. Now I have to reread this book. I'm thinking that it's not a waste of time at all. Seems as though Forensic is using it as a guide for Tea Time.

I won't be able to take advantage of this information so feel free to get the Tea Leaf. I'll be back in towm tomorrow but not in time for TT. I'm still looking for answers though and will share information as soon as I get it.

See you tomorrow!

Posted by: JNW - May 02, 2002, 6:07 PM 261 of 275

They WERE T & L, but then FP threw a curve ball and asked if they were T & P, and the terrace had graffiti, but just a T. Keep trying with the device and good luck! I'm swamped here and may not make tea-time. An alternate route though -- try to tease him into a tea leaf by claiming what was needed for our conversation was stupendous amounts of social lubricant one -- alcohol. More specifically, 18 ounce Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters <smile>

Keyboard needs a spanking! It was "typO warning"
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 02, 2002, 5:56 PM 262 of 275


Type warning
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 02, 2002, 5:51 PM 263 of 275

of course it was "letters in the SAND."

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 02, 2002, 5:50 PM 264 of 275

About those letters in the dans, do you remeber what they were? I thought T and L, but now I have a doubt. I should have kept more accurate notes. Work really gets in the way sometimes!

Dear prunehilda and JNW
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - May 02, 2002, 5:48 PM 265 of 275

Finally I get here (I had to take many dark alleys and make even more detours to try to lose FP... hopefully he won't be eavesdropping!).

As for today's clue, I have used my one and only skill, ie research, and I think I'm getting closer. Still need to confirm it though. Will try to drop by later and ask for your opinion.

Let's meeet here again soon.

Posted by: prunehilda - May 02, 2002, 5:44 PM 266 of 275

I was thinking the same thing especially since his last clue "babble fish" came from the same series. I didn't pick up on that clue and I blame it on cultural differences. None of us needed a translating engine to go from French to English. We all just did it in our heads. For Glow and myself, French is the other official language. For SNL , it's her mother tongue.
I used to have those books on my shelves and I will look for them now but I may have lent them to my daughter and never got them back. Such is the way of life and chance.

Posted by: JNW - May 02, 2002, 5:22 PM 267 of 275

I only have time for a quick clue & no time to help further -- aargh! It's a device from Douglas Adams Hitchhiker novels (ala 'Long dark tea-time of the soul' fame), but it's been so long since I've read them... and I can't remember. Good luck!

My First Guess
Posted by: JNW - May 02, 2002, 1:39 PM 268 of 275

was tea leaves, but then, as I mentioned, something else popped up later. I've been reading threads, one after another, as I find them, and I suspect my "That's it" came from some strange mix my mind made of the previous threads. Unfortunately, I don't know which though. And since my office already has four bulletin boards straining capacity in attempts to keep straight certain ideas and lines of thought, I'm going to be stubborn about adding another. For now. But if I ever find time and become exasperated enough...

Random thoughts
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T and L?
Tea Leaf. Television?

Posted by: forensicpopouri - Apr 26, 2002, 8:34 PM 270 of 275

Le scanalature inutilizzate possono riempirsi di limo e diventare inutilizzabili.

Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - Apr 25, 2002, 5:45 PM 271 of 275

Are you even supposed to be here? <smile>
(Note to self: do legal research on Calfiornia law--including potential criminal remedies--applicable to trespass, eavesdropping and other types of invasion of privacy).

OK, I will get this tea leaf, I promise!

Posted by: forensicpopouri - Apr 25, 2002, 4:34 PM 272 of 275

Un foglio del tè per la prima persona che fa un riferimento italiano durante l'odierno tempo del tè.

OK, here I go
Posted by: Supernatural lawyer - Apr 23, 2002, 2:32 PM 273 of 275

Looks like the sanctuary of the almighty "C" is not that safe, after all (note to self: change the lock to secret backroom of the "C"). Of course, I'm by myself, but I hope to soon be joined by many... or at least some (glow where are you?).
Maybe we should talk in one of the few languages FP and his "allies" (including BF) don't talk... (note to self: learn Portuguese or re-connect with my Ancient Greek teacher).

Rachel . . . ¿Por qué usted no habla francés?
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Posted by: Rachel12 - Apr 22, 2002, 5:53 PM 275 of 275

sorry couldn't help but notice why is that not in english